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Travelers insurance appraises the vehicles that they have to pay for. Their appraisers always value the vehicle very low to keep their costs low. I was only offered 65 percent of nada value on my "above average " vehicle. They take an average vehicle price, then their appraisers nit pick every single flaw on the vehicle to get the value as low as possible. The values that they come up with are JUST high enough to keep the average american from taking them to court.
I am a car dealer that knows local values because I deal in them every day. Traveler's got the best of me on this deal. We were just fortunate that there were no injuries.
I almost wish that I had faked an injury to have gotten what my vehicle was worth, but I'm too honest for that. There is no difference between Traveler's insurance and a common car thie[censored]
A rental car was initially offered that I declined because I have plenty to drive, but after getting jerked around for a few weeks, I decided to get a rental to sit in my yard just so Travelers would have an extra bill to pay.
This is also a rip off. The rental is only good for five days even if they take a month to get the payment to you.


  • Bo
    BobG Jan 27, 2009

    For years I had my auto and homeowners ins with travelers. Never had a claim yet the premiums kept going up. After I complained to my agent about this she came back with less coverage and higher deductables at a lower premium cost. When I complained to travelers they told me there was nothing they would do, that I had to go to my agent. I decided to shop around for my insurance. For my auto ins I got better coverage at just
    under half of Travelers premium rates. For my homeowners, again I got increased coverages for one third of travelers premium. Needless to say I switched companies when my coverage with travelers was due for renewal. Imagine my surprise when I got a bill for $2oo.oo from travelers because I did not renew my insurance with them. Both my auto and homeowners policies were paid in full when they were renewed. My agent wouldn't even talk to me because I no longer had insurance through them. Travelers told me that they don't deal with customers directly. You have to go through an agent. Needless to say I refuse to pay for something that I am not getting. Travelers refuses to acknowledge an correspondence to them.Now they have a collection 'RMS' company harrassing me. I believe RMS stands for Rapeing, Murdering, Savages. I would not recommend anyone do business with them. Let the buyer beware!!

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  • Tr
    Travelersarescum Jul 30, 2009

    Travelers are the most evil company I have ever had to deal with. I am now going on a year trying to get my costs out of them. In the next month I will be reporting them to the Financial Ombedmens service as well as the FSA.

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  • 2d
    2danes Aug 05, 2009


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  • Ma
    mack daddy Nov 12, 2009

    Wah wah wah... My car too was totalled by a Travelers insured and I got alot more than I could have if I sold it on the street. It was less than NADA, but do you know anyone that has ever paid the NADA price for a car. Unfortunately, the reality is that NADA is just a reference, what people are actually willling to pay where you live is where most insurance companies get their prices from. With all of the incentives and deals on new cars these days, used car values have plummeted. I'm glad my car was wrecked - I got me a new car for about 75% of the sticker price.

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  • Je
    jenuwine Feb 02, 2010

    I'm currently dealing with them for damage to my house when a tree fell. I filed the complaint a week ago, never got a call, left messages telling them I had a lot of questions because I never dealt with something like this before, still no call. Left a nasty message, FINALLY get a call and I'm told that they can't come out to look at it for yet another week. I told them my neighbor's insurance company was there in TWENTY minutes and that the way they conduct business was unsatisfactory. They gave me 101 reasons of why it is taking so long and I told them it funny how my neighbor's insurance company didn't have that many excuses. She said they must not have a lot of claims. Last I checked State Farm is a large company, I would assume they had just as many claims, just more competent people. Needless to say, I'm still waiting for someone to come out. Just from this little bit of experience I am dealing with at the beginning; I can only imagine what I am in store for once I do get them out to the house! Good thing the tree didn't come THROUGH the house, I would be out in the cold right now!

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  • Mu
    muchhappier Feb 11, 2010

    I worked as a claim adjuster in the Tampa office and was laid off in 2008. What a blessing. This company is horrible and I would suggest anyone who needs insurance to stay clear. It is the worse company I could have ever worked for and I had over 20 years service. If you think they rip you off in your claim, you should imagine what they do to their employees.

