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I recently purchased a used 2007 toyota corolla. I have had a plethora of mechanical problems. I took the car...

miscommitment / cheating

I am a satisfied customer of honda from last 15 years or so. Your new toyota appearance appeals me and unfortunately I decide to get one new toyota gli. I visit toyota nearest out let and inquire the delivery time which was communicated 60 days to me. I then book one toyota gli and paid pak rs 1.354 million via demand draft of bank alfalah limited no ddbrm 000124 / 43 on dated july 15, 2009 at toyota walton motor lahore. I was allotted 2818773 booking number. I wait till 60 days and then contact indus motor help line for delivery status of my vehicle on september 16 then on 24 and then on every day uptill now. Till 30th september I was asked to wait as due to long holidays production gets slowed and the car will be delivering within 30th september but unluckily it was fraud commitment. I then contact again to indus motor on 1st october and again a false commitment was made by your representative by saying the car will be deliver within 1st week of october which will be closing on oct 3rd. And today is october 6 and every day both indus motor and your dealer toyota walton motor are cheating, misbehaving and giving wrong commitment.
I am very surprise how an organization like toyota is behaving their new converted customer in such a manner that he should be revisit his decision. You must identify the culprit people who are misleading the customers and giving vague picture about toyota.
I have a question why they are booking over and above from their production capacity and why their help line people are cheating / misleading customers by giving false commitment and lame excuses.
I am requesting to toyota motor corporation japan as a last resort to instruct the indus motor to delivery my vehicle on immediate basis and reimburse equal to bank mark up rate for the days over and above other wise I have a right to sue in the court of law.

Best regards

M. Afzal butt

miscommitment / cheating

toyota GLI

altered automobile

I trusted them enough to send my car in for maintenance every 5, 000 miles as stated in their advertisement. This time I went in for 30, 000 mile scheduled maintenance. Since that maintenance visit, I have become more and more sure that my car is not the same one I sent into their garage. I believe that both front car seats were replaced. The airbag "on" light was green, now is "yellow". One tire shows excessive and uneven wear which was not there before, possibly due to an alignment problem. The rear view mirrow is different now and may not even be a "toyota part". Before I went to your shop that morning, I thoroughly cleaned inside the car from top to bottom (even the arm rests and under all the rugs). When it came back to me, I found the carpet beneath the driver's side rug was worn out. This makes no sense because I just cleaned the carpet that morning and there was no wear & tear beneath the rug at all. The upper portion of the "stereo with cd player" dash panel is definitely not the original, with a dull finish now compared to the shiny finish it had before. The radio sound is also louder now than in the past. The metal surfaces of the arm rests on both front doors appear worn out, with a dull finish, not shiny as before. The gas cap is not the same one as before. The headliner fabric around the edges shows signs of having been cleaned, but mine was never dirty.... Etc.

Complaint summary

On 7/18/09 I sent my "like new" 2007 yaris to maroone toyota for 30, 000 miles maintenance. Their garage gave me back a car that was altered and dirty.

I want someone to show me those places on the yaris that "permanently" record the vin, not just the upper dashboard and paper labels, so I can confirm the vin on engine id. With the changed condition of the car's interior and uncertainty regarding mechanical problems, i'm afraid the car might not be safe for me to drive. I just don't know the reliability of this yaris anymore. I wonder whether this car was given maintenance every 5000 miles like mine was. Or is this a 2007 yaris with other year old parts? Anyone out there, does this ever happen to you when you visited the dealership? If anyone who can do forensic automobile please post you comment.

altered automobile
altered automobile

Maroone Toyota

illegal charges

At the end of my lease (39 mos.) of a 2005 toyota camrey the payoff on motor vehicle lease agreement was stated as $13, 355.21. If I did not purchase the vehicle was stated at $350 (I was purchasing the car and paying off the car at the agreed amount) I expected to pay 13, 355.21 plus 6% georgia tax (801.31) to be added =14, 156.52. When I received payoff amount from vt inc as trustee of world omni lt payoff amount was stated as 13, 795.21 plus sales tax as $827.71 and payoff amount of $14, 622.92

