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Tristar EnterprisesTired of it

I just read all of these complaints and I did get a good laugh...The word vacuum is spelled with one c and two u's whoever posted the word spelling it "vaccum and vacccum". If you don't want to purchase the unit or sit through a demonstration, don't invite them in. I'm sure they don't twist your arm to make you let them in. The distributors are independent, so they do business how they please. They do not work for TriStar Enterprises.. They take the TriStar product and sell it. I mean if you purchased a Sony tv from Wal-Mart, you wouldn't call and complain to Sony (the manufacturer) about how the sell went or how the person who sold you the tv treated you, or if you wanted to return the tv, you wouldn't call Sony.. You would call Wal-Mart. Also if you do purchase a unit, don't call a year later wanting to return it because you can't pay the bill. You have a 3 day period provided by the government to return the product (in most states). Not all of the distributors are as bad as you think they are. There are some good distributors out there who run there business honestly. And the TriStar unit is a good product!!!

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    • Ro
      Robert Elbert Jun 05, 2014

      He is right on a 100% . I have never heard of TriStar until a week back when I young man stop by and ask if he could show me a vacuum cleaner and if I set through his sales pitch then he would vacuum and shampoo my carpet ... so I said ok . And after it was all done I was so impress by his vacuum cleaner and how much more it pickup right after I vacuum with my vacuum and I just put a new filter bag in my vacuum cleaner and my vacuum was a $500.00 unit when I got it new a few years back that I bought the one that he unpack in my front room . The days of the door to door salesman is not quite done yet when it comes down to super high quality products with a super warranty and over 50 years of backing !

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    Tristar Air Purifier — Entering your home under false pretenses

    In the last couple of months, yesterday august 5, 2008 being the latest, so called "salesmen" come to your...

    The complaint has been investigated and
    resolved to the customer's satisfaction
    Tristar VacuumBad service

    I would have posted this on-line, but I don't know the company address or e-mail address. Please post this for me:

    A month or so ago, I received a call from some woman asking me to complete a quick survey about indoor air quality - would I answer a few questions? Sure. However, as soon as she asked me what type of vacuum I had I told her I didn't need a vacuum and hung up. She called me back and said she wasn't trying to sell me a vacuum - it was just part of the survey.

    This morning I got a call asking if a "demonstrator" could come out and give me a presentation of an "air purifier". I was pretty sure this was going to be a vacuum sales pitch, but I wasn't having a busy day and could use the diversion.

    A while later I got a call from a Mr. Johnston confirming the demo. He told me the young man that would be doing the demo was doing his first with me - please go easy on him. Even though I had no intention of buying an "air purifier" I thought the practice would be good for the kid. Mr. Johnston told me when the demo was completed, I would be presented with a set of knives just for watching.

    Two college-age kids showed up with a big box and a binder. One of them did the schpiel while the other on coached him along. To make a longer story shorter, they asked if my current vacuum could do as good a job, and quite frankly, yes, I believed it could. I have a Rainbow and I love it. I hauled it out and went over the same spot the Tristar had cleaned and, voila, dirt in my Rainbow. When all was said and done, I believe the results are about the same for both vacuums. Both do an excellent job.

    We completed a brief "survey" then the one that did the demo got on the phone to his boss and the pressure tactics began. I guess Mr. Johnston finally realized that no means no and basically told me I would have to live with my dirt. I guess I will, Mr. Johnston. Then I told him I didn't think much of the companys' deceitful sales tactics starting with the so-called air quality survey, especially when I told her, back in the begining, I didn't want a new vacuum.

    As the young men were packing up to leave, I asked them where my knife set was. Omygod and saucer-big eyes, they weren't given one to give to me. (Surely I can't be the only person who ever asked for one.) They said they would go into town (about 20 minutes away) and bring one out to me. That was about eight hours ago.

    I just called Mr Johnston asking where my knife set was. What? They didn't give you one. They were supposed to. Do you want me to get them to bring it now? No, Mr. Johnston. It's 10:30 at night. They can come out tomorrow.

    That is the end of part one. Part two is checking Tristar on the Internet and finding a similar story to mine - so their deceitful sales tactics must be somewhat common. I am so sick of organizations that think customers are idiots and now there is a place to vent our frustration for the rest of the world to see. Hopefully, with sites like this, ethics will return to corporate culture. Part three: I have Mr. Johnston's phone number. I WILL either get a knife set or he will have to get a new number.

