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K Aug 04, 2018

I was on the flight Turkish Airlines TK 045, Cape Town - Istambul.
Departure on 28 July at 17:20, Arrival 29th July 05:05.

My Connecting flight was at Turkish Airlines TK1775, Istambul - Riga.
Departure 29th July 14:50, Arrival 29th July 17:50.

I was flying with both of my kids 3 and 4 years of age. I must say that the both flights were very good and the stuff on the plane were absolutely brilliant.

The staff In the Airport transfer desk were very good. I was looking to see if i could get the Airport Hotel with two of my little kids. Gentleman was very helpful and informed me that the hotel is fully booked (5am) and there should be some vacancies in 2/3 hours. besides the fact that my next flight was in 9hours 45 min instead of 10 hours, as its not easy contain 2 small kids.
3 hours later at the Care Point i was rudely helped by the other gentleman, I stood there for 15 min while i had no idea what is happening. The stuff was laughing about something, and i literally felt absolutely ignored. He said there is no chance that i'll get the room and gave me the meal voucher. There was not any customer care skills involved at all.
I could not go to the Quiet room 219 for 9 hours 45 min cause i have two kids and they wouldn't have sat for that time quietly.

I ended up going to the lounge, where kids could play.

When i arrived at Riga i was beyond exhausted. It is a long flight which i know, 10hrs 45 min from Cape Town, but i was not expecting to spend almost 10hrs walking around the Airport with two small kids.
Customer care should be consistent.
It was raining most of the day in Istambul.
Besides that, arriving at my family house all of my suitcases were wet. All my clothing shoes everything was wet, it was drenched ... without exaggeration.

They were badly kept or they've been left in the rain for 10 hrs.
The bottom of my smallest suitcase is broken also.

I didn't report anything to the airport at my arrival as i was exhausted and i didn't notice anything till i got home.

My email address is kristine.[protected]

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