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Tristar Products — Power air fryer oven

10/14/2018 I received the oven as a gift for Christmas last year, we really love it but after using just 20...

Tristar ProductsCopper chef induction cooktop / customer service

Purchased "Copper Chef Induction Cooktop". In their so called Warranty they require you to send them $19.99 with the returned item. With shipping that would amount to a majority of the price paid for the item. I'm not in the habit of paying for an item twice. So I contacted Customer Service to email me a Wiring Diagram and any other Logic flow diagram or such that would be helpful. Customer Service response was: 1. Denied my request for a wiring diagram several times. Claimed they didn't have one. I said the manufacturer has it, get me one. They went back to wasting my time telling me to call their customer service number (so I could sit on hold, wasting my time waiting to get the same answer). 2. Was denied name and contact info of Customer Service Manager several times. 3. Was denied name and contact info for president of company. It is customer non-service. They could get a wiring diagram with a one or two phone calls but refused. I suggest dealing with a company that has an actual (reasonable) warranty and actual (reasonable) customer service.

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    Tristar ProductsPerfect smile veneers

    So I got the veneers.
    * Firstly the tooth bit was not flush to the gum bit.
    * The pink solid block was not connected to the veneer at all
    *the tooth bit came away whilst in my mouth and just about choked me. This is very dangerous as i was not eating or drinking anything. I nearly swallowed the teeth.
    *My self esteem has been damaged more by using your product because it made me feel ridiculous and stupid in front off a lot of people
    *small pieces of plastic sheets were constantly peeling off the product and getting caught at the back of my throat.
    I've got several pictures and video to back up my claim and witnesses.
    All in all I appreciate your company for promoting future initiatives, inventions and products like the power air fryer for instance but when a product is or could be dangerous I would expect far more from an organisation like yours and a willingness to resolve my complaint to a satisfactory standard. Please contact me with regards to a full refund thereby closing this complaint as fully resolved. I have proof of purchase that can be supplied. Please contact me as soon as possible or I may have to seek professional opinion with regards to personal compensation in accordance with faulty goods act ...consumer act and rights causing unacceptable mental stress etc. I have read your terms and conditions.
    Regards Julie Dyson
    Contact itnewtab.[protected]
    Tuesday 29th May 2018
    Package fully ready for return

    Perfect smile veneers
    Perfect smile veneers
    Perfect smile veneers
    Perfect smile veneers
    Perfect smile veneers

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      Tristar Products — Perfect smile veneers

      I received a package today with teeth that look like they came from a bubble gum machine. The veneers I...

      Tristar ProductsPowerairfryer

      Upon purchasing 3 of these products at the same time, we were told that there was a $100.00 grocery coupon in each unit. When we looked at how to redeem them it said you needed to put in the order number. I contacted Tristar and that told me that because they were all purchased as one order that only one coupon was redeemable. That is false advertisement and on top of that they offered me a $75.00 credit on my credit card for the inconvenience but told me that would make the sale final and that they then would not honor the 60 day money back guarantee which came with there product. Date of incident December 11, 2017. The desired resolution for this situation is to provide what is stated to be valid with each product, or they could credit each unit that we can't us the $100.00 coupon voucher with a 100.00 credit on our account with no stipulation as to the guarantee of a 60 day money back guarantee.

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        Tristar ProductsTristar shred ultima

        I bought a Tristar Blender for $73.99 with a one year warranty. After two months of owning the product, the blender started smoking when I tried to use it and stopped working. I notified Tristar and they told me the blender had been discontinued. They wanted me to ship them the blender (I was responsible for shipping costs) along with a check for about $15 and they would send me a juicer. I didn't need a juicer, I needed a blender that didn't break after two months. Not only was this a bad product, but the company clearly doesn't stand by their product or warranty. After going back and forth with the company, I finally filed a BBB complaint. I explained the entire situation and they again said I could ship the product back to them along with a check and they would send me a juicer. Unacceptable. I would never purchase a Tristar product again and would discourage anyone else from purchasing one of their products.

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          Tristar Products Inc. — Unethical behaviour of staff named jon id #1241

          I was so humiliated I called about the power air fryer xi i was to sick to make judgement without my son a...

          Rogue River

          Tristar Products — Total scam! Don't buy tristar products.

          Why is it that you can only buy a Tristan Vacuum from a sales guy? It's to ensure that they are able to take...

          Tristar Products — Electric pressure cooker

          My husband perched a Tristar electric pressure cooking off the shopping channel 18 months ago he never got...

          Tri Star ProductsPower juicer

          I saw online that I could buy a replacement blade for my power juicer. Wanting to make sure it was the correct blade I called Power Juicer that is owned by Tri Star and asked if this was the correct blade. The rep told me that actually it was not but he could send me the correct blade for my model number that I provided. Excited I ordered the blade and waited 2 weeks and it arrived as the wrong size =wrong blade. In case you are thinking of replacing: I own a MT1000 and the blade is 4.5 inches and the blade they send is about 2.5 inches
          I then called Power Juicer and they told me they could send a replacement blade but they would have to charge me again until they received the incorrect blade I said okay but then I called back to ask how do I know I won't just receive the same incorrect part. The man on the phone told me he didn't know that there was no way of knowing. did they ever determine the right part in the first place? Now I called TriStar Products and spoke to someone in management and he told me he would look after this and not to worry about sending anything back and he would personally call me if he didn't have the blade available. Well I was charged again and received the same incorrect blade. The problem is this: If you call Power Juicer and tell them there is a problem with your order they put you on hold and never come back. (I want to say I was never rude or anything.) I called back and they either don't answer or say they are transferring you and place you on hold and never return. I tried calling back TriStar and asking for the man I spoke with before but he doesn't return calls. Also the operator is not able to give out emails. When I asked if I have to write the CEO then she said I'll have Pablo call you back after lunch - which is what she said last week. I shared this only because I hope someone else does not have to go through this. This company is a no star company as far as I'm concerned! Hope this saves someone the trouble.

