Tinderbeing banned for no reason or explanation

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Hello I would like to make an official complaint about the lack of support from Tinder the on line dating app.

I have recently been banned and was told it was for violating their rules. I have not done this in any way at all. I have recently became single after a long relationship. When my relationship ended I started using tinder but suddenly I received an error code and contacted them to find out the problem. I received one response saying I was banned and would not be allowed to use the site again. The reasons was I have breached their terms or violated them in some way. This is impossible. I am taking this matter very seriously. I don't understand and they have not proceeded to tell me specifically of the violation. I know I have not done or said anything in anyway to upset anyone. I have contacted them again and received the same response back. This goes against my consumer rights and to have my good name be damaged in this way because they believe without investigation I have breached is discriminatory against me personally when I have no idea what I am meant to have done. I have read through their rules and can confirm I have not violated in anyway. I was not using tinder for a long time so I was not in a position to do anything. I have used the dating app in absolutely good faith and used it solely as it is intended.

Please can you help? I would like this resolved asap. But would also like to understand the exact wrong that has taken place. I would then verify it was not me and look to having my account re enabled with an apology.

Kindest regards


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      Sep 03, 2017

    I was also banned for no reason. I only had a few pictures, which were all appropriate, and a short, simple bio. Asking Tinder support the reason for the van just got a cookie-cutter response stating I was banned, which obviously I already knew. I never got another response after that.

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      Jan 12, 2018

    Exactly the same thing has just happened to me. I’m furious as I have historical contacts which are now potentially lost. I intend to take them on. This is a complete and utter farce!

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      Apr 05, 2018

    Same here. The app seemed to crash and after that I couldn't log in. Contected Tinder support team, and got information that I have violated their rules. No explanation apart from "Sorry we cannot provide you explanation".

    Prepaid subscription was not refunded. Might it be a way to earn money by Tinder? People pay, get banned, do not get refund - Tinder pockets it for own use. A scamming activity???

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      Jul 25, 2018

    @Julia2018 The same happened to me and they had a full year's subscription from me. I think we should start spreading the word that Tinder is not just a site for sexual harassment to run rampant, but also a complete scam. It would be fine if it were an actual upstanding site that had emailed me or texted me or something to notify me that something I said or did was inappropriate, but no, just went to log in and it wouldn't let me. I had to google to even find out why I couldn't log in.

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      May 08, 2018

    I can add my experience here as well. I have been exchanging pleasant chats with several women over the last few days and suddenly my Tinder logged out. When I tried to log back in I received error 40303. I e-mailed support and they simply responded that my account was banned for violating ToS and user guidelines and that was it. There was no way to restore or dispute the matter. I was also a paying Gold subscriber (NZD$47.99 monthly)

    I believe this is an incredible (and unlawful) case of consumer rights abuse. As a subscriber to a paid service you have the right to know why your services were terminated and I will report this to several consumer rights groups.

    I do not believe I have violated their terms nor have I insulted any of my contacts or used foul language.

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      May 11, 2018

    ^ + 1, i could have written any of these replies, particularly the last one with 11 months to go on gold sub..
    I'm not amused at all with tinder, and will happily join any legal attempts.

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      Jun 04, 2018

    Same issue here, i got banned without any reason, I reported several abusive guys out there. Maybe that's why, lol! This needs to reach consumer forums and legal actions should be taken!

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      Aug 17, 2018

    Just the same happened to me. Awful.
    If you are filing a class action lawsuit, this is my email to contact me. I'm in: [protected]

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      Aug 24, 2018

    Same problem a whole year later... I didn't even have time to match with anyone before getting banned. They clearly do not care if they haven't bothered to look into in this amount of time.

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      Aug 27, 2018

    I deleted my tinder account and made a new one. After 5minutes of using it i got banned! I didnt even chat with anyone!

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      Sep 03, 2018

    Is there really a way to stop this? Happened to me twice and I'm getting mad

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      Sep 17, 2018

    This is the 5th time Tinder has banned me for no reason ... am tired of creating new profiles everyday and i don't even get to chart with people ... the sad part is i just created a new account and paid for Tinder Gold, Only for my account to be removed in a few hours. You guys should fix this mess. Its not kool.

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      Mar 14, 2019

    Tinder, I have been a good free customer by reporting to Tinder everytime I found suspicious African scam profile but instead of rewarding me Tinder banned my account because of a male user's vendetta against me! I suspect this shady guy who claims to be RUI 38 1KM in Malaysia, GOOGLE BILLIONAIRE CLUB MEMBER.

    to hack into Tinder or file false report against my acct for revenge for me complaining abt his arrogance, rudeness & cocky & rude messages.

    TINDER, he is NOT Google billionaire club member! Thats a scam to attract women on Tinder! Either he is a Scammer or Playboy or Hacker who abusing his skill & authority to screw anyones account as he is pleased.

    PLEASE UN BAN MY ACCOUNT & BAN THOS JERKS ACCOUNT BEFORE HE RUINS ANOTHER WOMANS LIFE. Everyone who reads guy or girl no matter get rid of this jerk off Tinder for good & please goto his Tinder link acct then COPY & PASTE this complain & warning of mine let him read it & delete his profiles for good & then you guys please REPORT his account to force Tinder to BAN his acct. Guys, you dont need the competition for girls from this jerk anyway & girls, you be careful this Rui conman can ruin your life as soon as you speak up against him. DONT REPLY TO HIS MESSAGE. AVOID THIS EGOISTIC WANKER CRIMINAL AT ALL COST!

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