Turkey Hill Dairy Complaints & Reviews

Turkey Hill Dairy / the store manager

Oct 03, 2019

Ive written in a little over a month ago with the same complaint. The morning manager is not a people person at all. When the store has a line of ppl in it i wouldnt expect the manager to go out and smoke a cigarette while 1 employee is left inside to deal with the morning rush. Its also...

Turkey Hill Dairy / customer service

Oct 01, 2019

Yesterday, Sept 30th 2019 my disabled Mother went into the myerstown turkey hill about 5:30pm while associate Kelsey was working. She was clearly very mad and when my mother, trying to be nice, asked her if she was having a bad day, Kelsey very rudely and loudly said "no i'm just great"...

Turkey Hill Dairy / customer service/mischarged card

Sep 30, 2019

On friday sept 27th I went in with a coworker to my local turkey hill to get a half gallon of whole milk, a bag of shredded cheese, and the 2/$2 tornado's. My bill should of been less than $10, I was not given a receipt and rushed out of the store. The next day when I checked my...

Turkey Hill Dairy / turkey hill cookies & cream ice cream

Sep 29, 2019

I purchased a half gallon of ice cream yesterday and when we started dishing out our portions, it turns out there is no cookies in this batch. It appears to pretty much be vanilla ice cream. We have never had this issue in the past when purchasing Turkey Hill products. We also purchas many...

Turkey Hill Dairy / bbq sandwich

Sep 13, 2019

Turkey Hill DairyCovered in mold Pics in comments No expiration date is circled Eneida the employee told me it wasn't her problem. She's nothing but rude to everyone, my husband is allergic to penicillin so this could of been very harmful to him. The manager isn't in til tomorrow so I'll have to wait to speak...

Turkey Hill Dairy / coffee cups and lids

Aug 25, 2019

Turkey Hill DairyMy boyfriend gets a coffee every morning before work. Last week he got to work and the lid popped off and coffee spilled all over floor at work. Today he wasnt as fortunate. The lid popped off while sitting in driver's seat and caused a bad burn/scald on his upper thigh. He went in and...

Turkey Hill Dairy / turkey hill all natural butter pecan ice cream

Aug 24, 2019

This is my favorite flavor and favorite brand. However my recent purchase this past week was disappointing. It tasted grainy like there was fine sand in it. I don't know how else to explain it. The info on the bottom was: Sell by 01/25/2020 42-092 22:08:17 L4/55 bar code of [protected]...

Turkey Hill Dairy / ice cream

Aug 22, 2019

Turkey Hill DairyToday, August 22nd, I purchased a container Turkey Hill All Natural homemade vanilla ice cream and when I opened the container there was a bug inside. You can see from the attached picture that the bug was enclosed inside the ice cream and not even just laying on the top. I have to throw...

Turkey Hill Dairy / store manager

Aug 22, 2019

Store manager in the morning is very rude and shouldnt have a job working with people. I went in for a pack of cigs and she slammed them down on the counter and with an attitude says $5.75. She leaves employees by themselves during rushes and gives attitude when has to help. I frequent...

Turkey Hill / The food part

Aug 19, 2019

I started working there July 30th a 2019 I wasn't even there for a full week I was not trained properly and they wanted to put me on a 9 to 5 shift by myself with no help so I recently just quit the people who work there are either on meth methadone or pills this place is disgusting not...

Turkey Hill Dairy / the manager jamie told me I had to leave the store over a hour ago gave me no explanation as to why

Aug 16, 2019

I was at the store two times and on my third time I was told I am not allowed back at the store for no known reason out if the clear blue I never stole any thing and was not. Even told what I did or am accused of doing so I went to leave my number with the manager and she blew me off I...

Turkey Hill Dairy / customer service

Aug 16, 2019

Being protocol to greet customers entering the store, being courteous but also let the customer know that their entrance was recognized. It's bothersome when they pick-n-choose who they are going to greet or acknowledge; they put more time into 'personal convos' on the job, yet ignore...

Turkey Hill Dairy / the rewards points

Aug 07, 2019

It's now going on about 7 months that the rewards card has been unavailable to use.. Corrpet has no answer on when it would be back.. I have over 500 points on my card but I still pay full price on gas.. this is a scam! The fact that corrpet has no idea when it will be back it's bs. . I'm...

