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Got a recall notice for my 2004 camry. Seat belt tensioner had to be replaced, which was causing the air bag light to stay on. Took it in for the recall service. They called with "bad news". They were unable to reset the sensor in the seat. So I had to pay $125 for them to hook it up to the computer to diagnose the problem. They claimed the computer said the sensor was bad and had to be replaced (for $600), but if they replaced it they would credit the $125 computer diagnostic charge. I told them I didn't have the money for that and they should put it all back together and I would pick it up. 10 minutes later they called back to say they were able to reset the sensor, but I still had to pay the $125 computer fee. It seemed like a scam to me. I paid the $125, took my car back and then called toyota to complain. (loved that) the local dealership called me and insisted they had done nothing wrong, but as a token of good will they would give me a voucher for my next service visit. (if they did nothing wrong, why give me the voucher?) I used the voucher and will never go to this dealer for service again. Unfortunately, I have been hearing a lot of bad stuff about all the dch toyota delerships in the area. Buddy took his highlander in to the same dealership for service and they "found" lots of things which needed to be repaired: fuel injectors needed cleaning, transmission fluid needed to be flushed, brake pads replaced (at 30, 000 miles?). It's a scam, and they prey on senior citizens especially!!


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    Toyotaexpert May 12, 2013

    The dealership gets paid a lower labor rate on warranty work, so they try to pad the bill. You were smart though.

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