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Turkey Hill Dairy reviews & complaints

Turkey Hill Dairy complaints 92

Turkey Hill Dairy - Complaint against employee

To whom it may concern. First thing you hired a bad employee Doug. I proceeded into your store Turkey Hill convient store when there was noone around. I heard giggling in the back in the back & since I'm a lawyer I proceeded to look in the back where your office is and your employee Doug was putting items into a large backpack for a white female with red long hair medium built with 6 Cartons of cigarettes which was Newports 100 box and snacks and goodies drinks toilet paper frozen dinners can goods beef stew etc I will proceed to take matters my way if you dont fire him. Make sure he doesn't get hired in no other food chain.

Desired outcome: Fired Immediately

Jan 11, 2022

Turkey Hill Dairy - Employee

On several occasions, have I witnessed or heard an employee making stereotypical or racist comments towards the customers. This employee has a really bad attitude and raises her voice a lot. She i...

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Turkey Hill Dairy - Refused to let my service dog in store even with tag

Went to Turkey hill on Hershey avenue I. Lancaster pa 17603 and the manager refused to let my service dog in so I walked all the way back home to retrieve his service tag and returned to the store where the manager still refused to let me and my service dog in regardless with or without tag but yet employees can walk in with their normal house dogs and have no problem but they deny a real service dog


Turkey Hill Dairy - Butter almond / chocolate ice cream

Hello Turkey Hill,

I purchased Butter Almond/ Chocolate Ice Cream from Kroger supermarket. This ice cream had no almonds in it. I went back later purchased another Butter Almond/ Chocolate Ice Cream same thing no roasted almonds. I'm not sure whats going on but I really thought I was going to get almonds both times and didn't.
This could be some type error in processing you may have others saying same thong soon.

Desired outcome: I don't know really since the money is spent

Aug 03, 2021

Turkey Hill Dairy - Rude cashier would not honor sale prices

I visited Turkey Hill mini mart at 686 2nd St Highspire, Pa 17034 @ approximately 5:05 pm. I was trying to buy items that were on sale and sale tag clearly visible. I tried to explain to the cashier, Susan that my total was way more than what the sale price thats visible. The date wasn't expired on the sale. First she could not do the math but wasnt i broke it down and showed her how the total was incorrect she told me, " I dont care", at this point the line of customers behind me was getting very long.She has very very poor customer service skills and was plain disrespectful. I felt very embarrassed and disrepected by the way she was talking to me in front of all the other customers. I did not receive the items because i was unwilling to pay double what the sale stated

Turkey Hill Dairy - Party cake ice cream makes people sick

I purchased Turkey Hill Party Cake Ice cream o 6/29/21, brought it home & my nephew had small amount & it gave him a stomach ache. We cannot bring bad food back to Shoprite Grocery store so I wanted to bring it to your attention this flavor has something in it that is not palatable and makes people ill. I also had a spoonful & immediately had an upset stomach.

Desired outcome: Please send me $1.99 or allow me to return to Shoprite Grocery in my town to obtain a credit.

Jun 14, 2021

Turkey Hill Dairy - Ice cream

I have eaten and enjoyed your Ice Cream for several years. Last week, I bought two cartons of your Tin Roof ice cream at Albertsons. (a chain Groceries in Texas). Both cartons lacks the creamy texture and smoothness that I have become account to with your product. This ice cream is reminiscent of the cheap ice milk ice cream, Mom bought for us kids. yuck! My purchase price was $3.99 ea. carton plus 8.5% sales tax for a total of $8.65.

Desired outcome: Refund or replacement

May 20, 2021

Turkey Hill Dairy - Customer service

I posted earlier I want this to be an official complaint waited 15 minutes at line at bland and Turkey Hill after watching two cashiers one look like she was changing shifts the other look like she...