I went to the toyota mall of georgia dealership after calling and was then told that $350.00 was added plus $90.00 for administration fees and all of this was taxed at 6 percent. They refused to do anything about this.

fraud alert

I have a big beef with this dealership. (Toyota as well) This dealership has been doing my scheduled maintenance for 2 years. On April 14th I took the vehicle in for its 70, 000 mile checkup. 3 weeks later I take it to the NJ DMV to get an inspection and it fails for safety reasons. Tires and brakes. I call up the dealership to ask how this can happen when the car goes in for every scheduled service. I get attitude from the service dept. So I take it to the local mechanic who brings it up to compliance. Of the 3 weeks above 10 days the vehicle did not move because I was on vacation. What were they doing with the vehicle since they were not maitaining it? I think that they owe me $ for the repairs they should of been doing and an explanation. I sent documented letters to the Dealership and HQ in CA. I hear nothing.

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hauling noise from windshield

I had taken my toyota corola a few months back with a hauling noise comming according to the dealer foreman from the windshield, and it seems that this corollas have this noises comming from the windshield, check the internet before making a decision for the noises, they tried to fix it but after a few months the noise started comming again, and now they claim that they have to replace the windshield in order to fix the problem and I have to pay for that, even if a windshield does not need replacement, is it fair and are they getting greener by destroying good windshields as they do say that they are green

  • Pa
    PANKEKURO Dec 05, 2009

    This problem has now been resolved, Gateway Toyota Has refunded the cost of the windshield

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I purchased a vehicle on March 15 at 7pm. When I reached home and read my contract thoroughly I realize I was scammed. I returned the very next day to cancel. Eventually the Toyota extra care was cancelled with many problems. Then I had to get the Attorney General office involved. I won my case on August 20 and I have yet received one dollar.

should be ashamed

On 5/12/08 I traded a 2004 Ford Explorer at Fort's Toyota of Pekin Illinois for a 2008 Prius. The sales manager noticed a possible problem with the AWD system on the Explorer and offered me a low trade in value due to possible needed repairs, however I was asked if I had an extended warranty which I did. I offered to hold off on the trade and have the Explorer checked which they convinced me not to do, saying it wouldn't make a difference and that they had a waiting list to buy the Prius if I didn't want to trade now. I traded and without my knowledge or consent they had the Explorer repaired at Uftring Auto mall under my extended warranty on 5/22/08 (ten days after the trade) Ryan contract # BY52989 which is nontransferable to any entity in the business of selling or leasing motor vehicles. This action voided the $539.45 refund I was due on the unused warranty that I had purchased at Uftrings on 7/11/05 when I bought the vehicle. I managed to obtain a copy of the fraudulent repair invoice #FOCS387501 dated 5/23/08 by going to Uftrings and telling a cashier I needed it for my records. It was done in my name using my personal information as if I had brought it in for the repair and warranty authorization # [protected] had a check sent to Uftrings for $1267.24 to cover the repairs. I sent a local police officer to Uftrings with a copy of the invoice and they sent me two warranty refund checks totaling $539.45 on 6/10 & 6/19/08 and they claim to have returned the warranty check (I contacted the warranty company). Fort's was then billed for the repairs and sent Uftrings a check #060889 on 7/21/08 (the same day they were required to respond to the Illinois Attorney General's consumer fraud division on file case # 2008-CONSC- [protected]). Quote from letter on file from Fort's sales manager Ben Weaver 7/21/08 "They (Uftrings) informed us that the vehicle was covered under the customers' extended warranty and there would be no charge for the repairs." A response from Uftring CFO Kirk Johnson in a letter dated 8/25/08 quote "Fort's Toyota Of Pekin brought the vehicle to us to repair under the customers extended warranty. We mistakenly relied upon the representation that Fort's made to us that the customer had approved this transaction." Fort's hasn't even as much as apologized and Patrick Fort keeps claiming I told them there was a tire problem. How would he know? He has never responded to me and left all the dirty work to his minions. Patrick Fort continually claims that it was their intention all along to pay for the repair when the written and documented proof is on file with the Office of the Illinois Attorney General and I also have copies. Unfortunately Tazwell county states attorneys office won't do anything. They should at the very least be fined. I would have been put in jail for identity theft and deceptive practice if the tables were turned. Corporate Toyota also has done nothing. Toyota and Fort's should both be ashamed!!

sales tactics and bad service

On Sunday, July 17, 2009 I signed an Offer to Purchase a 2009 Rav4 at this dealership. They did not have one...