Turkey Hill Dairy / team member

Jul 30, 2019

Turkey Hill DairyHaving children who come into the store with me frequently, seeing a Megan's law employee working here concerns me. I always knew he was creepy. This is awful to see at a place so many children come into and there is a school on that premise also! You could be sued. He sits outside on hi...

Turkey Hill Dairy / service

Jul 19, 2019

Your employee Stephanie was very irate and obnoxious flaring her arms, stamping her feet, and broad casting that I was paying with food stamps in front of an entire line of people. I approach her and said that was very embarrassing and I didn't appreciate it and I asked for a apology and...

Turkey Hill Dairy / customer service

Jul 16, 2019

I am a regular customer at turkey hill and the employee that works on 2nd shift is very rude. He's in his 40s and he always has a Donald trump hat on. I take my kids to Hershey park all the time and we stop there for slushees. I saw him multiple times smoking marijuana on the side of the...

Turkey Hill Dairy / cashiers

Jul 16, 2019

I was standing at the counter for at least 2-3 minutes. There was a girl by the cigarettes (who looked at me multiple times) and another girl near the door (who I know saw me cause she admitted she saw me) when I asked why non one came to check me out since they both made eye contact with...

Turkey Hill Dairy / false advertising

Jul 11, 2019

There is a sign hanging in the soda coolers that says 2 - 20 oz bottles for $3.33 for the pepsi - coca cola - 7 up families - mix and match. On that sign is a picture of a regular coke, diet coke, 7 up and pepsi - so unless you buy those 4 particular items - they wouldn't honor the...

Turkey Hill Knaurs Location / service

Jul 07, 2019

The knaurs turkey hill is a disgrace, three separate occasions in the past month I've stood in lines while three separate employees either were chit chatting with other customers/employees or just plain not doing anything. All three times I left in disgust without purchasing what I came...

Turkey Hill Dairy / management/ discrimination

Jul 06, 2019

Treated like I am invisible when at the counter ready to ring up repeatedly but really only when managment is helping at the register. Today her register needed to do a cash deposit so her line closed when I got to the front of the line. Then they are like "what do you need?" and...

Turkey Hill Dairy / fountain drinks

Jun 30, 2019

After filling up I went into the store to get a fountain drink since they were $0.99. I got a small size ( not sure of the oz, but less that 32oz). At checkout the clerk said the $0.99 price was only for the 32 oz size, I stated that a small was more? Not $0.99 like the sign said? She said...

Turkey Hill Dairy / checkout at register

Jun 27, 2019

Just about every time I go to purchase something, the cashier is texting or typing on their cell. I enter my credit card in the machine, and I am waiting for them to hit a button on the register. It sometime is a good minute, until they realize they have to hit the button to move alone the...

Turkey Hill Dairy / service

Jun 25, 2019

I have been going to the turkey hill at routes 625 and 568 in brecknock township for twenty five yeas and have never been treated as I was about 2:30 today, june 25th. I went to get gas. I put in my credit card which was accepted then the screen told me to choose my grade and begin...

Turkey Hill Dairy / ice cream sold at grocery stores

Jun 21, 2019

As a long time customer & promoter of turkey hill ice cream, it sickens me to have to inform you of the shame I feel in promoting your product.I am a long time customer as well as a grocery employee .Only on a rare occasion have I been known, due to lack of supply, indulge reluctantly in a...

Turkey Hill Dairy / cashier a thief

Jun 09, 2019

On June 8, 2019 at the Turkey Hill # 007 the rude daytime older male cashier knowingly charged us twice; he did NOT give us a receipt and when we got home and checked our bank card transactions we found out WHY he did NOT give us a receipt !! This was at 09:59 on June 8, 2019 at Turkey...

Turkey Hill Dairy / credit card fraud

Jun 07, 2019

On Friday, May 31 at your Denver PA store. I was charged $30 for groceries that I did not buy. I did purchase $30 for gas. Your employee had my credit card and charged me not only for the gas but also for $30 in groceries. I was not in the store when he did this as I was still at the ga...

Turkey Hill Minit Market / limited products

Jun 07, 2019

Turkey Hill in Coatesville has no salads, no lactaid or a2 milk, no Entenmann's cakes, breakfast cakes, pies, etc. No bagels, etc. All they have are Tastykakes, pies etc. And other brands. I would have to drive to Wawa or another store but this Turkey Hill is in walking distance to my...

