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fooled by fools

I ordered the Air Climber from Tristar Products Inc. which is based in Fairfield, NJ. I know this because I had done a research on the company. But the mistake I made was that I did all this after I was fooled by them. Their product the Air Climber is a total waste of money. It gets you nothing. I ordered it, paid for it through my credit card and was charged the very same day. Well they did not deliver the product on time though. They are punctual when they have to take money but when they have to deliver service it s horrible. This product of there is worthless. I tried it for around 3 months and have not seen any changes. Not even a slight change in my weight, it is totally useless. They advertise it very well but I should have understood that they are good at false advertising. I don't understand how I could believe in these crooks. Their product is nothing but a joke. They talk about so many things about results you will get after using the "Air Climber". Well, I saw none of those. Don't get fooled by these fools!

customer service and scam

I'm sorry for the length of this, but I've been searching all afternoon for contact information for...

tristar vacuum? what a joke!

Tristar? What a joke. One evening my aunt and I were sitting at home, when there was a knock at the door. It...

unauthorized charges

Beware of Jack LaLannes Power Juicer scam on TV by Tristar Products Inc as they will scam you as they did me. They show and price a Classic Model PJ at a price of two easy payments of $49.90 each and an exorbitant S&H of $44.96. When the package arrives you discover that they have invoiced a Deluxe PJ and billed your credit card in the amount of $105.85 with a balance due of $59.95 as the 2nd payment. This amounts to hidden extortion. ($49.90 + $44.96 does not equal $105.85. They say that 'Deluxe' doesn't mean the Deluxe PJ when they ship out a Classic PJ model. If you pay the balance due and complain you can send it back for the same S&H. That amounts to being overcharged $18.99 plus 2-1/2 times the normal UPS charge for shipping. There are several other sites that only charge $14.95 for shipping. I've learned my lesson and will teach others to never buy anything from a TV Infomercial, especially Tristar Products Inc. My brother is a ghost writer for a popular magazine and he will help me spread the word. Always check the Internet before buying anything lest you get ripped off like I did!

  • Valerie Oct 09, 2008

    The title is true on two counts. I ordered the flat iron because the infomercial indicated that you would not burn your head or ears because the edges remained cool to touch... Not... then the handle became extremely hot - too hot to keep holding on to so I decided to send it back. Well that was back on 7/23/08. After speaking to a representative and waiting a long time for a return label I have still not received my refund of $139.97 less S&H. I have called the company on several occasions and they assure me that my refund will be credited to my card. So far nothing.

    One month has passed since my last phone call with a representative who indicated that a refund was on its way. When I called today the recording said that the offices are closed and are opened only from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday - Friday. Well its 2 p.m. on Thursday and no answer. I think I have been had. I will wait about two more weeks or until my next statement... then I'll probably report this to the Better Business Bureau.

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  • Oh
    ohlala May 20, 2009

    people need to pay attention to what they are ordering READ BETWEEN THE LINES PEOPLE

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  • Wa
    WalB77 Nov 02, 2009

    They owed me $150 because i order two power juicers didn't get it they owed me a refund amount 0f 150 They giving me a hard time.

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  • Ly
    lyott Oct 14, 2010

    Four times I have called to cancel my order - Each time promised cancellation was processed and refund would be given. Each time was a lie. In order to stop these people I had to cancel my credit card.

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  • Jo
    jo1964 May 19, 2011

    I ordered Genie bras on March 22 and received them about May 13. They said it would be about 4 to 6 weeks. It was over 7 weeks.
    I put on one of the Genie bras and wore it for a full day. By the end of the day my breasts hurt!!! I felt like someone had been hanging on them all day. There is ***NO*** SUPPORT whatsoever. I am returning them, but I see no return label in the bag they came in. There was not even a receipt in there.

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  • Sp
    spackcricket87 Jul 24, 2012

    What you'll need to do, is find the phone number for both Value Plus and Taste For Savings (each has their own phone number, you can find them online) and call up both companies, demand that you cancel and make sure to threaten legal action or the attorney general if they don't - if you do this they'll refund all your money.

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predatory sales practice

Predatory sales person coerced my elderly mother (78 yrs old) into purchasing this over priced monstrosity...

