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On August 31, my old mother and I had a flight back to Washington DC from Istanbul with Turkish Airlines. We checked in our luggage and were given two checked in tickets. Knowing that all have went on fine as usual, i did not check out tickets till few minutes later in which I found out that one of the tickets, mine was stand by. I was shocked because the guy at the counter did not say or mentioned anything about it to me and I think I was deceived by him. So I had to go back I to the same counter but he pretended he was busy and referred me to n
Another desk. The lady at the desk with very little English proficiency told me that I had to go to the gate and if there was seats left at the end, I could fly. I was so who led and stunned. My mother is in need of my assistance.
There was no way I could let her fly without me plus, she had a flight back to her hometown Atlanta the next day. And for me, I had a full schedule of patients to see as a doctor. Making the whole ordeal short, we had to wait for all the passengers to board on the plane only to be told by the attendants that there were no room left for me to fly that day. No one offered any explanations as to why I was out on stand by to begin with. Needless to say that I had tried to do online checking a few days prior at the Turkish Airlines website with no success. I asked if I could talk to a manager. I was getting so nervous and did not what to e, expect. I was losing my flight and no one could help. There were three other passengers which also has the same problems. I finally managed to convince the head attendant at the boarding about my situation and issues about my old mother. Only at that time they issues me a seat and I could finally fly out that day. But I felt so sorry for the ones who were left behind. I have been flying Turkish Airlines from US back and forth to Istanbul and I should say in the last couple of years the quality of service has gone down dramatically. I hope someone in the higher ranking of the airline would read my complaint and start doing something about the tarnished reputation of the company. You will see hundreds of complaints like mine in various sites on internet.

Oct 02, 2019

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