6 comments Sherwood Park Car Dealers

unfair charges

I brought my 2008 car into the service department for an emissions related smog test failure. Since my fairly...

bad service

2 September 2009 To Whom it may concern: When it was time for me to get a new car, I trusted in Toyota...

lied about the vehicle

I am an older lady and I bought a toyota camry fm wray auto 15 months ago. When I bought it I was told that this car would hold its value and when I got ready to trade in a year or so it would still have the same value. Well I went back to trade it and I was told the value on my vehicle was only 10, 000 dollars and I contracted to pay $16, 000. When I was at the dealer looking at cars this year the sales manager said they could get me in the car I wanted for the same payment I was making on the toyota. When I applied it was a different ballgame. I was told because of the value of my vehicle I was upside down in my loan. I feel they took advantage of me because I was a woman and an older lady at that. They conned me into buying an extended warrant and I have yet to get a copy of the contract and I have called them many times. I was severely discriminated against. I should have known what I was dealing with. These people are wrong in the way they treat people and lie to them. They have not heard the last of this

false information

A dealer at Ray Brand Toyota in Kenner negotiated with me on the phone more than an hour to sell me a used...

harrassing email and phone calls

I was contacted by Mr. Derek Massio, as a response to my email inquiry of a auto they advertised on the...

selling practices

Do not waste your time!! They will try and haggle more than is neccessary They have a rating of C- with the...

toyota lottery promotions

[protected]@163.com" to sumalen, sumakpr, sumalid, sumalei, sumalfo, sumalaw, sumakpk, sumakok, sumaksb, sumalis, me, sumakru, sumakrk, sumalcv, sumalka, sumakuh, sumalax, sumaksv, sumaksa
show details Jul 4

Toyota Car Lottery International Promotions China,
Customer Service Department
Toyota Motor Corporations, China.
28 Tanfield Road Tiaxiu lio Beijing China PRIZE AWARD NOTIFICATION
We are pleased to inform you of the announcement made today, You are among the winners of the TOYOTA CAR INTERNATIONAL PROMOTION PROGRAM Participants were selected through a computer ballot system drawn from 2, 500, 000 email addresses of individuals and companies from all part of the world as part of our electronic business Promotions Program.
As a result of your visiting various websites we are running the E-business promotions for. You/Your Company email address, attached to ticket number [protected], with serial number 902-66 drew the lucky numbers 05, 12, 30, 11, 17, 43 and Bonus number 10, Your INSURANCE Number: FLS433/ 453L /GMSA and consequently you won in the Second Category of the TOYOTA FORTUNE LOTTO DRAW.You have therefore been approved for the payment of the sum of US$1, 000, 000, 00 in cash, including a Toyota camry 2008 model which is the winning present /amount for the Second category winners. This is from the total prize money of US$40, 650, 000.00 shared among the international winners in the Second category.
Please be informed that your won fund of the sum of US$1, 000, 000.00 is now with the payee center. Contact our agent and give them your full names so that they will re-insure your winning fund under your full names. Together with the port where your winning car should be shipped to.
To begin your claim, please call our claim agent or send email immediately to:-
Mr. James Micheal
Foreign Services Manager,
Toyota Motor Corporations China,
1. Full Name:
2. Address:
3. Occupation:
4. Age:
5. Sex:
6. Nationality:
7. Country of Residence:
8. Telephone/Fax Number:
NOTE: In order to avoid unnecessary delays and complications, please remember to quote your reference and batch numbers and other information provided above and below in every one of your correspondences to your claiming agent.
Congratulations'' once again from all our staff and thank you for being part of our promotions program.
Madam Joy Tang
Online coordinator

Dear Winner,

Sequel to the provision of your profile as requested, every arrangement has been made for effecting of your won fund.Hence, you are advised to contact the payee bank listed below to enable them proceed without further delay.

