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Lipton Tea reviews & complaints

Lipton Tea complaints 32

Lipton Tea - Use of fetal tissue in testing

Hi! I've started my day with Lipton tea most says for the last 50 years. Others in my family prefer other teas, but Lipton is my favorite. My husband recently got into your Green Tea and had purchased 4 boxes.

Sadly, we recently became aware that Lipton, as part of the Pepsi company, is utilizing the services of Senomyx to test its products which is doing so using cloned tissue from an aborted child.

Because of this, we threw out all the Lipton (and Pepsi) products in our home, and we no longer purchase these products.

It is unethical to use human tissue.. even cloned human tissue.. in food production. I urge you to discontinue this practice and publicize your decision. We would then gladly begin to use your products again.


Sonya Heston

Desired outcome: Discontinue use of Synomyx testing of products.

Lipton Tea - Pure leaf extra sweet

I bought 2 12 packs of this tea. I had drank 3 bottles and then I opened a fourth bottle and it had slimy looking stuff floating in it. I took it out with my finger and wiped it on a paper towel. It was gross brown snot looking. I checked the other unopened bottles by shaking them and several of them from both packs had stuff in them. This is disgusting. I had been very sick to my stomach the passed couple days and didn't know why. Now I know why. I'm very upset over this. I googled this and there are tons of post of people finding this in there pure leaf tea. This is so upsetting. I will not drink any more of these bottles. I checked the expiration date and it is dated for July 18 2022 so it is not expired. This is expensive tea. It was the only tea I would drink. I'm out my money now. The company has to know about this with all the post that have been for years now. So upset that you have not done anything about this.

Desired outcome: I want compensated for this.

Lipton Tea - Leaking 1 gallon tea bag in the box, a mess and a loss.

I have photos, code dates that the leaking tea bag. The lot code on the box is
SEP2022 SQ2 1115, the UPC is [protected] with the number above the UPC being [protected].

One bag near the top of the box was unsealed for about 1/2" of the top seal and leaked most of the tea onto the rest of the box. A mess. This was purchased through Amazon and delivered today. I have only opened one of the two boxes because there was visible tea in the box wrapper that I wanted to clean up. I have attached the photos and i have saved the rest of that box for my use. I use about a box a month.

Desired outcome: Replacement, probably a coupon and explanation.


Lipton Tea - Earl grey tea

Good day my name is Carmen Sars I been drinking Cooper and Flyn Earl Grey tea for months and am very happy with its. A view weeks ago I bought lipton Earl Grey tea and am not happy with it. The taste is very weak. Some of the Tea bags are broken. When I make a cup of tea it flaots on top of the cup.
I would love to send it back please let me know. I can't waste my money on weak Earl Grey tea. I hope to hear from you soon.
As you can see on my pictures the broken tea bag and am using two tea bags.

Desired outcome: I want you to help me better my tea each time I have a cup of tea. I aslo feel it was a waste of money

Lipton Tea - Lipton Tea Bags (Black tea yellow label)

Hi I have purchase the 200 yellow black tea bags
( has two 100 boxes packaged together) the first box was fine second box I have had a least twenty with tea leaves coming out about 1/2 teaspoon each Spoken to my daughter who brought at the same time shopping and she has had same problem As the outside packing was dispose of I cant even give you batch number sorry
Thank goodness I still have a tea strainer

Desired outcome: Replace box please

Lipton Tea - Lipton Green tea in bottles

I have been buying Lipton teas in assorted flavors a few years now but lately when I try to open the bottles, mostly the diet green tea citrus flavor I'm having a very hard time opening the bottles. They are very tight. Over the weekend 3 people tried to open a bottle and we ended up opening it with a pair of pliers. Very disappointing. Red sore hands for all of us.

Desired outcome: Maybe checking tightening procedures and a couple of coupons.

Lipton Tea - Safety issue

Hi. I'm not really filing a complaint, but i want to bring an important safety issue to your attention. I have a picture of a serious issue for all consumers of Lipton products. Being that i do't know much about computers, i would like to get an email address to where i can the picture for your viewing. I opened a bottle of Lipton Peach Tea over the weekend and was almost injured by the bottle after removing the cap. I feel compelled to bring this issue to your attention.
Al Scott

Lipton Tea - Ice tea - peach

My wife and I are senior citizens with severe hand arthritis and drink four cases of Lipton Ice Tea-Peach in two weeks. Because of the high torque this product made available a good quality of life beverage to use. Please advise based on the information below what your intent to remedy this situation .

The cap from the Lipton Ice Tea-Peach Bottle (16.9 oz.) could not be remove from the bottle in two whole pack of 12 bottles (high torque on the cap).

The 24 bottles were bought at Walmart. The corresponding numbers are the following: PO141-5-73 from the neck of the bottle. 0933TG032614 from the stencil number on the upper part of the bottle. FB974 is inside the cap.

Please response with your remedy to Scott Moore - 129 Piatt Estates Drive Washington Pa. 15301 Email Address: [protected] Phone#: [protected]


Scott A. Moore

Desired outcome: Reimbursed us for the two packages (12 bottles in a package) of Lipton Ice Tea - Peach

Lipton Tea - Lipton tea extra sweet pure leaf

I drink 2 to 3 of the Lipton pure leaf extra sweet tea daily. That's at a cost of over $5000 a year which I have now drank for 3.5 years. Why is there NO EXTRA SWEET PURE LEAF no where in my city. I literally have been to 7 stores that always carry it and NONE have in. I love this tea but I'm currently searching for a new brand due to the difficulty in finding it nor do you sell it in the 64 oz or cases. Now I would think a smart company would want to keep my $5000 plus a year coming in. Thank you. Tonya Mcduffie. [protected]
4505 Willow. Dr. Kokomo in 46901

Desired outcome: Send more product to Kokomo and make it in the 64. Oz


Lipton Tea - All Black Tea

Worst Black Tea. Lost money recently after I asked someone to buy iced tea yet NOTHING Lipton. They came back with Brisk. It's so so bad. Hospitals use it... The least you want if you are sick is a good cup of tea. Please make the Lipton logo easier to see on everything so we can avoid people buying it by accident for others. Never tried your herbal, would be willing for free.

