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Jan 06, 2020

Tinder - person misrepresenting himself

Hello I responded to someone who said he was from Texas. He said he started a contract in Turkey starting today which is for an 18 month term. His name is listed as Nicholas Philip I asked him...

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Tinder - tinder gold

I need the subscription and account gone ASAP.
However, it is unable to delete account
No one is helping me! Emailed several times and no response
I don't know if I will get billed again and I certainly do not want my account especially as I know it is not working!
I will never use this app ever again
Outcome I want is for it to go and not to be billed ever again
I want confirmation I do not have an account and I do not have subscription.

Dec 24, 2019

Tinder - shadowbanned its male users!

This ***** company man! before I thought maybe they are shadow banning me. But I didn't know 100%! Emailing their customer service is useless, its like they do nothing to fix anything. A) I...

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Dec 05, 2019

Tinder - logging in

New to Tinder, all day no problem logging with out a problem via mobile number. I tried to log on around 17:00 tonight, unable to log in after that point with mobile number, system says code sent, no code received. logged in with email, followed link then want mobile verification again states code sent no code received. no problem with phone please advise.

They're too much of a coward to tell users the actual problem. ANyways that means you've been banned!

Tinder - do not use

this app is scam and major fake 90% of the people are not real this app is joke and shuts down alot or does not work period the company needs to run back round checks and figure out how to get matches more nothing is free including the app when u run out of matches u cant use it till next day theres scams on there saying tehre dutch or fake miltary


Tinder - tinder

I cancelled my tinder account on my smart phone. I did this in the same month that I started the subscription. Nowhere in the cancellation process did it say that I would have to do another procedure to stop payment happening the following month. I checked my bank today and Tinder have taken £25. This is dishonest. I then googled it and found I needed to go to Google play store and cancel the subscription there as well as doing it on the app. This is wrong! Please refund me my money. Your app gives the impression that I have cancelled fully when you will secretly still take money each month. Tinder is a scam and I will tell others about it. Graham Youngs at [protected]@gmail.com Please contact me and refund my money.

Nov 19, 2019

Tinder - you have taken unauthorised funds from my account

On the 29/10/19 your company took money from my account.

I would like that money returned and an explanation as to why you took it?

I did not purchase anything from tinder in months.

Furthermore what are you doing retaining my card details. That is absolutely illegal.

You are to return €27.01 to my account, you are to delete my card details from your system and I expect a confirmation email from you confirming you will never take money from my account again and that you have deleted my details.

I await your urgent response.

Regards Paul

Tinder - new account and login

It very great application
But after I deleted my old account and I have new account it so crazy I don't know what's going on
Cuz I used it for 3 days and I was swiped slot of people right
But I got no match so I don't know that I'm so ugly or what's goin on with your Tinder
After that I'm gonna use it again but my account it gone
So I have to make new one again and again and again it crazy
I want to be like before
I was tried to swipe all people who show on my feed but I got nothing
No messages and no match btw your app was great


Tinder - illegal usage of image

Tinder is using my picture over the first window of tinder over play store. I wasn't even informed about it. Kindly remove my picture and compell them to pay compensation for using someone's image without their will. As I wasn't even involved in these dating sites and don't want my image to be displayed over it. Kindly look into this matter as early as possible since I have reported this issue multiple times on the tinder site and emailed them but I haven't received any update.


Tinder - Tinder

I would greatly appreciate it for a human being to respond to me. I have recently signed up with Tinder and I have no idea what it is I am getting. I can't believe with a company of your stature that you have no representative to answer questions or help with your accounts. You certainly don't have problems taking the $. I may be looking at it all wrong, I certainly hope so.
Please contact me at [protected], [protected]@gmail.com Thank you, Customer in need of your help-
Brett Beaver

Oct 29, 2019

Tinder - banned without breaking any of the terms

Hello. I deleted my Tinder account shortly after I made it. When I tried to make a new one the next day I was met with the popup message that my Tinder account was banned because of activity that went against Tinder terms and agreements. I don't believe that I broke any of those terms. I had some picture of myself in lingerie, but no nudity was involved. I had blurred out private areas with photo editibg as an extr precaution because the lingerie was not fullt opaque. My profile had no text. I only chatted a little with three people, just regular friendly chatting. I can only assume that someone might have thought that picture in lingerie weren't allowed and banned me because of that. I had read the terms before posting the picture and I read that it was only nudity and sexual ly explicit or pornographic content that wasn't allowed and I didn't think that plain modelling lingerie or bikini pictures fell into those categories at all. I feel that Tinder should be equally strict and thorough about making sure people aren't being banned unjustly, that is without having broken any rules, as they are with banning people who do break policy. After all one should be able to trust that if ones behaviour is in agreement with terms of the service then one shouldn't be banned. If it happens anyway it could be interpreted at best as carelessness and lack of attention by the people responsible for the Tinder service and at worst as discrimination against the person being banned without being aware of having broken any rules. When I contacted Tinder they didn't even give me any information about what they banned me for. Nothing. I told them that I don't think I have broken any rules in the terms of the Tinder service, but that didn't lead to any more investigation or explanation from their part.

Oct 25, 2019

Tinder - getting band

i would like to know how i can get my account unbanded or can yous give me a chance to make a new one. as i have asked before and you just send me rules and never on how i can get unbanned. i was never told that i was my account is under review and when i send yous a email for help i always get the same answer to my questions. which never helps me. i have honest, kind and respectful to others. all i would like is a chance to get my account back to at lest make a new one.