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            This is not a complaint, In 1991 I bought my tristar vacuum and to today it runs well and is still by far the best I have used for cleaning my house. I have never had to replace any parts. My husband did buy a couple of the less bulky well known brands over the years to save the lugging of the canister up and down and we discovered that this Tristar vacuum is still the best We actually tested it we vacuumed a part of the carpet with the other standing well know brand and then we used the Tristar over the area . There was so much fluff and dirt pulled up after and we have a cat so you can imagine! Bulky or not I paid 1800.00 but it has more than paid for itself

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              Tristar — Sales scam

              I am 20 years old and I was hired by this company as a salesman. I was told I would earn about 9.00 an hour...

              Tristar — Employment

              I was hired by Golightly Distributing to sell tristar air purifiers, during the interview process the...

              TristarSales tactics

              on thanksgiving eve 2014 two men showed up at my door, the biggest mistake I ever made was letting thease guys in my home. they started off showing me a small box that is supposed to clear air, then one of them left, the other went out and brought a box in which at the time I didn't know at the time contained the tri star. Three and one hours later he left after I let him ----- me. This all started appx 6pm and ended about 9:30pm.Now I don't believe that tristar would not hire people like thease two from Melbourne!! if they were as such a great Co. pissed off in Fl.

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                TristarToo expensive felt scammed

                I in April a guys stopped by to give us a 3 hour pitch telling us my house was a mess and it is not telling me that my current vac. I just bought was not good well it cleaned better than this crappy thing. They said you won a trip anywhere but had to come up with the money that is bull and then found out after the fact I had to put 350 down payment and then found out after the fact it's a 4, 000.00 vac. OMG what a joke I don't have the money and told them I can't pay this and they were mean and threatened me which I reported to the police and also called my lawyer they took my new vac. and I cannot use this crappy thing hall a stupid cansiter around with a 12 ft hose I hate this thing and wouldn't tell anyone to get it. I am stuck witht his crappy thing that half the time don't work and I hate to vac now where before I loved it. I have asked to come get it give me a refund and all they did was tell me I can't and wouldn't even listen I am in a hard ship and can't pay it they just threatened to come take care of this problem and me that night no problem resolved and I am going to have to go buy a vac. that works and not every part you can think if. IF I don't get a refund of 350.00 and also get my name of the contract my lawyer said he will take it further. You guys should not be scamming people telling them it's the best in the state and our house is a mess MY HOUSE IS VERY CLEAN AND NEVER HAD COMPLAINTS . I WANT THIS RETURNED AND MONEY BACK. DO NOT EVER BUY THIS KIND OF UNIT AGAIN. PEOPLE THIS WILL GIVE ME BAD CREDIT WHICH IS NOT FAIR TO ME AND THREATENING ME IS A CAUSE FOR THE LAW TO GET INVLOVED.

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                  Tristar — Juicer broke no warranty after discontinued

                  I do not understand why I am still seeing this item being sold. I was going to purchase it and had a family...

                  Church Hill

                  Tristar — Scare tactic sales pressure

                  I bought a groupon online for a company that advertised itself as "Better Air Concepts". The job was to come...

                  TristarSales technique

                  Last week, I was visited by a person who gave me a spiel about him being with an environmentally concerned company located in Palm Bay, FL. His truck had no sign on it and he had no uniform or company name on his shirt. He handed me an American flag as an introductory "gift". At that point, I asked him for a card. After giving me a brief spiel about his company, he started for his vehicle and said something like, "Here, I'll show you...". At that point I told him I wasn't interested in what ever he was selling. He came back to the door and asked for his flag back-saying his boss didn't give him many! I gave it to him because I already had one. Afterwards, I thought-was this legit? Did this person seriously think I would let him into my house? What a way to do business!

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                    Tri Star ProductsAvoid this website at all costs

                    Was looking at "therack" work out system, , went to order and offered a supplement that had a reoccurring billing. I declined did take an upgrade, but final price was more.. went to "original" invoice and the site placed the order... called to cancel - call back in 24 hours, asked for supervisor she is busy stated I felt was a scam NO reason to think otherwise AVOID THIS SITE.

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                      • Ho
                        Hobb Jul 08, 2010
                        This comment was posted by
                        a verified customer
                        Verified customer

                        I dont have all the information because they still haven't sent my order which was filled 5/31/10.

                        This company stated 2-3 weeks for delivery it has now been 7 weeks and today I called about the order and it was just sent out and should be here within 7-10 days. Which would have been fine if they had let me know it was going to take more than a month to recieve it! I never would have ordered it in the first place. They NEVER notified me of the delay in shipping my order and now state they "can not" stop further shipments untill I recieve this shipment!!!

                        In addition to that I waited 1 hour and 20 minutes before I could speak with a customer service representative, on a system that told me my wait time was 17 minutes 4 times!!! I will NEVER EVER order anything from this company again and would like to advise everyone to do the same! Unless you like waiting several months to recieve something which was promised 2-3 weeks.

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                      Tristar Vacuum & Air Purifiers — Not honoring their contract

                      Dealers #4842, husband and wife, TRISTAR Vacuum Products DO NOT honor their end of their own contract when it...

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