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When I opened my business in 2008, I was required to place a 125.00 deposit on my account for two years. It was my understanding that it would be held with interest. In 2009 I signed a contract with TXU to lower my bill. When the second bill arrived and the new rate was still not applied to my account, I contacted TXU and was told that it was a "computer glitch" and it would work itself out and would apply to my account. I called every month after that and heard the same story. I finally wrote a complaint to PUC in Austin and they contacted TXU, which finally led to the account being credited. If I would not have contacted PUC in Austin, I still would be fighting that computer glitch. At the end of the two years, I shut my service off when I relocated my business to our home address. I am still fighting for my deposit which TXU denies that they owe me. They state it was applied to my last bill, but I did not have a bill since I had so much credit due to me from their overbilling. It has now been 4 months and I will have to take time out of my busy day and write PUC to get my deposit back. TXU energy is the biggest scam in electric companies. Beware!!!


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    Lenas Oct 13, 2010

    I know exactly what's going on, we are living it as I write - the only difference is that we actually registered online and I followed our bills and just before we planned the "change" I downloaded all the documents 7/30/10 - don't ask me why I did it. But we contacted TXU and requested our deposit back and they said that the deposit was credited back in 7/19/10. We requested proof since we never saw a bill below $450.00 or a statement showing some kind of credit. Then someone called my husband and said that we never had a deposit - if he could come-up with proof of when he paid it. We went into our account again to print it and the account is GONE, there's actually nothing on the account - no type of contract, no start date - nothing! But the funney thing is - they didn't know I printed everything - contract that shows our type of plan and our $400.00. Now if this does not get us our deposit back - I don't know what will. My question is, if this doesn't move TXU will all these documents make a difference with the BBB or the PUC and get them to get our deposit back?

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  • Ba
    BaytownTx Sep 21, 2010
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    Verified customer

    I'm dealing with TXU and a $590 security deposit they charged me after STATING my power was turned off due to non-payment (late payment in my eyes...but still) for 6 days! I have NEVER had my power turned off in my LIFE, and had my power been turned off...you can bet I would have been on the phone asap doing whatever it took to get it back on...I have 3 kids, husband, and a great dane, inside-dog. So when I called about the charge, and they wouldn't back down...so I called Centerpoint Energy, which is actually the companies that services our power under TXU...and THEY EVEN state that they turned my power off, and back on 6 days later. So...literally, I'm S.O.L.!!! I told them I might have to get a lawyer, they don't care AT ALL. I'm wondering now if there's any way they"ll let me PROVE my case (I have DVR recordings, and phone calls between that period...but something tells me they won't care to even LOOK at the proof..?) How do you prove you are an honest person, when all the evidence points otherwise?!?!?!

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  • Br
    brooklyn66 Jul 12, 2010

    I agree 100%. I've contacted The PUC and all they do is cover up for this company..They are a ripp off...The bill is never correct event though I am on average billing..I have to call every month and god forbid, the reps don't speak english clearly, they laugh, make noises and just simply hang up if they cannot answer your question...I am stuck in a bogus contract for average billing even though by bill is not averaged every month...
    WE consumers are screwed!!!

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  • Ti
    tickedattxu Jun 08, 2010

    wow! i have heard nightmares about TXU! I also heard there is a lawyer that has a class action law suit against ONCOR (wich is owned by TXU) ! MAYBE HE CAN START A CLASS ACTION AGAINST THESE TXU ENERGY - ENERGY FUTURE HOLDING LLC - COMPUTER GLITCHES? I keep hearing about this computer glitch thing! I got a call from some man with an Indian accent named OMAIR ZAHID (he told me his name at least 10 times and spelled it every time) when I had said COMPUTER GLITCH error but it was gussied up a bit for me as he told me it was a techno garbldy gooky tweakt tooble boobie toodie fruity problem... That's what it sounded like to me anyway... He told me he had applied a credit to my account! Problem is no credit was applied and the peoblem is the same! WHERE IS THE PRICE PLAN I SIGNED UP FOR? I WANT A TXU COMPUTER GLITCH CLASS ACTION!

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  • Co
    concerned citizen May 25, 2009

    Stream Energy is nothing but a scam. I live in Georgia and my Wife's friend "scammed her" into switching to Stream Energy. We saw our gas bill triple in one month. I quickly switched back to Georgia Natural Gas and refused to pay the last gas bill of $300 from Stream. Ryan Hadley, you need to be ashamed for scamming and cheating people. Haven't you heard of Madoff? That's gonna be you and your colleagues if you keep lying to people and cheating them out of your hard earned money.