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bogus company

I operate a business next to my house. One day a few weeks ago a guy came by and said he was thinking of doing business in the area, he sold air purifiers, wanted to meet some people, see if his product would do well here. (I'm already skeptical). He hands me a raffle card to fill out for $500 free gas as the grand prize. I did. He asked me a little about my business and left.
One week later I received a phone call from this company telling me I had won a drawing and I could choose between two prizes, a cutlery set or a free trip. (more skeptical) Figuring the trip was bogus I picked the free cutlery just to see what would happen. They asked if I would be home tomorrow and I said yes, I'd be working next door, they asked if I would participate in a survey about their product, I said sure. No one came.
Three days later I received a call to 'follow-up' on the survey and they were shocked that no one came out. They showed up two days later to deliver my free trip brochure. I told them that I asked for the cutlery and nothing was said. They asked when my husband would be home to participate in the survey. I told them not until later that evening but he would not participate anyway, if they had something to demonstrate, do it now. They would not demonstrate the vacuum-air purifier in my business, had to be my home. They came back at 6:00 that night and handed me a free vacation brochure (still no knives) and carried in a huge box and started assembling the vacuum cleaner. I told them I was not going to buy one but it didn't matter. I told them I chose the cutlery and it was never discussed again.
During the demonstration, which lasted 1 1-2 hours, he asked me how much I thought it cost and if I came within 50$ of the price I would win another prize. I guessed 1700$ and he marveled at my guess and said it was 1679$. I never saw my free gift. He explained to me how the price started at 2500$ and the sale price brought it down to under 1700$, if I bought it today he would knock off another 400$ and wrote down several easy payments for me to choose from. I declined all of them. Then he has the nerve to ask me WHY I wouldn't buy one, was business not going well, was my husband working, etc. Rude. I told him that I could not justify buying a vacuum cleaner for that amount of money.
I found out later that the 'free' trip was also a scam and I would have to listen to another sales pitch once I got there and had to put up 50$ of my own money first.
There were two people in the car they drove, one person came in and the other left. He had to use my cellphone to call his 'ride' to pick him up and we waited another 20 minutes after the sales pitch for him-her to arrive.
I am hoping that someone from the company calls to follow up on their visit to see if I changed my mind about buying the vacuum so I can tell them all this. The cutlery set is just a lie I guess, they figure who in their right mind would choose knives over a free three day vacation. It was 1 1-2 hour of my life that I will never get back. Bogus, bogus, bogus.

poor service and parts

I wish to registar a complaint against Tristar. when we purchased our $1800 vacuum we were sold on service...

fraud and misrepresentation

I have my phone registered with the do not call registry. Despite this, I received a call from Nickie, at Tristar Industires. She said if
I sat through a 10 minture prespresentation, I wouild receive a 250 dollar gas card. This was a total lie. I received a card, that makes you jump through so many hoops, its worthless.
The guy came over and stayed well over an hour. I finally kicked him out. He was trying to sell me a 2600 dolllar vacuum. What a joke.

  • Me
    Melissa Jan 20, 2009

    Perhaps you should look up the definition of fraud before you complain about it. You did a survey that entitled the company to call you for follow up. Therefore, by doing the survey you gave consent to having your number released. So, nothing illegal there.

    Next, the lady who spoke to you on the phone is required to follow a script. The script clearly indicates that a student will be asking for your opinion on the tristar when they drop off the free gift. No surprise there. If they didn't tell you that on the phone, students would be kicked out of houses every time they got there.

    Next, the student did the demo for you and you recieved your free gift. Nobody forced you to buy anything, which you didn't.

    So please, enlighten me: which part of obtaining your number legally, clearly indicating what will happen when you get your gift when you recieved the call, and reciving your free gift (which you agreed you did recieve) is misrepresentation or fraud?

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  • An
    Angie Caird Aug 08, 2009

    I totally agree. What a scam!! I had the guy come to my house and try to sell me a vacuum . He was there for two hours and dropped his price from 3000 to 1500 in a matter or minutes, when I showed no interest.
    He also promised me things such as I pod shuffle and digital cameras if I would buy this product.
    So what is it really worth. $3000 or $1500 and some I pods and some cameras?
    In the end I ended up with no vacuum or no FREE gift to this point. I sent my free gift (2 night accommodation) and it was the wrong address.
    I have phoned the company 1-866-515-1818 several times but nobody knows the address where they work .LOL. I am still awaiting a phone call from a manager. Maybe he will give me a camera to make me happy or a free I pod instead of his address. LOL.
    I intend to phone the Better Business Bureau to find out if this company is legit.
    I promised my kids a 2 night stay in Collingwood, ON. I will make sure they get it.
    I have OCD.!!!

