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My tinder account was removed because of error 40303 which means I have beach the community guidelines. I'm annoyed because I have't done anything to get my account removed. I had no inappropriate images or content and I tried emailing about my issue and only got a reply stating that my account has been removed because it has breached guidelines, which I explained that I hadn't. i've had tinder a while now and I'm pissed off because i can't go back to my account or create a new one when I did nothing wrong. 0 stars for you guys.


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    Mdto Aug 21, 2018

    Hi ME TOO. I have tried being polite, I have tried outlining their terms and conditions and community guidelines and have had no decent answer. I am a paid subscriber and they are not concerned at all for MY safety or privacy. It's a little like a scam isn't it?

    Think about it. Their t&c's if you read them basically say they can delete you WITHOUT REFUND. It's true. I don't know how this is legal.

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