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Apr 28, 2021

Turkey Hill Dairy - Mint chocolate chip ice cream

I bought a half gallon of mint chocolate chip ice cream a week ago. I have in the past enjoyed your ice cream a lot. However, when I opened it up, it was a different color than I expected and, I have to say, a BIG turn off. Instead of being the light green and brown that I expected, much of it was kind of bluish. I wasn't sure what would cause this but I threw out what I had put in a bowl. I did not return it yet because it would be a melted mess by the time I got it back to Walmart. I was not sure it was safe to eat and, for sure, it probably will not taste that good. So I am turning to you.


Turkey Hill Dairy - Manager Elvin, Stoney battery road location

Elvin refused to sell me cigarettes even though I presented him with a valid ID of myself. When I asked him to just give me my ID back so I could leave, he proceeded to try & hold on to my ID until he was done speaking. He wasn't going to sell me what I came there to purchase & I was on a time limit, didn't have time to listen to his [censored]. I was not under the impression turkey hill refused to serve legal paying customers, but now that I'm aware I will be buying my cigarettes, not to mention all dairy products, elsewhere, and informing everyone within my area that if they head to turkey hill for their nicotine fix, there's a chance they'll get refused for literally no valid reason.

Desired outcome: I dunno how do y’all feel like this problem should be solved? 🧐

Apr 23, 2021

It seems like you were carded and he knew you were under the legal age to purchase cigarettes. It is obvious from your childish name calling and your terrible grammar you are no where near adult.


Turkey Hill Dairy - Management

I have a lot of friends who are managers at Turkey hill just and fyi it is a little gas station a dime a dozen not the Pentagon your managers are mistreated and over worked. Expected to live at there little stores or when the lazy children you hire don't show up they are expected to drop there families and there lives and go run the store immediately maybe this story needs attention by the media to go public

Turkey Hill Dairy - The girl on 3rd shift her name is Tori

I go to this turkey hill at least 4 times a day. So me and my husband went for a late run as we usually do. So my husband always grabs a fountain drink which he went to grab. But the caps was getting...

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Turkey Hill Dairy - Rude employee

I went to Turkey Hill in the 1425 Cassidy Ave Columbus location and there is always a problem. They normally don't have a lot of items but today between 2:45 and 3 pm the employee that's working...

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Turkey Hill Dairy - Customer service

You should be ashamed of yourselves. Your stores were permitted to be open at beginning of pandemic. Now you don't bother following the mask guideline. You have no regard for your majority of mask wearing customers. You don't care about putting people at risk, all you care about is the mighty dollar. Wolf should shut your chain of stores down unless you turn away customers that are not wearing masks. No mask no service


Turkey Hill Dairy - Coco mint chip ice cream

I purchased a turkey hill coco mint chip ice cream on 11/9/2020. From Acme in Jersey City, NJ on route 440, got home put it in the freezer, next day go to eat some and see a whole screw in the box sticking straight throughout the bottom... I have pictures attached...

Turkey Hill Dairy - Store policy

Stores do not follow safety guidelines with pandemic going around. Masks are a joke; you cannot fill your refillable coffee mug for safety, but allows customers with out masks or a glove to touch...

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Turkey Hill Dairy - Employees

I recently worked at the turkey hill on rutter ave when I was working there everything was to be in stock and all machines were to be up and running for customers now that I no longer work for the...

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Turkey Hill Dairy - Lottery ticket purchase

Went to the turkey hill in parkesburg, pa. To buy some lottery ticks for a gift for a friend. Asked 4 (four) times for 5 powerball tickets for each of 6 friends for september 12, 2020. A total of $60...

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Aug 27, 2020

Turkey Hill Dairy - An employee and "store policy"

I went to Turkey Hill around 9:00 or 9:30 tonight (8/26/2020) and made a purchase and my change was supposed to be $.35 cents. The African American guy (had dreadlocks/braids) that was working, asked...

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Turkey Hill Dairy - Gas purchase

I purchased gas on 8/9/20 with a credit card. Cashier told me if I didn't pump full amount, she would apply a credit to the card. I asked her if I need to report back to her. She said I did not...

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