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      • Da
        Dantucho Nov 02, 2008
        This comment was posted by
        a verified customer
        Verified customer

        Rainbow rules!!!)))

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      The complaint has been investigated and
      resolved to the customer's satisfaction
      Tristar Products — Do not buy

      Ordered the Iron in May, got it and the very first time I used it the spring broke from the handle. Contacted...

      Tristar VaccuumScam and fraud

      Do not believe anything they tell you or let them into their home. I was told that I would receive a new "home cleaning system" if I let them give us a demonstration and provide them with my opinion of their product. They told me that they were not a sales company that they are a marketing company. It was the biggest waste of two hours of my life. I got nothing for free!!! They did give me a vacation voucher but you have to send the travel company 50 dollars to register for the "free" getaway. Our sales girl was very nice and we advised her to get out of the business. She was too nice of a person to be involved in such a sham act. I guess some things never change. Remember what your Mom always told you, "Nothing in life is for free". I wish I had!!! THERE IS ALWAYS A CATCH!

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        The complaint has been investigated and
        resolved to the customer's satisfaction
        Tristar ProductsRip off

        I too ordered the Kiyoseki iron only to receive a dirty, stained, sticky, used iron that did not even work when plugged in. Rep on phone was a turd, no apology. Had to wait for mailing label. I sent the piece of crap back and this company had the gall to keep $10 for shipping, when I was sent a used, broken product in the first place. Why should I pay a cent for being sent, and then having to return, a piece of crap iron that was pre-owned? Do you trust a company that does this to people? Go to your neighbourhood store and buy a much cheaper iron that will work just as good and one that you can at least get all your money back if you have to return it.

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          • Pa
            papasteve Jun 16, 2009

            How can celebs that give TriStar their name and reputation allow such practices to go on?

            See the link here about Montel Williams

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          Tristar Vacuum — Door to door sales scam

          We received a postcard in the mail saying if we set up a time for a demonstration for a home cleaning system...

          The complaint has been investigated and
          resolved to the customer's satisfaction
          Tristar Products Inc.Stay as far away from this company as you can

          Their customer service is rude and curt, they will not let you cancel an order, nor will they listen to you. They lie and say an order has shipped and it has not. This company is affiliated with a foreign company and they use the foreign business tactics to make it impossible to get your money back. I called customer service twice and have submitted 3 enquires (as there is no email address nor is there an 800 number) and no one addresses me with the issues at hand. I will never look at another info-commercial again, I will never buy another info-commercial product, and I will only buy from American backed companies.

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            Tristar Vacuum`Fake advertisement!

            I called in for a KFC certificate, i talked to some young lady she didn't speak very professionally. She said in order to receive my certificate i had to listen to a presentation on the Tristar and give her my opinion. I agreed to the presentation and i had set everything off just to be there in time and they didn't show up. So the next day i called and asked what had happened and they said the dealer had an accident and couldn't' make it out there. So i rescheduled with them and they stood me up again and again. They do false advertisement and they should not be able to sale any vacuum. I was very unpleased with the whole thing.

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              Tristar Vacuum`Telemarketing sales!

              We like many of our readers were promised a free vacation from Tristar telemarketing, if we allowed their rep to visit. The visit turned into a long winded pressure sales speel for their vacuum cleaner oh sorry "cleaning system". From the very beginning we told the rep that were not interested in purchasing the product, and repeated this statement several times during the entire episode. At the end of the process the rep expected us to pay $2500 for a vacuum that we didn't need or want. When we finally broached the free vacation, he threw a catalog on the floor, scribbled some numbers, and told us to call another number.

              If these guys call, don't waste your time, it a scam.

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                • So
                  Somewhere InTexas Jan 14, 2008
                  This comment was posted by
                  a verified customer
                  Verified customer

                  We purchased a Tri-Star about 8 years ago. It was a great sales pitch and spent about $1500. We bought and have not looked back since. I see how my mom and gramma have gone through so many vacuum cleaners and we still have our our Tri-Star. Parts have broken such as plastic parts, but they are easily replaced. I am very glad we do not have one of the upright vaccum cleaners. I find it a joy to vacuum, I even call him a "little doggy."

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                Tristar Vacuum Cleaner — Rip off / scam

                Two salesman rudely ruined our 4th of July this year. Even though we didn't have plans, we were...

                Tristar Vacuum Cleaners — Something is very wrong with this!

                Yesterday, a car drove into my neighbor's driveway about 3:00 PM. Two men went to the door. At about...

