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R May 03, 2018 Review updated:

On May 3rd, I contacted roadside assistance because I needed fuel. I was informed it wouldn't be a problem that I was covered for 3 gallons of fuel.
B's Towing showed up and only brought 2 gallons.

If my coverage is paying for 3 gallons of fuel than that's what I ought to get! I made a complaint and was informed they are only allowed to transport 2 gallons.

It appears information isn't accurate.

I'm upset!

Randy Thompson


  • Ca
    CareyH Jan 27, 2019

    I called Toyota Roadside Assistance. I gave them my bank debit card information. They did not dispatch assistance so I called AAA instead. I made 2 calls to cancel Roadside Assistance. A supervisor called me later, but was unaware the assistance was cancelled. He said he would cancel the request. Three days later, the charge showed up on my bank statement.

    Roadside Assistance response is automated and difficult to use. I would give AAA an A and Toyota Roadside Assistance an F.

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  • Ze
    zenox Feb 20, 2019

    My Fortuner broke down in the middle of the road and I called Toyota roadside assistance and was surprised to note that they asked for deposit. When a person is facing problem why he should be asked to pay first when he is giving his car to them and the tow charges should be added to his bill.

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  • Ze
    zenox Feb 20, 2019

    Also after a lot of problem I gave them the money through my credit card but after waiting for 2 hours they refused to send the assistance in spite of taking the charges.
    Then with great difficulty I was able to send the car to another dealer Uttam Toyota in sector 63 Noida.
    But i would like to bring to your notice that the vehicle had given trouble on previous 2 occasions also but i was able to start and reach home and inform the dealer who picked the vehicle from my residence. But on both instances they charged me for other repairs but did not rectify the defect I had informed them to do and charged me heavily.
    My request to you is that my money which is charged by them should be refunded.

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