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TV Land Complaints & Reviews

TV Land / programming

Hatb on Mar 24, 2019

Hello - why do you all continue to replace popular shows with "Two and a half men". This show is centered around a sex-crazed star. This show is not what most would consider top notch. It has replaced popular shows such as Golden Girls and Everybody Loves Raymond. This is absolutely...

TV Land / commercials/ads

bear321 on Mar 8, 2019

Glad I'm not the only one who is disgusted by the ads aired on TV Land. While watching Gunsmoke, I see an ad for Viceland wherein the "panel" talks about how the actions of the DC sniper were justified because the sniper was black. Wow. Just one example of many. If anyone would like to...

TV Land / comedy central the other two

Stefania Davis on Feb 14, 2019

The show "the other two" is absolutely disgusting and I can't figure why it would even be aired early enough when kids are still awake. It is showing masterbation, very foul language and how do you explain that to younger viewers tuned in.. If it's listed comedy central than move it. I...

TV Land / tv land inappropriate commercials of their programs

Not Getting One on Feb 9, 2019

The promo for one of your shows (not sure which show as I was so appalled at the promo for it) was just despicable to play on a family station and at such an early hour. It was referring to a gay alter boy and his "excitement" and what he would do with his private parts... Using all of the...

TV Land / tv land ads

Orangebird on Feb 7, 2019

I am writing to state a concern and complaint about the ads for TV shows that you run during the evening hours before 10:00PM. I have 2 boys and my husband and I enjoy watching Everybody Loves Raymond with them but during the show they show ADs for a Comedy Central show that airs on TV...

TV Land / inappropriate commercials

Steven Lencse on Feb 5, 2019

On the couch with my young child watching Andy Griffeth Show at 545pm Eastern Time On February 5, 2019 when a commercial comes on. The commercial uses the word "dick" in it. Not as a name. I cannot believe this. I am trying to parent but at 545pm on TVland you should be able to walk away...

TV Land / commercial on tv land

Tired of filth on Feb 5, 2019

While watching an episode of Andy Griffith, the commercial for Comedy Central's new show "The Other Two" came on during which the man talked about boners, dicks and a gay lifestyle in church. This is completely inappropriate especially during prime time hours where families may be...

TV Land / disgusting commercials

Cindy Wascavage on Feb 4, 2019

I tune into the TV Land station all the time. They have great shows. I am disgusted with the sexual content of the commercials. I agree with previously made comments. Children watch this station. Who is responsible for reviewing the content of the commercials? If this continues I would like to...

TV Land / commercial

Vickilh on Feb 3, 2019

I am absolutely stunned. I'm laying here on a Sunday afternoon watching the Golded girls with my 8 year old daughter and a commercial comes in where the guy talks about getting a hard on during church and where he ended up putting his dick! I can't believe the gawl you have to...

TV Land / programming

dixie13 on Feb 2, 2019

I turned my tv on to tv land at 9:45pm on thursday january 31 when I was shocked and disgusted by the content I was hearing, I will quote the words "are you hungry, no im not hungry, no I mean for my pussy, yes im hungry for your pussy" this is unacceptable!!! I dont know what the program...

TV Land / big complaint about the tv show “teachers”

Randall Fain on Feb 2, 2019

Cancel the tv show, Teachers. The commercial came on and my 5 year old grand daughter saw it and asked what the teacher said. You know the commercial!! If they talk like that on the show it needs to be canceled. We do not need our grade school children thinking it is ok for teachers or...

TV Land / the other two show

Denise Santee-Wilson on Jan 31, 2019

Please do NOT air this show anymore. Kathy Lee Gifford has been run off every show she has been on. And there's a reason for that. She is a nasty, self-centered, hair-brained liberal. It's really not all about politics but she ties to make everything about politics. I refused to watch it...

TV Land / the walking dead commercial shown during everybody loves raymond

Bizz59 on Jan 27, 2019

How disturbing to see such a graphic commercial for TWD at 8:30 on a Sunday night. Close up shots of someone cutting up human skin, then sewing it into a mask. It was bloody, very graphic, and completely over the line for this time of night. Kids are still watching, and tvland is supposed...

TV Land / programming

Carolyn Lombardi on Jan 23, 2019

I am writing to plead with you to only air Two and a Half Men starring Charlie Sheen. The show is terrible with Ashton Kutcher. Please, it is a much better show with Charlie Sheen...he MADE the show. The character of his brother is so annoying and the dynamic between he and Charlie wa...

TV Land / offensive "slingers" commercial

KatinFL on Dec 30, 2018

We find the Sling commercial that depicts "Slingers verses Swingers" very disrespectful and trashy. This revolting ad is played in the afternoon where youngsters can see it. I also see it in the evenings. Any company who thinks this kind of ad is okay, is not a company we would trust or...

TV Land / the goldberg’s

PennyB2709 on Oct 7, 2018

The Goldberg's, really ????? I have enjoyed watching TV Land for years with shows like The Golden Girls, Everybody Loves Raymond, King of Queens and Roseanne which I was pleased to see back on today and I watched the marathon so thank you for that. I have tolerated Two and a half men...

TV Land / roseann

Ladysha on Oct 6, 2018

I am writing a complaint because the Roseanne show is on tvland right now, Saturday October 6th, and is playing for several hours according to my TV guide. I find Roseanne to be very offensive and racist. I was happy when your network removed the show. I am very disappointed to see that...

TV Land / bringing back the roseanne sitcom

lucychas on Oct 5, 2018

I'm extremely disappointed with TV Land's decision to bring back the Roseanne show. I believe that it was the correct decision to take it off earlier this year because of Barr's racist tweet. Disney was correct for canceling the top rated prime time revival because they would not condone...

TV Land / bring back golden girls and reba on weekends!

MonDaz on Sep 29, 2018

Please remove Two and a half MEN from your weekend programming. Please bring back the Saturday and Sunday Golden Girls and Reba episodes to where they were just a couple of weeks ago. The new shows you have substituted are the worst. My elderly mom which has dementia loves the original...

TV Land / two and a half men

gimdragon on Sep 17, 2018

This show is disgusting. It is on at a time of night that I always watched TV Land. I can't turn the channel fast enough. It belong on an adult entertainment channel. Bring back family programming. Everybody Loves Raymond is a classic & can't be watched tons of times. Charlie Sheen is a...