Lipton Tea - Lipton family size tea bags

My family has used Lipton tea for at least 50 years and has always been pleased. However the last two months the tea has become dark and cloudy ! and we feel that someone should be told about the change in the tea. We live in the west Texas area and purchased several boxes trying to figure out the problem. We tried different water, different tea makers etc., in fact we changed and tried everyway possible and couldn't get the tea to come out the clean clear way it used to. Finally we switched to another brand and our tea tasted good and looked clear again. We just wanted someone to know what was going on with Liptons tea product!

Desired outcome: All we want is to inform Lipton so they can work to get the tea back to the way it used to be and for upper management to be aware of this problem

Yes same here in Indiana. My parents have use Lipton for years and now there is definitely something wrong with the tea bags.

I'm kinda glad you have the same problem! At least I'm not alone in this. I just think Lipton needs to know and try to rectify the problem. ty for your response!


Lipton Tea - Noodle soup in the box with a sealed packaged

My wife boil the water open the package put the package directly into the boiling water after soup was cooking she put it in a bowl she proceeded to eat a few bites she then grabbed one spoonful and noticed something funny looking inner spoon which was a small bug! Which is totally disgusting and my wife is sick to her stomach. I proceeded to grab a microscope to look at the bug it's a small bug with hair on its back but only a little hair here in there because it was obviously boiled. Not only do I have to worry about COVID-19 but now I got to worry about the food I'm purchasing that sealed the bug did not come from the store clearly it came from the warehouse where the stuff is made that stuff really needs to be recalled and attached is a photo of the bug that I saved in a small container. This is so wrong


Lipton Tea - Tea bags

I make Southern Iced tea, and I put my own sugar in. The past three pots of tea, there was a nasty saccharine flavor that ruined the dinner's beverage and caused problems as I accused my family of sabotaging my tea. When I finally narrowed it down to your tea bags, that were polluted with saccharine, I had already thrown away the box and saved only two of the offending teabags. I will be buying another brand of tea that I can trust not to sabotage my dinners with fake sugar!

Lipton Tea - Bags in 100 count box

I brew tea in a Mr. Coffee pot. It was purchased new and has never been used for anything other than Lipton tea bags and only 1 or 2 bags for a full pot. I use purchased drinking water in gallon jugs. Sometimes the first cup of the pot is acceptable but the remainder is not and other times it is all bad. The tea is unbelievably nasty with hunks, chunks, slime and residue floating in it. This has been happening for several months now. I have changed brands and types of water without any improvement.


Lipton Tea - Soup mix

I got out a new 2 pack of soup mix last evening to make dip. The brown color was leaked through the wrap and there were tiny grey bugs everywhere! I screamed and threw that bug banquet in the trash and after finding it was not out of date and supposed to be good, I took the trash out lest I risk a bug infestation. I have to ask wtf is in there at this point and may never purchase again — ultra scary to know I couldve fed this bug laden mix to my family! I'm really angry that anything processed these days is of poorest quality and ingredients fathomable!


I’m pissed my wife was eating the soup that comes from Lipton sealed in a package and one spoonful she noticed this bug . Not only have to worry about covid-19 now I got worry about food I’m buying from company’s! This needs to be recalled look at this bug and I looked at the bug in a magnifying glass and it has hair on his body where the hair didn’t boil off disgusting

Jan 22, 2020

Lipton Tea - Lipton green tea

Have used your product for years because got a good deal for the money. All has changed. I do not consume foil. Your new packaging has invididual tea ags wrapped in gold foil. Not only does this mean we get fewer tea bags - by far - than we got in your regular boxed green tea, but foil is difficult to recycle.

Until I get more tea for my money, I have switched to another brand.

Mrs Ho

Nov 11, 2019

Lipton Tea - Half filled sealed bottle

A twelve pack of Lipton green tea was purchased from our local supermarket. We noticed that one of the bottles was not filled but was sealed. In this day in age one can never be too sure if it may be suspicious...that is too say tainted liquid could be harmful. We just wanted to bring this to your attention and have saved the bottle. See attached picture

Thank you for your attention

Nov 08, 2019

Lipton Tea - Pure leaf tea big cloudy substance

Bought this tea this morning opened it got sonething nasty in my mouth spit it out and looked and found a cloudy substance that looks like a loogie floating around in the bottle. Totaly gross. The internet says its probably mold im allergic to mold i hope i dont get health issues today. Expiration date 3-23-20 batch 1814yy082294. No phone number to call so im gonna have to google it and make a complaint.

Oct 31, 2019

Lipton Tea - Green tea

We have recently purchased this product from a local store DMART in Mumbai, India.
The flavour is supposed to be Lemon and honey. But the taste is like any non flavoured tea.
this is not expected of a well known brand like LIPTON.
when we call on the toll free number to complain we are told that green tea is supposed to taste the same. Flavour does not change taste but its only added to it hence called a different name.

This is a case of sheer cheating the consumer.


Lipton Tea - Pure leaf unsweetened black tea

I purchased bottle of this tea a couple of weeks ago while traveling in Northwest Arkansas. I was eating lunch in my vehicle and took a drink. It was so disgusting so
i threw it away and ever since then I have had constant gas and diarrhea.
All of which began about 2 hours after drinking one sip of this tea. I am hoping this will pass soon but thought you should know.

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