Oct 21, 2019

Tinder - charged me twice

Hi I have just bought a 1 year package with tinder and paid SGD113.21 as of 10.20.2020 with my new card. Then on 21.10.2019, today, i received another email saying a payment of SGD71.68/- has been renewed for 6 months. How is this possible? Charging me twice! You should have a record that I have upgraded after the last expiration and not charge me twice!. The funny thing is the dates are all wrong with the renewal payment that i had received, showing 15.10.2019 as expiration.

Please check and update me please.

My payment for SGD 113.21 - Ref Code : TNDR.20daca3d-8bd6-49a1-bf78-d6920529930e

and the renewal email Ref Code for SGD71.68 /- : TNDR.0a078216-b89a-[protected]-cf27589f667c

my email ID with [protected]@gmail.com (existing) and now i had used [protected]@msn.com for payment.

Please help here.

Thank you.


Update by Uma Devi
Oct 21, 2019

On this web page you can submit your complaint to a company about a specific product or service you have an issue with, simply share a negative experience with the company, or complain about a certain individual that has wronged you for whatever reason. The page consists of 4 mandatory fields: Company Name, Product/Subject of a complaint, Details and Category. Address of the company where incident took place is optional, but highly recommended to be filled as well.

Upon submitting a complaint, if it's against a specific company, we will notify it via e-mail and hopefully you'll get your answer soon.

Oct 18, 2019

Tinder - banned account - no reason for it, no reason provided for doing it

I joined Tinder on October 16th. Paid for Gold membership. The next day, I received notification of a message from a "match" but before I could open it a message popped up that I was banned for "violating terms of service". The huge problem being, that I had done NOTHING except swipe left and right...I read the terms of service and believe me, I am not in violation of any of their terms. I am a divorced, single mom who owns my own business and I am about as law-abiding and vanilla as they come. I then start reading about this issue online, there are tons of complaints and posts and articles about how prevalent this problem is...especially with attractive women being targeted by disgruntled trolls if they aren't "liked" in return. Apparently anyone can complain and say anything they want and people are kicked off the site automatically. There is no "customer service" or appeals process. The message I received to my question about what happened was an automatic, generic reply - same exact message that popped up when I was kicked off, with an added: "unfortunately we cannot give any more details at this time". This entire situation is a violation of my rights as a compliant, paying user. If Tinder can't provide me with proof of any wrongdoing, or provide an automatic refund (I paid for a month of service- I only got 1 day), this is a contract violation and I question the legality. I am confused, frustrated and furious.

Tinder - tinder

I wasted 15 bucks and will be charged 25 later for what? Your regular tinder is trash, you can't see who likes you unless you purchase the premium package which I think is theft. Then when I got a hook up from somebody, and tried to verify myself on tinder stars.com, I had to put my debit info in again(which is BS, btw), and it didn't verify. So I missed a booty call because your post website works like garbage. I'm disappointed. Only doing one month of this and then I'm out. I think it didn't verify because I must not have enough money for these [censored] to steal. Tinder is a joke.

Update by Matthew Simmons
Oct 15, 2019

I tried to verify myself like 8 times. 1 time it worked, but I got no code number I was supposed to get and I had to try again. After that, I couldn't do it. You guys are stealingy info and that's bs.

Tinder - tinder gold subscription

Hello Tinder team. I subscribed to tinder gold for6 month. Few days ago I deleted my account and then i made the new one. But when I tried to restore my purchases and then i'm getting the error of exceeding the limit. I purchased it on 2nd of sept. Tell me what should i do?please help me. My apple id is [protected]@yahoo.com . My email is [protected]@yahoo.com

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Tinder - billing

I was charged twice while upgrading to tindergold. I was charged on my credit card and it said declined. It was then charged to my debit card. I would like the amount approved on my debit card to be refunded and the last four numbers of that card are 4737. I don't understand how the card can be declined and then show a charge on it, and now that I can't get a hold of anyone in billing it makes me angry.

Oct 03, 2019

Tinder - fake account

Hey Tinder Team,

Someone has created fake account on tinder without my information.

Someone has used my profile picture and added this account.

I want pls delete and cancel this account on priority and provide confirmation post deletion.
Account name is "Kannnnuu 31"

Profile picture is also attached for your reference..pls delete on priority and confirm.

Update by Kannuuuu
Oct 03, 2019

No one responding me

Update by Kannuuuu
Oct 03, 2019

Someone address this complaint


You know companies don't read this site, right? Find out if they have a customer service number.

Tinder - tinder dating site

The Tinder website is a disgrace, the amount of you girls claiming to be 45, 50 Yr old is unbelievable. Tinder are responsible for this, either they create the profiles or they are not doing enough to get shut of these parasite profiles. Tinder should be shut down. Robbing people out of money, as a site they are no better than the parasite profiles that are on here

Sep 24, 2019

Tinder - tinder

I hooked up with a woman consensually and the next day told her I didn't want to see her again because we weren't compatible. She complained to tinder that I was a sexual predator (she told me this later) and I got banned for violating Tinder's terms of service.
I wonder what I violated exactly. The fact is, I wasn't comfortable seeing her again for 2 reasons:
a) she pressured me to drink alcohol when I kept telling her I didn't want to
b) At the end of a date, she wanted money, like payment. This was shocking to me because we never discussed payment (I don't pay for sex) other than my paying for her taxi (and I paid for the drinks as well). Doesn't that violate Tinder's terms of service??
According to Tinder's terms of service, do I not have a right to stop seeing someone for the stated reasons? I believe I have that right and I did not violate the terms of service. And no one ever complained about me before.
But it seems on Tinder, it's easy for anyone to weaponize banning for because Tinder never asked for my side of the story. I wish they had.

Just go on the Play Store and report the app from the top right, if all of us report it, maybe Google will remove it from the store as it is indeed a dangerous scam company.

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