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  • Ar
    armywifeintexas May 24, 2009

    Well Mr. Hadley, since you work for Stream Energy maybe you can tell my why I am having so many problems with my billing and with customer service regarding my complaints. 2 months after signing up for a "fixed rate" plan with your company I got charged an additonal $146.87 that supposedly was held back from my bill as a courtesy because Stream Energy thought it would be easier for me to pay in November (right before christmas) rather than the month it was supposedly used (August). My bill said my rate was 14.2 cents per kwh but later I was told my rate was really 19.9 cents and they just billed me for part of it. Hmmm, nice for them to let me know this! It would have been really simple for them to just add this in the little section of my bill where reminders and announcements are made. For some reason though, they decided not to notify me, and then a couple months later I got a not so nice surprise. I also have had horrible customer service ever since then. I'm also amazed how every time I call I am told a different date that my contract will expire. Seems no one can give me the same date twice. I was looking forward to the end of my Stream Energy experience but so far there is no end in sight. I feel bad for the TXU stories here, but I urge you not to switch to Stream as suggested by the last commentor . It has been nothing but a nightmare as well. (Think $600 a month bills plus bonus charges later)

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  • Ry
    Ryan Hadley Dec 02, 2008
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    Verified customer

    ES, Nicole, Roy Allen Rueter, and Alisha,

    I am very sorry to hear about your trouble relating to your TXU experiences. Unfortunately, TXU doesn't seem to care about their customers and their issues. They were once a giant monopoly here in Texas, as was Reliant. But since deregulation, you have the power to choose your electric provider.

    I work for Stream Energy, a competitor to TXU and Reliant in Texas. Unlike those two companies, Stream Energy does not advertise. They rely on word of mouth referrals from their customers to spread the word about the company. I am a Director with Stream Energy, and I'm here to offer you all a solution to your energy nightmare.

    TXU charges in upwards of 13.8 cents to 16 cents for some month to month plans. The kicker is that sometimes they lock you in for a low rate, but when that rate ends, they don't tell you about it and put you on some plan for a ridiculous rate. Reliant is similar. My mother was on a low rate forever, and when she called Reliant, she found out that her contract had ended and they had rate hiked her to over 15 cents per kWh!

    Let's assume you're on a Competitor's 12 month fixed rate plan. To be generous, I've calculated an annual electrical expenditure based on a 14.0 cent, 15.0 cent and 16.0 cent plan.

    A Competitor
    .140 (14.0 cents) x 1000 kWh = $140 x 12 months = $1, 680.00
    .140 (14.0 cents) x 2000 kWh = $280 x 12 months = $3, 360.00
    .140 (14.0 cents) x 3000 kWh = $420 x 12 months = $5, 040.00
    .140 (14.0 cents) x 4000 kWh = $560 x 12 months = $6, 720.00

    B Competitor
    .150 (15.0 cents) x 1000 kWh = $150 x 12 months = $1, 800.00
    .150 (15.0 cents) x 2000 kWh = $300 x 12 months = $3, 600.00
    .150 (15.0 cents) x 3000 kWh = $450 x 12 months = $5, 400.00
    .150 (15.0 cents) x 4000 kWh = $600 x 12 months = $7, 200.00

    C Competitor
    .160 (16.0 cents) x 1000 kWh = $160 x 12 months = $1, 920
    .160 (16.0 cents) x 2000 kWh = $320 x 12 months = $3, 840
    .160 (16.0 cents) x 3000 kWh = $480 x 12 months = $5, 760
    .160 (16.0 cents) x 4000 kWh = $640 x 12 months = $7, 680

    Instead of paying those rates, how would you like to pay 12.6 cents per kilowatt hour instead? Let's run the math on this and see what it comes out to be.

    Stream Energy Fixed Rate plan @ 12.6 cents (12 months)
    .126 (12.6 cents) x 1000 kWh = $126 x 12 months = $1, 512.00
    .126 (12.6 cents) x 2000 kWh = $252 x 12 months = $3, 024.00
    .126 (12.6 cents) x 3000 kWh = $378 x 12 months = $4, 536.00
    .126 (12.6 cents) x 4000 kWh = $504 x 12 months = $6, 048.00

    As you can see, the saving are huge in comparison. You should not be forced to pay a higher rate for your electricity to fund your electric company's advertising costs.

