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HealthyYOU Vending Complaints 2

8:08 pm EDT
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HealthyYOU Vending healthy vending machines

I'm happy that HY is working out for some of the folks on here, however, I am inclined to believe that some of these positive reviews are either fake, or the operators were offered compensation for the review. I purchased machines about a year ago, and was very excited to start my business. I flew out to Utah for the 2 day training and was on my way to making money. While I have managed to make my business successful, that is in no way accredited to the HY folks. I have been lied to, cheated and ignored by the staff at HY. Once I got started, my business grew faster than expected and in order to meet the demand, I purchased pre-owned machines (through HY's pre-owned email blast), and perhaps this is the reason I have been treated so poorly, because I didn't keep buying new machines, but when you're growing a business, you have to make decisions based on what's best for the company. So, I now have 26 vending machines (23 of them are HY900s). My initial purchase was 4 machines, then 1 more new one shortly after that, and HY only got me 1 location through their "location procurement service." Once I got all of these machines placed and up and running, I started to realize why there are so many of these machines for sale all over the internet. These machines are so poor quality. The condenser leaks and I am constantly siphoning water out of the drip pan in the bottom of the machines, otherwise they leak all over the floor. I have replaced 4 motors, 3 wire harnesses for the drink section, 2 keypads and 10 coin changers in the last 6 months.

This company promises a "lifetime warranty" and "half priced parts" but that is a lie. They claim that they are offering you half price on parts, but they don't tell you that their "retail price" is twice what the parts actually cost. I asked the folks at HY about this and was given a line of BS about that is half of the price they pay from the manufacturer, however, when I contacted Vendnet to ask about their pricing on the coin changers and bill acceptors that are in these machines, I found that the price to buy direct from Vendnet is actually LOWER than the so-called half price offered by HY. Oh, and btw, those are the only 2 parts you can get outside of HY. The reason they use this particular model of machine is because no one else other than Seaga will manufacture these crappy machines and you are pigeon-holed into relying on HY to order parts...Seaga won't even let you order direct from them!

I really don't write reviews, it is very rare, and it turns my stomach to have to write this one, however, I have had so many issues with these machines and so many negative experiences with a particular employee at HY, that I feel it is my duty to warn others before making a terrible mistake by giving these guys their money. I have spoken to many other owners across the country that have their own horror stories about their experience with HY, and it breaks my heart.

With all of this said, I am still happy that I got into the Healthy Vending Business and I am doing quite well with it, despite all of the issues with these machines and this horrible company. So I definitely wouldn't discourage anyone from getting into the business, but I would ENcourage people to look at other companies to purchase machines. There are other companies out there that have machines that are far more superior to HY's in every way, and they even cost less! Plus there are thousands of pre-owned machines for sale online.

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Update by TPP Vending
May 17, 2019 4:40 pm EDT

This complaint should be overlooked. While at first I did have a difficult time with parts, that issue was quickly resolved and I have not had any issues since. I would advise anyone reading this complaint to disregard it and speak directly with the company if you want more information on them.


I have requested that this complaint be taken down to no avail, and I am asking again that you please take this complaint down. My issue with HealthYou Vending is resolved and has been for some time. While at first I did have a hard time with parts, that is not a problem anymore. My relationship with HY has been mended and I have no ill words to speak of them. I dealt with Scott, whose email is and the phone number is 1.801.546.5270. So please take this complaint down as it is no longer true. Thank you.

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Asley Patricia
Asley Patricia
London City., GB
Oct 21, 2023 2:34 am EDT
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

I believe HealthyYOU Vending has the potential to be a fantastic option for those seeking healthier snack choices, but it's crucial for them to pay closer attention to product quality and customer service. I hope that my concerns, along with those of others, will be taken into account for improvements in the future. But there is a featuring Masters's assignments, +[protected] (contactus), also available to get from them easily all over the UK without any customer complaint.

San Bernardino, US
Sep 13, 2022 7:40 pm EDT
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Come on man Like Biden says these machines are JUNK ! Buy American made pre owned machines like USI Rowe ,Dixie Narco , Vendo machines etc. The bill validators and coin ,mechs can be bought on any website or ebay platforms. These combo machines are not made for high traffic Join the big leagues and become a real vendor with large machines Some of these biz ops are for people who want their hand held and told what to do Do your own research I have been vending for over 20 years I haul my own machines and i repair them Not that difficult If I cant repair I call someone I also paint them and I own some that are over 30 years old and still working

Roswell, US
Aug 21, 2023 1:08 pm EDT
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more
Replying to comment of Phantompo2

Would love to hear your thoughts on how best to start up a vending business and all that goes with it if you have the time.

Thank you.

Panic Jiu-Jitsu
, US
Sep 20, 2021 6:29 pm EDT

I will write a complaint. And I will dare any to say what has went on between Healthyyou and I is not true. That is the WORST decision I have ever made in my life. I dropped 50 grand on that sales pitch and boy did I learn the hard way. First they sale you a pitch with the location process... well that is if you want two machines located over 3 hours apart (almost happened to me until I started locating for myself). Then they talk about the drop off at the location. Well lets just say that doesnt go well either. First they will bring the wrong machine. Then when they bring the right one they will not bring the right equipment to unload. So then you have to tell the location you are sorry and will be back when it is convenient for the movers. You think you will have it placed no hands on? Think again...I had to help place mine and if I didnt it would not have got done. The two who showed up to do that acted as if they didnt wanna be there. Dont get me started on the two that showed up with the machine. To make things worse one of the machines I had in storage got lost! At one point tried to sale the business and when I got to the point of sale one of them was not there! They shipped my machine to another state! Needless to say I lost that sale. Oh and you can get the same machines online at other sites for over HALF the price. I found this out way to late. If you spend 50000 on a set of machines I can promise you that you cannot turn around and sale those same machines for NEAR that price. You would be lucky to get 20000 back. And that is if you are Lucky. After I realized I wasnt getting the deal through them that I thought, I called and ask for my money back (This is before I placed any on my own). Their reply was no but they would help me sell them. Guess what they suggested I sale them at? Half price! These machines were brand new and I had not even received them yet and they were already telling me they were half price?!?! The ONLY and I mean ONLY good thing out of this was the technical team... if you call with any questions those guys were nice and tried to be helpful. But the sales, coaching, delivery, and location department it is a JOKE. Once you sign that contract of sale you are a different person to them. I remember Brett Tabor the salesman talking the big talk as if he would be there anytime for questions and concerns. He made it as if they would hold your hand through the process. After signing the I never heard from that guy again, and believe me I tried. I am still in the process of trying to sell the machines. Even that is hard because they put them in a location where you cant just show them to anyone at just anytime. SAVE YOUR MONEY. Go to any vending site online and buy the same machine for half price. Yes you have to move it on your own but paying a local mover and a professional locator will STILL be cheaper than these vampires.

3:23 pm EST
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.
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Healthy You Vending is one of the biggest scams ever. I own several Healthy You/1800 Vending combo drink and snack machines. After paying over $9000 a machine I found out that they were actually made in India and cost less than $2000 to manufacutrue. I was very excited about entering the business. It’s mine and I know my productivity will be reflected by my...

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