Toyota Motor Corporationcorrolla 2020 xse

A Dec 02, 2019

I collected my new Corolla XSE last Monday with 157km on delivery. I've added just 50km in the past week.
My wife purchased a Corolla Hybrid in July and is really happy.
Last Friday early morning turning off a new tarmacked road my XSE slid doing no more than 40km per hour!
The XSE has Dunlop 5000 Sport tyres and the dealership parts manager today advised these are dry performance tyres!!
Why was i sold a Toyota in November in Victoria, BC with dry performance tyres and are dangerous in wet moist cold climate in Victoria, BC.
I purchased a car to use all year not just the summer months.
Also, there is tremendous road noise from these particular tyres, we never experienced this in the demo car but the sales team cant remember if the demo car had different brand of tyres.
Shouldn't Toyota being selling car with the right tyres for the right location otherwise its dangerous and buyers having to no option than to buy new tyres at around $1200 all fitted!!
Will definately be telling people online not to buy the Corolla XSE as they are dangerous in the wet.

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