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Not everyone in America is in to the new trend in sexuality, and definitely do not want it shoved in our children & grandchildren's faces! There are better channels and times to be airing these commercials, if you must, like on Showtime after 10pm!

Stop showing this crap during the day, during after school hours, or during dinner time! Most families I know, watch your channel for wholesome family TV, like Andy Griffith, and the last thing we want to see is that twisted agenda. šŸ˜”

Now, as for your programming, and the wholesome quality of it. Most of your programming is young children, age appropriate, and I for one appreciate having a wholesome channel option.

So, how in the world did Roseanne make that cut? That show is one of the worst shows to ever come into existence. There is very little, good, quality TV to watch on the weeeknds, particularly. TVLand is usually one of my go to channels when nothing else is on, but on the weekends all you can air is that, rude, vulgar, woman, and her nasty show. DO BETTER!

Desired outcome: Remove Roseanne from any of your programming lineup, and remove those offensive commercials.

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kj stepon1
, US
Dec 18, 2023 9:35 pm EST
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My main complaint is the drag queen commercials. Disgusting and very inappropriate for my children and very offensive to me and my family. I am going to contact the FCC.