    Talk to you again tomorrow and the next day and the next day!!!
    You will know who?

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tired of it

I just read all of these complaints and I did get a good laugh...The word vacuum is spelled with one c and two u's whoever posted the word spelling it "vaccum and vacccum". If you don't want to purchase the unit or sit through a demonstration, don't invite them in. I'm sure they don't twist your arm to make you let them in. The distributors are independent, so they do business how they please. They do not work for TriStar Enterprises.. They take the TriStar product and sell it. I mean if you purchased a Sony tv from Wal-Mart, you wouldn't call and complain to Sony (the manufacturer) about how the sell went or how the person who sold you the tv treated you, or if you wanted to return the tv, you wouldn't call Sony.. You would call Wal-Mart. Also if you do purchase a unit, don't call a year later wanting to return it because you can't pay the bill. You have a 3 day period provided by the government to return the product (in most states). Not all of the distributors are as bad as you think they are. There are some good distributors out there who run there business honestly. And the TriStar unit is a good product!!!

  • Ro
    Robert Elbert Jun 05, 2014

    He is right on a 100% . I have never heard of TriStar until a week back when I young man stop by and ask if he could show me a vacuum cleaner and if I set through his sales pitch then he would vacuum and shampoo my carpet ... so I said ok . And after it was all done I was so impress by his vacuum cleaner and how much more it pickup right after I vacuum with my vacuum and I just put a new filter bag in my vacuum cleaner and my vacuum was a $500.00 unit when I got it new a few years back that I bought the one that he unpack in my front room . The days of the door to door salesman is not quite done yet when it comes down to super high quality products with a super warranty and over 50 years of backing !

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entering your home under false pretenses

In the last couple of months, yesterday august 5, 2008 being the latest, so called "salesmen" come to your...

bad service

I would have posted this on-line, but I don't know the company address or e-mail address. Please post this for me:

A month or so ago, I received a call from some woman asking me to complete a quick survey about indoor air quality - would I answer a few questions? Sure. However, as soon as she asked me what type of vacuum I had I told her I didn't need a vacuum and hung up. She called me back and said she wasn't trying to sell me a vacuum - it was just part of the survey.

This morning I got a call asking if a "demonstrator" could come out and give me a presentation of an "air purifier". I was pretty sure this was going to be a vacuum sales pitch, but I wasn't having a busy day and could use the diversion.

A while later I got a call from a Mr. Johnston confirming the demo. He told me the young man that would be doing the demo was doing his first with me - please go easy on him. Even though I had no intention of buying an "air purifier" I thought the practice would be good for the kid. Mr. Johnston told me when the demo was completed, I would be presented with a set of knives just for watching.

Two college-age kids showed up with a big box and a binder. One of them did the schpiel while the other on coached him along. To make a longer story shorter, they asked if my current vacuum could do as good a job, and quite frankly, yes, I believed it could. I have a Rainbow and I love it. I hauled it out and went over the same spot the Tristar had cleaned and, voila, dirt in my Rainbow. When all was said and done, I believe the results are about the same for both vacuums. Both do an excellent job.

We completed a brief "survey" then the one that did the demo got on the phone to his boss and the pressure tactics began. I guess Mr. Johnston finally realized that no means no and basically told me I would have to live with my dirt. I guess I will, Mr. Johnston. Then I told him I didn't think much of the companys' deceitful sales tactics starting with the so-called air quality survey, especially when I told her, back in the begining, I didn't want a new vacuum.

As the young men were packing up to leave, I asked them where my knife set was. Omygod and saucer-big eyes, they weren't given one to give to me. (Surely I can't be the only person who ever asked for one.) They said they would go into town (about 20 minutes away) and bring one out to me. That was about eight hours ago.

I just called Mr Johnston asking where my knife set was. What? They didn't give you one. They were supposed to. Do you want me to get them to bring it now? No, Mr. Johnston. It's 10:30 at night. They can come out tomorrow.

