Turkish Airlinesalways delay of flight after purchasing flight ticket.

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I am a regular flyer of Turkish airline. Now I realized that Turkish airline is intentionally delaying or changing flight time to force the passenger to stay longer and take Turkish visa.

This time I purchase tickets for my parents to visit us.
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Ticket no [protected]

There was 1:10 min layovers in Istanbul Airport but the flight was delayed 1 hours in Nepal and they missed the flight. I checked with same flights on other days from Kathmandu and noticed that there was ALWAYS delayed. My parents missed the flight and forced to take 90 days Turkish Visa to stay one full day. I took off to pick-up parents on October 03, 2018 but due to that flight delayed I forced to take another day off. Now I am getting e-mail from Turkish Airlines that they changed the date of returning ticket from April 03, 2018 to April 04, 2018 that means my parents need to wait in Turkish for 32:30 minutes. Now again they need to take another Turkish Visa to wait that long. It is very frustrating. Would you mind to reimburse their time and money that they need to spend there due to Turkish Airline's negligence?? How can we trust in future and buy tickets from Turkish Airlines again??



  •   Jun 03, 2018

    The air carries do not look in the complaints, which do not have all detals of the service.

    If you want to get the compensation, you are kindly requested to submit
    - name of the passenger, city, country, e-mail, evening phone
    - any receipt of the aircacrier / of travel agent
    - e ticket, PDF or E-MAIL FORWARD, if you have got it
    - any reply of carrier on your requst, if you have it
    - your reason of the compensation ( with place /date/time) in not more than 3 sentances
    - few additinal documents will be requred during the process

    The length of the procedure for the compensation can last from 3 month, if no solution is got in your favor in 30 days.
    The is no other outcome for the compensation of losses and harm for you .
    Compensation for 2 seggment flights start from EUR 500+/USD600 and more, if proved legally.

    We charge:
    - 30EUR/USD35 against invoice before the claim, payment by card
    - 10% or more, depend upon length in months, after refund is issued in favor of passenger

    Manager for ICAO/IATA irregulation matters
    aryan(at) - for requests
    air.irregulations(at) -, substitute (at)[email protected]

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