Turkey Hill Dairy / all natural butter almond and chocolate

May 22, 2019

I bought my ice cream at a Wegmans supermarket in Fairport NY. The first night I made ice cream cones for my family we questioned whether or not I had bought chocolate and vanilla by mistake because there were no nuts at all. This evening we had cones again and again not one nut to be...

Turkey Hill / unsweetened tea

May 21, 2019

I'm curious to know why the unsweetened teas are not available in gallon bottles. I like the Turkey Hill unsweetened tea with lemon flavor and buy it often. But I paying much more over time by having to purchase it in half gallon (or smaller) form. I'd like to see them start offering full...

Turkey Hill Dairy / turkey hill gallons of tea and sonoma cigarettes

May 18, 2019

Turkey hill tea is 2 gallons for 5$ ive been going to the same turkey hill all month and thats what i was being charged then on [protected] i went to turkey hill to get the tea deal . The man whom i never seen working in there before since i moved into this area in october 2019 was working...

Turkey Hill Dairy / coffee cups

May 04, 2019

Turkey Hill DairyEvery time I buy coffee it leaks all over my car it's damaging my car !!!been happening for about 1 month now !!! I'm waisting money on ur coffee n my car has coffee all down inside my cup holders in my brand new car !!!its ridiculous!!! I have many pictures of coffee leaking through my...

Turkey Hill Dairy / service/coffee/computer system/cigarettes

Apr 14, 2019

I have sent numerous complaints to your corporate office about the turkey hill on pierce street in kingston, pa. I have lived 4 blocks away from this t hill for 17 years and the last 2 years have been the worst. The workers are miserable and rude, there is never ever and I mean ever coffee...

Turkey Hill Minit Market / coffee

Apr 08, 2019

Coffee was old light was blinking n she just put it to rebrew without cleaning out the thermal. Just disgusting. If this is how you run your company i will spread tge word to never buy coffee in your establishment. Either you need to retrain your people I'll get rid of the people that do...

Turkey Hill Dairy / ice cream sandwiches

Jan 27, 2019

Turkey Hill DairyI bought a six pack of ice cream sandwiches on 1/24/2019 and on 1/26/2019 I descoverd that one of them has a damage that I never seen before. I really love your ice creams and other foods that I consume on daily basis me and my wife do but I don't feel safe buying more because she pregnant and I'm worry some thing might happen to her are the baby.

Turkey Hill / strawberry ice cream

Dec 27, 2018

I purchased a unit of Turkey Hill ice cream last week in Greene, Maine at an IGA. The flavor was strawberry. I was enjoying a dish of it this evening and found a rather long black hair in the ice cream. Hoping it was my own hair so I could continue eating, I pulled at it and it was wrapped...

Turkey Hill Dairy / fees held for purchase

Nov 17, 2018

Turkey Hill DairyOn Friday I got 30 in gas your establishment charge me with two $75 holding fees so for 30 gas you charged me 150 in holding fees also I go 28 in fees from trying to get money out that shouldve been tgere not knowing you took 150 out of my account and I'm thinking my money is in there and...

Turkey Hill Dairy / chocolate and vanilla pint ice cream

Nov 12, 2018

Turkey Hill DairyI recently purchased a Turkey Hill chocolate and vanilla pint ice cream which was 1/8 chocolate and 7/8 vanilla. I have photographs which shows this and I believe it is absurd and wrong. You can not advertise your product to be one thing, and sell another. This is something I feel very...

Turkey Hill Dairy / ciro

Nov 03, 2018

Turkey Hill DairyI go to turkey hill to purchase vuse they show one price but cash out another price I'm under the impression it's on sale and the price have been this was for over a month now and every time I go the cashier Name Ron is arguing with me telling me that he won't serve me or that I can't...

Turkey Hill Dairy / ice cream

Oct 29, 2018

I purchased the seasonal dark chocolate ice cream a day ago. It was icy on top and it was completely different from the last time I got it, last year. I'm so disappointed because it completely ruined the flavor. I'm not sure what happened. I usually love this flavor but it tastes very off...

Turkey Hill Dairy / store

Sep 26, 2018

The milk machine has been down for about two weeks only leaving one machine for everyone to gather around . No French vanilla since the machine has been down . Completely out of sugar for almost two days including packets on 9/24 and 9/25 . There is a very limited selection of grill...