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  • Mr
    Mr. and Mrs. Goldstein Mar 11, 2010

    We are dealing with Travelers now: The first insurance evaluation was done almost a week after our hot water heater soaked several rooms of carpet and dislodge tiles in kitchen and laundry room. The adjuster that came out the first time gave us a check for a fraction of repairs. When I called him to complain and mention how expensive our carpeting was he told me that it was not expensive at all. Little did he know that for some reason, I kept some of the carpeting - though we were told by the agent to make sure it was all disposed of as we have an obligation to "mitigate" damages to the floor. I asked for another evaluation and weeks later another adjuster arrived - he took a piece of the carpeting and the padding - and I provided photos of our home with the carpeting and sofa that had been ruined. I was told that the carpet would be sent to be evaluated for cost at a testing lab they use and can expect results in 2 to 3 days. Our home has been insured with Travelers for more than 20 years - we have never missed a payment nor have we ever been late. I am so angry at the off-handed way I was treated and spoken to by the first adjuster. I am still awaiting the results since the second adjuster just left today. If they continue to treat us unfairly, I will report them and look for insurance elsewhere. Good customers should be treated with respect and fairness. My husband and I have missed additional time from work dealing with Travelers. This should have been done right the first time.

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  • Rb
    RBH1 Mar 13, 2010

    This Insurance Company is a joke. They are taking our money and never plan to pay out if there is a claim filed. Our house along with other homes in the neighbor hood had storm damage to the roof. The damage includes damage from hail and wind.
    The adjuster would not work with the roofing company to come on a day when the roofing company had a rep available to go over the damage with him. The adjuster came out on a Saturday morning and was mad because he had to work on a Saturday. The guy had attitude and was here top close the claim nothing else. Quote if I have to work on a Saturday your roofing company could have been here also. Prior to his visit he ask if he could access the roof easily. He said he had to bring his own ladder because if he were to get hurt using the roofing company ladder their insurance would not cover him. When he was finished and I spoke to him he said there was no damage to the roof it was in good shape. He indicated he could not get to the back side of the roof because of the pitch of the roof. In his estimate if there was any damage it would only be small because he could find no other damage to the roof. So he said the damage if it exist would be less than our deductible so there was nothing he could do for us. He also stated if the roofing company would have shown up he could have got to the back of the roof with their ladder. I ask him how every house in the around us in the development could have roof damage and have their roofs replaced and my roof had no damage. His comment was the tree we have in front of the house protected the roof. Every other house here has trees all around them. The guy treated us like we were idiots. We got a letter from Travels denying the claim in a few days. A week later we get a letter form them saying they were going to drop us because the roof was deteriorating and we had a unregistered car in the driveway. How could the roof be deteriorating when it had no damage per their adjuster and what does the car have to do with the roof. This company is a SCAM!

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  • Jp
    jpncats May 21, 2010

    i am sick of all insurance companies. i have done nothing but pay premiums my whole life. i have travelers. i finally put a claim in for damage and the damage exceeded 8000.00 dollars. in the mean time they send me a check for 2900.00. i get a public adjuster and now they refuse to come out to reassess the damages correctly. even on the statement they sent they failed to do a proper itemized bill leaving out particular damages. after the restoration people are paid i have about 1000.00 to replace 400sq ft of carpet and replace a 1000 sq foot ceiling. they talk about insurance fraud... the people that run these insurance companies should be charged with just that.

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  • Re
    Reneek Sep 20, 2010

    How to the Travelers Adjusters sleep at night! I am in the middle of a settlement and they are trying to screw me on the claim. Their customer ran over my car with a dump truck! It's totaled! No injuries, thank God, but I've only had the car for 6 months, it was paid for and now they want to settle for less than it will cost to replace it. I can't afford a car payment and they say it's not their problem. He went as far as yelling at me on the phone! Talking over me and YELLING at me. Who do these people think they are.

