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I got my jeep lifted back in May 2016. I immediately went to Tire Kingdom and got a 3 year alignment plan. My last visit before today was last year. The guy that did my alignment was obviously upset about something. He was really rude. Regardless my jeep was serviced last with tire kingdom. After that visit I was told everything was good. I went in today and was told that my adjuster for my alignment was broken. The front desk guy tried to tell me that they told me this before which was false because it wasn't the same mechanic who worked on my jeep. I explained to him that it was a short bald angry Latino male that serviced my car and they instantly knew who I was talking about. I told him no one has ever told me this was broken and no one else but tire kingdom had any reason to touch that piece. It didn't make sense that he remembered that. They told me everything was good on my last visit. Otherwise it would've been avoided like it was today. I don't feel like I should be solely responsible for this break in a part of my vehicle that tire kingdom had access to for the last 2.5 years. The manager saying that they told me this last time was what made me realize that something wasn't right. Doesn't make any sense to do an alignment if it was broken already. I think they knew it was broken from the past and didn't tell me anything till now. Im sending a couple of pictures of what it should look like and what it looks like now. Whatever tool they used stripped the grooves on the adjuster. This is not normal wear and tear. Please and Thank you for your time.

Tire Kingdom / TBC Corporation
Tire Kingdom / TBC Corporation

Mar 13, 2019

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