                TristarRefunding nonfunctional juicer

                Monday, March 21st, 2007


                Factory refurbished power juicer express 49.99 + 5.99
                MODEL #: MT-1020
                SERIAL #: [protected]
                DATE CODE: 1104

                To Whom It May Concern:

                I am a Canadian and my name is Julia. I am extremely disappointed in the customers’ service of one of your call centers at the following number [protected], pertaining to a refund of a bad product.

                Sometime in mid September 2006, I bought a power juicer. I really liked the product then proceeded to purchase the power juicer express. When I called the Canadian shopping channel I was referred to the above number to order the cheaper refurbished Power Juicer express. Gladly I did so, when I received the product I could not get it to work, try as I may it did not work, I called for assistance and still no luck. I called to have the product replaced and was told, since it was coming from Canada I could not get a return label because of the customs issues at the border ( I’m guessing the depot would have to pay a customs fee like I did when I received it) so I was supposed to keep the non functional product. That was ok because I was getting it replaced. Little did I know that is where all my problems will start.

                First call October 3rd 2006
                I called about the replacement spoke to Eric and I was told it takes 10-15 days I waited and nothing.

                October 27th 4:15 pm EST.
                I called again and told the juiced was mailed out, so wait for it.

                November 6th. 1:33pm EST.
                I called back and was transferred to Eric; I still did not receive the juicer. I stated by November 23rd if I did not get the juicer I wanted to talk to a manager.

                November 13th 2:45pm
                I called back and was told a supervisor just check it and had to approved it to be shipped.

                November 20th, 10 am
                I called back and was told the juicer was shipped out on the 15th of November.

                December 15th
                Still patiently waiting, I called back and was told by Sandy it takes 21 days to get to Canada and I had to wait till the 28th. As you noticed I had been told that a lot.

                You can tell I have been very patient all this time and if the calls were being recorded as they should, no one could tell your company I was being rude. I have worked in this kind of environment and know what the agents taking the call go through.

                January 2nd 2007
                I called back and after waiting all this time I requested a refund. The agent by the name of Payton or Paige explained it would be done. I explained why the product was not returned because of the customs border issue and I was told I would get my refund, and it would take a few days. So again I waited.

                January 18th 2007
                I called back about the refund for the second time and was asked if the juicer was returned, I had to explained all over again why it could not be returned, it seemed obvious to me the notes were not read of not written.

                February 9th 2007 – between 12:30 -12:50pm,
                I called again and spoke to Lisa, I was told to give it time to allow the refund to go through, so wait till about the 15th of February. She then told me the juicer that was sent to me (which I never received) will have to be tracked and that would take a week and a second label will have to be sent out. Again I agreed to wait.

                February 16th 2007
                Called again and spoke to Shelly and was told I had to wait and be patient. I tried to explain to her I was running out of patience, and the next time I called back if I did not receive the refund I wanted to talk to a manager. She proclaimed I was speaking to her like a child. I explained I was not and tried to get across my frustration of waiting and not receiving my refund.

                March 12th approx 9:15am
                I was waiting a long time and felt like I was getting the run around. I was not prepared to keep a defective produce and I really wanted my money back. I asked to talk to a manager, after waiting about 8 minutes she came back to say a manager was not available and I was going to get a call back, having a customer waiting that long was unacceptable. I wanted to know how this was possible in a call centre on a Monday morning there was not one manager to give me the time of day to resolve my issue.

                March 19th 2007 4:20 pm EST
                I spoke to Pamela and I wanted to know why I had not heard from the manager. She informed me the manager called me on the 12th of March at 9:15 Pst. time which is 12:15pm Est. time. I was home and don’t recall receiving a message on my machine or a call. Once again I was told that she personally was putting in the refund and I will have to wait till Wednesday the 21st March to see this on my visa.

                This is an insane amount of time for a company to refund a defective product and give the customer such a hard time. I will not order any more of your products again and will pass the word around to everyone I know to do the same. I will send a copy of this letter to the Canadian shopping channel and advise them not to refer people to the number to order this product, and I will send a copy of this to the better business bureau in the USA to complain. The product your company is selling is not worth it and I will send this to Jack LaLanne to get my point across. Your customer service has been horrific.

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                  Tristar Vacuum — The list of tri-star scams continues on and on

                  I was recently hired to become a Tri-Star vacuum salesman (Not by choice. I'm in college and tuition i...

                  Tristar Vacuum Cleaner — Total scam!

                  I rec'd a phone call telling me I won a $1,000 dollar shopping spree, and to receive it, I would have to...

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