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  • Vw
    vwalvatne Nov 15, 2010

    I was in an accident About week ago. Travelers sent out an adjuster to look at my car on that following Monday- who falsified the report- saying my interior was soiled, stained, rips or tears, discoloration etc which all was untrue- It was in excellent condition- if not like new. Not to mention- my accident caused the hood of my car not to be able to be opened, and the adjuster wrote 'unable to open hood" then proceeded to say that my hoses were old, belts etc that the engine compartment was oily etc as well as stating that I had leaks and my fluids were discolored- all of which were untrue- and how would he know when he couldnt opent the hood??? Liars. When I complained, and refused their offer- they had me send all of my receipts of work I had done on the car for the past year, the towing bill, and then had me go and find comps. On top of that when I set up full coverage I was supposed to have rental coverage and they now say that I dont have it and first tried to blame the agent who set up my policy but he is taking no responsibility whatsoever either- BY FAR the WORST INSURANCE COMPANY I HAVE EVER HAD. Now its been days since I spoke to the other adjuster who was sent out after i complained- he also tried to pull some shady crap and bring up stuff that had no bearing on my pay out - such as oh I saw that you had work done to your car before, I told they guy- I HAVE FULL COVERAGE it doesnt matter what work or paint differences you see. I further told him, I took pictures of the interior of my car anad if I have to go to court I will. SO, havent heard from anyone since nor had any other offer to my as they are totalling my car due to how old it was. What the hell is the point of full coverage if they are not going to fix your car or get you one comperable- or as a last resort Give you a decent payout so you can go and get another car??? I am telling everyone I know and dont know about this and making sure that people know not to go with travelers insurance and if they have it to switch as soon as they can. Working with Travelers has been more stressful than the devestation of the accident and them totalling my car. I cannot express How ABSOLUTELY AWFUL THIS COMPANY IS.

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  • Da
    Daniel Matthews Dec 05, 2010

    BE AWARE EAST TEXAS: Travelers Ins is using a "low end" paying service. A computer gererated estimate that is very low. On this job they are tring to pay the home owner 165.oo a square for a 30 year roofing. the materials alone are 106.00. They offered no money for the home owner to tarp his own home and no money for dumping the old materials. There first response was to mail a check that was atleast 35% if not 100 % lower than the going rate in this area. They sent the check with NO comutaion of how they arived at that figure. The home owner had to have me "the contractor" to show them they had "replacement" policy and a small 500.00 deductable. It's been over 6 years since I'v seen an Insurance Co. try to "get by as low as possible". Here in Henderson Tx ; farmers, state farm, nation wide have never given any trouble, just one easy call. NOT SO WITH TRAVELERS!!! My adjuster CHRIS HIGH is out to "low ball" or maybe he is following Travelers guide lines. THEY ARE NOT LIKE ALL AND I MEAN ALL THE OTHER INSURANCE COMPANYS.. PLEASE BE AWARE YOU WILL HAVE A HARD TIME WITH THEM. CHRIS HIGH 903-245-7243 FOR HIS SIDE OF THE STORY.

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  • Re
    Reggie M. Jan 31, 2011

    I am currently getting kicked around by Travelers, my very own Insurance company that I pay for. I had Company Damage and theft over eight months ago and the police actually found out who the criminals were and yet Travelers still has not reimbursed me for the company losses. I call almost everyday and am told that "I am working on it" (by my agent Donna). She promises to have an estimate for me soon if not even today. She promises to call but never does and this has been dragging on for over half a year and yet they still collect my monthly policy payments like clock work. The items damaged and stolen are life dependent gear that is needed on a daily bases and yet my own Insurance company that I hired to keep me safe finds it appropriate to send my company out without this needed protection. They are the biggest disappointment for an Insurance company that I have every encountered. If you have Travelers then I hope you like to Travel because they will surely give you the RUN AROUND!!! Reggie M.

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  • Dr
    DRFp Mar 26, 2011

    My inlaws, in the 80s, arrived home from a trip to find their heat had failed, pipes had burst and they had water damage from the second floor down to the basement. The clean-up company did an excellent job. Then the problems began. The Travelors adjustment agent did an inadequate inspection of the damage, refused to come back to meet with the contractor, and even damaged a door when she knocked over a piece of equipment being used to dry out the house. They came back with a $7, 000 offer. We hired a public adjuster who found damages of over $25, 000. Needless to say, this has been a nightmare for my elderly inlaws, who have been unable to live in their house for over a month while this has dragged on and on. If you are considering Travelors for insurance, think again! My in-laws paid their insurance FAITHFULLY for over 25 years and this is the thanks they get!!