    If you are interested in saving money with Stream Energy, please visit the following website to Enroll for Service with Stream Energy. Http://hadley.igniteinc.biz/

    My name is Ryan Hadley, and when you sign up for service, I will be personally responsible for monitoring your service plan. If your rate is about to expire, I have tools that let me know when it will expire, and when that time comes, you will be made aware of the new rate after your 12 month fixed rate is completed. It is my honor to service and support you.

    If you have any questions or comments, please, do not hesitate to call me or email me regarding your electric service. I am here to help!

    Kindest Personal Regards,

    Ryan Hadley
    [email protected]

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  • Al
    alisha Dec 01, 2008
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    Verified customer

    My husband and I are facing the same problems with TXU! Our bills are inconsistent from 380 one month to 160 the month after to 550$ this month! We live in a rent house thats not so big and do anything we can to conserve energy (even if it means freezing to death). We turn off the heater during the day and at night running just a new electric heater in my daughters room at night. I am scared to open the bills! I know I didnt use 500$ worth of electricity but the meter reading is accurate from what I can see. We are not rich by any means and was hit with this bill during the month of Christmas. I dont know what I can do and they wont return my calls at the high billing department. My landlord is a electrician and he checked everything and thats good. Ive never had a bill this high in my life nor has anyone I know. I am so confused and stressed and want to fix the problem! I did find this site for complaints...CUSTOMER PROTECTION DIVISION AT THE PUC. [protected] OR [protected]. I dont know what they can do either. In someone elses opinion is 500$ and up a good bill for people freezing to death to save money and being gone a week of that month, and having good insulation? I know its like comparing apples to oranges. If you have any suggestions please let me know. TXU is the worst company ever!!! I want a different electric company but heard horror stories from those that have switched in the past. UGGGG! Thanks alisha

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  • Ro
    Roy Allen Rueter Nov 27, 2008
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    Verified customer

    TXU Energy is a corrupt business that apparently has enough high ranking corrupt connections in the state utitlty commission to continue their dubious business practices. We bought a new house in August 2007. The house is smaller by 300 square feet and is single story dwelling. The home is so much more energy efficient than what we had before. Our first bill due was over $400. When we talked with the incompetent service agent and the standing supervisor, we were guaranteed that the problem had to be a meter issue with Centerpoint Energy. After two appointments with an actual supervisor with Centerpoint, their was a report issued to TXU. Now get this, because of our adamant
    complaining and threats to seek legal action, the next few bills were incredibly low. One month was only $50 .. Give me a break. We thought that it was some internal accounting adjustment. However, during this time of late 2007, the readings were never in sync with our actual readings. Lately we have seen the disclaimer on our monthly bills that "some bills may be estimated". What? Are you kidding me? TXU Energy is a corrupt company with trained liars on staff to address your customer concerns. What has happened in this country? Why do we as citizens allow this kind of larceny to prevail? I know many of you just think .. oh well, it is just a bill that has to be paid and you little life is soooo busy that you choose to remain a victim. TXU will continue this kind of thievery as long as we allow it. We are looking for a new energy provider and will have our attorney send a letter letting TXU know that any exorbiant cancellation costs will most definitely be met with legal response. Let's unite as current and former TXU customers in a class action legal dispute and run these people out o Texas.

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  • Ni
    Nicole Nov 20, 2008
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    Verified customer

    My husband and I went through the same thing with TXU last year. That's why (unfortunately for us) we switched to Amigo Electric ... Don't make the same mistake we did!!! We're now actively looking for yet another electric company <sighs>

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  • Es
    ES Nov 10, 2008
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    Verified customer

    My electric bills doubled then tripled after swiching to TXU. I am now at my wits end never knowing what I will see when I open my bill. At first I thought it was due to putting the central unit in my house and thought the unit was not working properly, of course I thought the central would cost less. The list goes on, I have been out of town for months and my never goes down and I call TXU customer service and explain to them that the only thing that is using electricity is the refrigerator. I have NEVER seen anyone read my meter and I work from home so am there almost all the time. Today I ask my neighbor and he said he had never seen anyone read my meter. There have been several months when I have not gotten a biIled and the TXU reps will not send copies or fax a copy of my bill. I had to either be disconnected or pay what THEY SAID I owed. Believe me I ask to speak to a supervisor, I was only put on hold or they kept transfering me and they have hung up on me. I could go on with much more but you all know by now if you have used, TXU Energy if not I hope this gives you enough info to know better when they come knocking on your door. I must mention this, last months bill they went up on my set rate plan?????? What Next???? So here I am online trying to find a company that is honest but I suppose anything is better than TXU!

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