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I am staying at the travel lodge in Brooks Alberta, 1240 Cassils road east it's june 11, 2019 I stayed in room 123.
I chose this motel for its proximity to the highway and because it's a motel and you can park outside the room. Unfortunately my outside door didn't work at all, it was explained that it was the weather? It 27 and sunny. That's too bad as my dog is very timid and I try not to walk through hotel lobby's with her as she is very afraid and is a big dog. Secondly my room is at least 5 degrees warmer than outside the AC unit is only a fan and is totally useless as far as cooling the room down. I called to complain but the young lady at the front desk laughed under her breath and said thank you for your call? No offer to help no offer of anything, when I checked in she had a little attitude as well with being snarky and a little short with her answers, essentially she wanted me anywhere but in front of her even know I wasn't asking any questions besides asking her to repeat her self as she was talking like she was auctioning off a used car. I'm a pilot and stay in a lot of hotels be it they are usually not motels on the road side I still expect some level of service, this is my 5th night in a motel along the highway and by far the worst from cleanliness to just attitude from the front desk staff to an extremely uncomfortable room for myself and my dog, I am sweating as I write this review...will I stay here again No will I recommend No I will be looking for anything but travellodge from now on, I understand Wyndham does have some nice properties but unfortunately this is not one of them.


  • Updated by Jdent, Jun 13, 2019

    Further update to the above comments. I somehow didn’t notice right away but my washroom had not been cleaned at all. 1 dirty soap bar by sink 1 used soap bar in shower and a used face towel slung over the shower head. As well when I turned the sink on it poured water out of the pipes under the sink enough to partially flood the entire bathroom floor. Again front desk staff did not care.

Jun 11, 2019

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