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  • Do
    don't lie May 16, 2011

    I . will never recommend travelers to anyone. I spoke with the manager and his boss. They were disrepectful and I need to do upkeep to my home. I moved into my home in 2008 and starting in 2010, my daughter's room was getting water damage from an unknown place. They paid on that claim and then they came out again because my son leg went through the deck and because it wasn't sealed to protect it they said they are not covering it. My daughter's window seal at the top was getting woter in there from the rain but didn't know where it exactly was coming from. The guy said it was coming through the fireplace, I asked him to show me and he couldn't see how it was coming in. He kept lieing to me, he was working on trying to get me approved. NOT. They sent me a letter saying I had 47 days to fix these problems and if not they were going to dropped me. I canceeled it myself and got back 100 dollars that due to me from paying because i cancelled them. I think I'm going to file with BBB.

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  • Ch
    chacer May 19, 2011

    I have a total lose claim on my truck with travelers, so far I have had to work with 4 different representatives and an appraiser (medical loss, vehicle damage, bodily injury, and total loss) all from different offices the total loss rep. (the one who cuts the check) is in a different state. After 2 weeks of paperwork and haggling on top of hospital visits, follow up dr. visits, ct scans bleeding intestines, separated ribs, and bruised spleen, we come to acceptable amount (barely). Now the total loss rep. tells me 2 days after I thought I would receive a check that they can't find the title I sent in the Fed Ex envelope provided, no title, no check, no exceptions, not his problem. My only option is now get a duplicate release of lien from Ford $17 and 10 days, file that with the state for a lost title $17 and a day in Atlanta at state DMV, or $7 and 7 days with the county, mail it to NC again, maybe they don't lose it this time, couple more days to process my pitiful check, bank will hold that for 5-7 business days. Really glad I paid for that rental on my policy(30 max) that should on leave me without a vehicle for 2-3 weeks before I can start shopping for one, IF THEY DON'T LOSE THIS TITLE.

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  • Do
    don't lie May 20, 2011

    Can we file a class act lawsuit against traveler's insurance?

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  • Do
    don't lie May 26, 2011

    Who is the top dog? I'm tired of talking too these little people of no importanat.

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  • Do
    don't lie May 26, 2011

    I don't understand what you are saying. I want to sue Traveler's Insurance.

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  • We are currently suing Travelers Insurance. Our home had winter storm damage totaling around $30, 000. Travelers sent a check for a little over $1, 000 dollars and took over a year and a half to do so. But dropped our homeowners insurance immediately.

    Some of Travelers cost savings suggestions included $500 to renail twisted usable roof gutters back on the house!!! Apparently, the adjusters have some "low-ball" company claim template that they use to for all claims "to cut a low-ball check and run".

    DO NOT BUY TRAVELERS HOME, AUTO OR ANY OTHER INSURANCE FROM THEM. Drop them immediately and go with a reputable company. Consumer Reports recommends: Amica, CHUBB and USAA Group.

    "Amica Mutual Group, USAA Group, and the Chubb Group of Insurance Cos. were rated more highly for claims satisfaction than most other insurers."


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  • Cj
    CJustinK Jul 12, 2011

    Letter I wrote to Travelers concerning a claim I had. Prior to this I had never filed a claim with Travelers.

    I am keeping my vehicle. Please send me what money you think you owe me.

    Please retrain (Chris) the individual that inspected my car for damage after my son’s wreck (April 2011). He needs to know what new tires look like (bought in March 2011) and he needs to know how to appraise hail damage (not very noticeable at all and very view dents not even dime size). We did not know we had hail damage until Chris the appraiser told us. I took my magnifying glass out to the car and low and behold there it was. A view tiny small dents. That must have happened 2 weeks prior to the wreck.
    I’m pretty sure this will not be added to the Customer Testimonials so with that said and done;

    Please leave this claim open until further notice and I thank you for your business and I will never recommend Travelers again as they treat the good people like a criminal and treat the criminals as if they were gods.

