TJX / T.J. Maxxrae dunn

P Aug 15, 2018

I have been a Rae Dunn collector for just about 1 year. In the Janiff store in Norfolk the workers help a certain lady named Lori S by holding items for her and telling her if certain pieces come in and giving her eye clues to where the item will be on the tank.

Another store is Greenbrier in Chesapeake and Little Creek in Norfolk where it has been witnessed more than once holding items for Karen R

I have seen children screaming and running around in the stores, playing in the toy department unsupervised, laying on dog beds on the floor for hours while there mothers wait for Rae Dunn - I do truly understand the complaints y'all do receive about it but something needs to change

If you change the hours of putting out Rae Dunn and just do a little at all different random times throughout the morning and evenings it would have a total different effect.

I also believe workers should not be able to help certain people and not others
Yes it may be just pottery to some but when you see the dirtiness of it truly it's not fair to others.

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