TJX / T.J. Maxxcustomer service


Date of incident: Tuesday, October 24, 2017
Store: 437 US-46E, Dover, New Jersey 07801

I have been a regular customer of TJ Maxx for many years. As a restaurant owner for nearly 29 years I am keenly aware that finding professional and responsible employees has become extremely difficult. I have never written a letter of complaint nor have I taken the time to write a review. However, my experience at the Dover location was so disturbing that I felt the need to contact management. The cashier was either without any training at all or simply lacked the ability to do her job. She did not greet us (myself and my 14 year old daughter) and she proceeded to pack our bags as if she could care less. Due to the fact that I had purchased 3 items made with glass, I had to ask for packing paper to wrap at least the larger bottle. She handed me the paper so that I could wrap the bottle. As we were leaving the store we were not informed that due to the late hour, shopping carts would lock as we attempted to leave the store. My daughter ended up badly bruising her shin as a result. The manager basically yelled at us that the carriages can't go outside. Then she proceeded to ask the cashier why didn't she inform us. Then I asked, I have several large bags here, am I expected to carry them to my car. No immediate response. Then as we were walking out with arms full, the same cashier finally said, you can pull your car up if you'd like. I am taking the time to write this complaint because my daughter was hurt and there was absolutely no concern from management. Obviously this has left me with a bad feeling. Fortunately for me, my regular store is in Montague, New Jersey, where everyone is extremely nice, helpful and professional.
Nancie Simonet

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