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  • Er
    ErikaKS Aug 06, 2011

    The owner of the company I work for took me to a MedAc for a simple treatment for an on-the-job injury I sustained. It was inexpensive and we were in and out of the doctor's in under two hours. Several days later I received three urgent phone calls from reps from Traveler's Insurance wanting to know about the claim. I obliged and allowed our conversation to be recorded, as it makes sense that Insurance Comapnies must perform "due-diligence" on their end, to avoid fraudulous claims. -That being said, THIRTY MINUTES into our recorded phone conversation, with one of their reps Janet, I told her she needed to pick the next two questions she asked wisely, as the interview was over. The line of questioning went well beyond acceptible. It was rude, excessive and much of it completely irrelevant to the claim. It is an obvious attempt by Traveler's to preclude any responsibility on their end. I would not choose this company.

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  • Ro
    RobbedinNY Dec 11, 2011

    Vultures!!! Not only doesn't it pay to purchase a car EVER, it doesn't pay to buy a high end car that holds it's value either!!! Travelers Insurance adjusters will total out your car and claim it's too costly to repair, in addition they pay you peanuts (NADA = NOTHING in Spanish) for it unless they can come up with some BS story to trash your good name . They steal your car (which by the way is completely repairable), and sell it to the banks who in turn repair the car and resell it somewhere else. Don't forget once your car is deemed a loss, it automatically becomes a "Salvage Title" which opens up a whole can of worms if you attempt to keep the car. With a Salvage Title, you will never get collision insurance and once you repair the car, it has to pass inspection with Albany!!! Which means you have to Flatbed the car to Albany!! Good Luck!! Once they steal your car, they finagle the Title or they sell the car for parts which is very valuable. Travelers is a scam and they deliberately have a scheme mapped out to kick you when you're down with a smile on their face!!! After reading all the horror stories from homeowners and others who have had the misfortune of dealing with this so called insurance company, I think they are out to insure they get everything they can from everyone they can. I'm sure they are working with some kind of loophole in the Law. It's time to call your Congressman and complain! The BBB is also a good place to start. Then find out how this is allowed and stop them from doing it to others. Don't forget if you are in an automobile accident, you are under no obligation to talk to the other parties insurance (especially Travelers) as they can take your statement and use it against you!!! I learned that piece of info two minutes after I spoke to them!!! My insurance neglected to give me that piece of info Duh!!

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  • Vi
    Virginia Vet Jul 10, 2012

    We are currently going through a claim hassle with Travelers over the recent storm damage in Virginia, they are a bunch of rats and I plan on busting their balls royally for trying to rip my family off, Drop Travelers and do not do business with ### like them.

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  • Pk
    PKateyes Sep 10, 2012

    I am currently going through a claim with Travelers. My daughter and I were hit by a school bus broadside on the passenger side of my car where my daughter was sitting and it is the school's auto insurance carrier. I was called the day of the accident and had it not been for my husband point blank telling them I needed a rental, I'm not sure if I would have gotten that or not, but they did set up a reservation for 5 days. However the place they set it up with, Enterprise, didn't have a car available that day so I only had 4 days with the rental. The appraiser came out to look at my vehicle the next day after the accident and only offered about half of what the cost was to fix it, but said it wasn't worth what the appraisals we had done were so they deemed it totaled. She gave me a "buy back" amount which makes their offer even more ridiculous. I've been trying to call and email the ones I've spoken to and no one seems to be "in the office" and today is the day I'm supposed to turn the rental back in, which will leave me without a way to go. Everyone keeps telling me I'll end up having to hire an attorney to fight them, but I'm not a "suing" type person. Neither myself nor my daughter went to the hospital, although she is sore with a stiff neck and having headaches, but if this insurance company can't come up with a better response than they have I foresee medical expenses and attorney's fees in their near future! I worked hard and paid for my vehicle and with their "amounts" it's not fair to me to have to go in debt to fix it or replace it for their insured "school bus driver's" faulty driving! Don't get me wrong I am thankful none of the children on the bus were hurt and that as far as I know we are not seriously hurt, but that does not excuse this insurance company for trying to rip someone off when they are trying to do the right thing.

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  • Ke
    Keepin' It True Oct 04, 2012

    They Low Ball their Insureds

    and ---at the price that I'm paying them for auto and home, I deserve better than that.

    I'm not going to write a big paragraph about how they nickel and dime us.. I'm simply just leaving and I'll give my money to someone else who won't.