Mr.Ivan Young,
Foreign Remittance Department,
Bank Of China Dongguan Branch
Guangdong Province.
Fax:0086 [protected]

Your won car will also be shipped to your designated port as soon as your fund is ready to effected by the bank
Note: do keep us updated on your dealings with the bank.

James Michael
Bank of China,

Guangzhou Branch,

197 Dongfeng Xi Lu,


Guangdong Province

China P.R

Tel: 86 (769) [protected], [protected]


Dear Beneficiary,

This is to inform you that we acknowledge swift message from the Toyota Lottery Promotions, China, to pay you in accordance to your won sum as categorized by your winning and ticket number. The Board of Directors meeting today in regards to your remittance, your payment file was endorsed legal for payment.

Sequel to this you are to provide us with your Account information, contact address with telephone number to enable the final authorization and transfer of your fund via MT103 Swift, after the transfer we will send you the transfer slip to enable you confirm your payment with your bank.

Kindly adhere to this instruction as soon as possible to enable us effect the transfer and commence on our year fiscal analyzing budget for the upcoming growth of the 2009 session. The requested form is to be filled in the attached form below, beneficiaries are required to print out the form, fill with ink, scan and send to us via email for immediate remittance formalities.

We the entire staffs of the BOC says compliment of the season and congratulates you immensely on your e-balloting winning.

Yours truly,

Mr. Ivan Young

Foreign Operations


I have received these mails in last two days. I herd about many scam mail so kindlysend me details. my email ID is [protected]@gmail .com
Thanking you,

  • Ag
    Agbe Edoka Jun 24, 2013

    Yes 4010 is everywhere how can someone send you his account details? just reason twice...

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I brought my Scion TC for servicing for a simple oil change, and they highly recommended that I need to get "Throttle Body Service" on my car for $180, along with other things, which cost me about $500 total. I come home and search if these were necessary, and believe it or not, they are not. I don't know what to do at this point since I asked for the service, believing it's completely necessary. It's makes me so angry that he didn't do his damn job of recommending what I NEED, not what kind of profit he needs to make.

bait and switch

Sales staff lied on the phone and web site. They would say anything to get you to come in then everything would change. Prices were "fuzzy". The price depended on your credit score. Finance staff allowed personal information to be viewed by staff and third party.

When I asked to speak to Mr. Pierson, he was always “not available to speak to customers.”

Toyota of Stuart is a terrible company.

  • Jo
    john pierson Aug 05, 2009

    I would suggest that the writers are confused on their stories. If in fact the stories are even remotely true. I would suggest that they try alittle harder. I am very easy to get hold of. Luckily, we have very few complaints, even with thousands of vehicles sold. If anybody wants to see the owner, just either call 772-283-8300, or ask the cashier to see me at the store. Thanks for the opportunity to respond. John Pierson/Owner Toyota of Stuart

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  • Fo
    Fools gold Apr 13, 2011

    Toyota of Stuart is dishonest. Do not purchase a vehicle from them. They do use bait and switch tactics. They roll the price of trade in vehicles into the price of whatever vehicle you are purchasing. Even if it is not upside down by comparison to the Kelly Blue Book value. They will charge you a premium dealer fee if they only have a certain number of vehicles on their lot. None of this information will be known to the customer. Check your contract closely, there will be a prepayment clause in the contract that you can NOT pay down your loan sooner to have payments applied to the principal. The value of our vehicle was not what we were told it was. They took a $25, 000 car and turned it into a $52000 loan. We were not educated enough to know the real value of the vehicle before getting taken. They also falsify information with the bank to get the deal to go through and when you try to get out of it they will claim they explained all the fine print. Please don't go through what our family did, we were not smart enough to know better. We are living in an apartment because our car payment is as much as a house mortgage and the car is only worth half a what we owe. I hope this helps someone to not make my mistake.

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  • 42
    420forme Apr 13, 2011

    So your car you were trading in was not paid off..so do you expect them to just pay off your car and not roll it into your new loan..I want a deal like that! Next time pay off your loan before getting a new one and you won't have a huge payoff in the end.

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abusive sales techniques

I have made complaints with: Toyota's National Customer Center, the BBB, and the State Attorney General;...

toyota certified`

My sister and I went to look at cars for her. She had found an advertisement on the internet and called the...

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