That is the end of part one. Part two is checking Tristar on the Internet and finding a similar story to mine - so their deceitful sales tactics must be somewhat common. I am so sick of organizations that think customers are idiots and now there is a place to vent our frustration for the rest of the world to see. Hopefully, with sites like this, ethics will return to corporate culture. Part three: I have Mr. Johnston's phone number. I WILL either get a knife set or he will have to get a new number.

do not buy

Ordered the Iron in May, got it and the very first time I used it the spring broke from the handle. Contacted Cust Service they said they would ship a return label right away. I called 2 weeks later, no one had shipped the label, I told them this is too much of a hassle, refund my money. The operator said for the "inconvenience" they would refund 39.00. I agreed, label came, sent iron back. After 20 some days, I called asking about the iron, they said they can't coordinate with the warehouse so they have no idea when the new one will be shipped. Now the fun begins, I asked for a refund, explaining to 4 different operators the situation and EVERY time they are all rude and short. They are now saying because I was given a partial refund, I have to accept the iron and no refund will be given! We'll see what the NJ BBB has to say about what I believe is fraud and extortion! BUYER BEWARE!

  • Er
    erika cruz-spies Mar 20, 2019

    their products are from China, and when you call to have them replaced, because it doesn't work, they deny your request. I will never buy their products again.

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scam and fraud

Do not believe anything they tell you or let them into their home. I was told that I would receive a new "home cleaning system" if I let them give us a demonstration and provide them with my opinion of their product. They told me that they were not a sales company that they are a marketing company. It was the biggest waste of two hours of my life. I got nothing for free!!! They did give me a vacation voucher but you have to send the travel company 50 dollars to register for the "free" getaway. Our sales girl was very nice and we advised her to get out of the business. She was too nice of a person to be involved in such a sham act. I guess some things never change. Remember what your Mom always told you, "Nothing in life is for free". I wish I had!!! THERE IS ALWAYS A CATCH!

rip off

I too ordered the Kiyoseki iron only to receive a dirty, stained, sticky, used iron that did not even work when plugged in. Rep on phone was a turd, no apology. Had to wait for mailing label. I sent the piece of crap back and this company had the gall to keep $10 for shipping, when I was sent a used, broken product in the first place. Why should I pay a cent for being sent, and then having to return, a piece of crap iron that was pre-owned? Do you trust a company that does this to people? Go to your neighbourhood store and buy a much cheaper iron that will work just as good and one that you can at least get all your money back if you have to return it.

  • Pa
    papasteve Jun 16, 2009

    How can celebs that give TriStar their name and reputation allow such practices to go on?

    See the link here about Montel Williams

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door to door sales scam

We received a postcard in the mail saying if we set up a time for a demonstration for a home cleaning system...

stay as far away from this company as you can

Their customer service is rude and curt, they will not let you cancel an order, nor will they listen to you. They lie and say an order has shipped and it has not. This company is affiliated with a foreign company and they use the foreign business tactics to make it impossible to get your money back. I called customer service twice and have submitted 3 enquires (as there is no email address nor is there an 800 number) and no one addresses me with the issues at hand. I will never look at another info-commercial again, I will never buy another info-commercial product, and I will only buy from American backed companies.

fake advertisement!

I called in for a KFC certificate, i talked to some young lady she didn't speak very professionally. She said in order to receive my certificate i had to listen to a presentation on the Tristar and give her my opinion. I agreed to the presentation and i had set everything off just to be there in time and they didn't show up. So the next day i called and asked what had happened and they said the dealer had an accident and couldn't' make it out there. So i rescheduled with them and they stood me up again and again. They do false advertisement and they should not be able to sale any vacuum. I was very unpleased with the whole thing.

telemarketing sales!

We like many of our readers were promised a free vacation from Tristar telemarketing, if we allowed their rep to visit. The visit turned into a long winded pressure sales speel for their vacuum cleaner oh sorry "cleaning system". From the very beginning we told the rep that were not interested in purchasing the product, and repeated this statement several times during the entire episode. At the end of the process the rep expected us to pay $2500 for a vacuum that we didn't need or want. When we finally broached the free vacation, he threw a catalog on the floor, scribbled some numbers, and told us to call another number.

If these guys call, don't waste your time, it a scam.

  • So
    Somewhere InTexas Jan 14, 2008

    We purchased a Tri-Star about 8 years ago. It was a great sales pitch and spent about $1500. We bought and have not looked back since. I see how my mom and gramma have gone through so many vacuum cleaners and we still have our our Tri-Star. Parts have broken such as plastic parts, but they are easily replaced. I am very glad we do not have one of the upright vaccum cleaners. I find it a joy to vacuum, I even call him a "little doggy."

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rip off / scam

Two salesman rudely ruined our 4th of July this year. Even though we didn't have plans, we were...

something is very wrong with this!

Yesterday, a car drove into my neighbor's driveway about 3:00 PM. Two men went to the door. At about...

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