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I recently flew Turkish Airlines (to/from South Africa via Istanbul), and upon boarding my return flight TK33 IST - IAH and due to their gate security not recognizing my paperwork, I was denied entry onto my flight. Okay, so besides legalities as far as letting me on board even though USCIS confirmed my correct paperwork and Turkish Airlines refused to let me speak to a supervisor; i was treated horrifically, both by their ground staff and corporate office.
No one knew who the hell to speak to as far as how their own offices, gates, officers etc worked. I was told I would be taken to the Turkish Airlines Lounge where I would have a computer and phone I could use and gather my thoughts and help, no. I was taken from one gate to the next for several hours, then taken in by security and held there for the next several hours. I was then told I had to go to the denied office and I would be assisted there, to which no assistance was available. They literally said when I asked if they knew who I could contact, "there is a phone and computer, google your help." I arrived at 5am, and left the airport that evening at 10:45pm after NO HELP from a single person at Turkish Airlines, it was just easier for them to send me from one person to the next and eventually leave me as is.
I was treated like a damn convicted felon, not a valued customer. Unable to speak the language or them properly converse with me, they gave zero consideration for me and this predicament. When I asked instead of being held here in Turkey if they would fly me back to South Africa then, they said no. I was not allowed to leave. I tried to ask about booking a flight to Germany where my other citizenship is, and they told me they would not let me because my end destination was back in the United States. I am sorry but who the hell do these people think they are?? After finally being able to get money together to afford wifi, I then worked on trying to get accommodation close by, after being in the airport for a day and half, coffee shop for a day/night as I had no where to go and then finally find accommodation. I was left stranded for a week in Turkey, A WEEK with not knowing anyone there, not to mention thats a week of UNPAID "leave", where I was trying to work with the US Senate and them conversing with the Turkish Ambassador on getting me home. Finally when gathering my paperwork, Turkish airlines then refused to even honor the ticket they denied me entrance on, so I had to rush and find an extra $600, post $575 I had already paid to get an interview with the Embassy, and accommodation costs, as a part-time student, they simply emailed me with the audacity of speaking to me like an incompetent person.
I am VERY sorry Turkish Airlines but, even though the flight experience was decent, with edible food, drink and entertainment, the manner in which you treat your customers is beyond appalling. I will never again fly your airline and I promise I will make sure that every network I am a part of and contacts I have, will know to never step foot on one of your planes in the future.


  •   May 13, 2018

    Any air carrier is entitled to deny a passenger on board, if the passenger
    1) is of the health state, which represents danger to him/her or to the others,
    2) has violated the public order and/or continues to do so,
    3) produced improper travel documents (invalid passport or no visa, if it must be attached)
    4) is late for the registration desk / to the gate
    without for refund/compensation to the passenger.

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      May 14, 2018

    @Complainant20091 Haha, thanks Flight Safety, for supplying redundant and information I was very much well aware of...

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  •   Jun 03, 2018

    @HeinKH If your problem is not solved and you have not get refund:

    kindly send
    - your e-ticket in full in PDF or TXT (forward email), not in low resolution image
    - your above complaint
    - any reply of the Turkish airlines
    - add one sentance: what was a reason of the refusal, who has given such reason, if any
    - few additional simple documents can be requered later.

    The estimated legal compensation can be 750 EUR minimum, if you had not breached the law, irrespective of the air carrier staff member oppinion.
    proceduer can take 6+ months.

    We recover similar debts in EU.
    EUR30/35USD prior to the claim submisisom
    15% after the compensation is issue din your favor for the similar claim, depending upon length.
    please count.

    manager for ICAO/IATA irregulation matters
    e-mail: aryan(at)
    air.irregulations(at), (at)[email protected]

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