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  • Se
    Secret's Out Now Feb 23, 2013

    We obtained Traveler's through the recommendation of GEICO. Had the 1% Windstorm & Hail. At some point, they upped it to 5%. Talked to the State Department of Insurance. By doing so, Traveler's did not violate a's actually legal in this state for an insurance company to do it. I find this out after we'd placed a claim for roof damage. So Traveler's comes back, Did you read your policy? It's on there. Well, it wasn't about 14 years ago when we first took out the policy. They added it a few years ago, sending us some lame writing about windstorm which was NOT CLEAR. The State DOI says that Traveler's doesn't have to disclose this change. THE WORST PART I think? Is that Geico CLAIMS to be all cozy with military and ex-military. My spouse & I are both ex-military; he was still in when we took out the policy. Let it be known---GEICO DOES NOT CARE ABOUT THE MILITARY. They care about their bottom line. Years ago, when we signed up, I was told that the ONLY company they partner with for homeowner's insurance was Travelers, that Geico did not write homeowners policies. GEICO, YOU FAILED. Shouldn't Geico have a responsibility to OVERSEE the way companies they deal with operate? So we trusted Geico, that blasted lizard let us down. GEICO should have WATCHED what Travelers was doing to people and is still doing. Travelers...I have NOTHING good to say about them. I am working on cancelling them. I actually hated them from the get-go. They'd sent out an adjuster, who came back and said we needed front handrails on our small steps. I checked with Code Enforcement, who said it was NOT code, not required. But Travelers said, either you put the handrails on, or we will drop you. I should have dropped them and looked around. At this point, I am not only fed up with Travelers, who ARE EVIL, but I am going after GEICO, because they eroded my trust. LET IT BE SAID, THEY DO NOT REALLY CARE ABOUT THE MILITARY OR is a scam. If they cared, they would make sure this sort of thing didn't happen. When you have a 5% hail or windstorm situation, involving your roof, you have to pay more than what it would cost in the market to put a new roof on. Example, $8500 deductable with a 5% hail/windstorm on the policy. A roof costs perhaps $4500 to put on around here, these are estimate numbers. WHO PAYS? You do. So if you're like us, who have never made a claim before, (and had to put handrails on the steps)...who have been responsible homeowners, and then you start having problems with your roof, Traveler's only wants to make sure they don't pay a cent. THEY ARE A DIRTY ROTTEN COMPANY. But the light needs to be shined on Geico. I am going to do everything I can to make sure the responsibility is placed not only on ROTTEN TRAVELERS but their "parent'" Geico. Can't afford a lawyer, but publicity might go a long way. The squeaky wheel gets the grease. If you are done wrong with Travelers, tell everyone, not only on line, but put a sign up, post, get the word out. That's what I'm going to do. I will call Geico every single day if I have to. I asked them, HOW COULD YOU ALLOW YOUR PARTNER COMPANY OF TRAVELERS TO TREAT PEOPLE THIS WAY? I will say, Geico has been okay for our auto insurance so far...knock on wood. BUT THEY SHOULD NOT PARTNER WITH A HOMEOWNERS COMPANY LIKE TRAVELERS. They told me that Travelers is a Double A or whatever company. I told them, Travelers gets an F MINUS. Apologies from the people I have spoken to on the phone, who have actually been polite, DOES NOT MAKE UP FOR IT. I am not done, I have only begun. Consumers stand up against Travelers! AND BEWARE OF GEICO if you want to "bundle" your auto insurance with a GEICO-offered policy. I WILL NEVER TRUST GEICO AGAIN, and TRAVELERS should just be boycotted, avoided and the word needs to be out there. THEY ARE A BUNCH OF SHYSTERS.

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  • Ma
    Mary Miranda Aug 20, 2018

    On January 14th 2018 my vehicle was in an accident. It is now 57 days later and my claim is not resolved. This is unacceptable. I have a right in the state of Arizona to have this resolved in a timely manner

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  • Al
    alan berk Aug 21, 2018

    rejected for a 10, 000 dollar bond to help free up a 280000 dollars lost stock certificate problem-- long boring story - that`s the short version- too stupid to see how to resolve the problem- do not do business with this company

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