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bad service

If you are a hardworking person looking to join this site don't bother wasting your money 90% of the profiles are fake, I was talking to a woman who was called breezy from Orlando Florida she seemed genuine so I talked to her, it seemed kind of fishy you would only get a response once a month or when you're premium runs out. I ended up doing a reverse search of her image on bing and I ended up finding her Facebook profile, and messaged her she's from Chicago and as two kids and when I asked her if she was a member of ilya she didn't know what I was talking about... Rochelle Peachey is a muppet who's stealing people's identities, her site needs to be shut down.

difficult to cancel your membership and ghost members

If you wish to communicate regular with people, this is not the website for you...many people turn up and then vanish after contacting you first

I get the feeling they just play around with no real intent in meeting...if they are real in the first place ?

so my advice :

If you are genuine person and serious in meeting someone, my advice is to walk on by

Also it is difficult to cancel your membership as there is no functionality on the website like most other websites of this nature.

I have no paypal account and therefore had to phone paypal to cancel

The membership just keeps rolling if you don't cancel with your payment move Mr Website :)

american/british dating site

Until recently, I was a Premium Member, off-and-on, for about 3 years.
I'm not unattractive, and I wrote an interesting profile. What I attracted back in return were 'catfish'. Men with horrible English grammar who flattered me obsequiously, calling me "Darling" and "Sweetheart". Well, Momma didn't raise a fool, so I copied and pasted the texts of these messages directly into the Google search bar, and guess what came up ? Yep. They were all examples of emails from Nigerian 'catfish'. So I canceled my membership. A couple of months later, I received a 'flirt' from a really nice looking man who had seemingly been on the site for a few years. I took the bait and renewed my membership so I could reply to this man. And in turn, I received a message with a two word answers from him. And then nothing. And this happened to me a few times with other members. Supposed long-time members would send me messages or flirts when I was not active, and then after I'd renew ...nothing. So, I believe that the more attractive male profiles they have listed, are indeed, phony profiles that the administration poses behind to lure people in. And this summer, I quit the site for the last time. They took my payment 4 days early, and when I complained I heard nothing back, and after sending several emails, I finally did get a reply and a lot of attitude. Instead of apologizing and making things right, they were very defensive and blamed PayPal. PayPal stepped-in and refunded my payment. I asked for my profile to be taken down completely. By the way... this company is not a British company, although they portray themselves to be. They are actually called "Accent Publishing" and they are located in Orlando, Fl. They have 2 customer service phone numbers listed on different Florida business registrations sites, but as expected, neither one of them is a valid, current number. Their mailing address is also bogus. I'm very glad to be done with them. Please BEWARE !!

unable to get profile removed and refund. payments recurring without authorisation.

I'm having great difficulty getting my profile removed from this site and a refund for the unauthorised recurring payment. I'm being told I used the site when I have not.
How does one go about getting your profile removed and a refund?
Furthermore how else can we report this site as others should not continue experiencing the same. It is largely fake and very untrustworthy.
Any help on this is greatly appreciated? Thanks

  • Li
    LiaV Jul 27, 2017

    Completely agree with Cat's comment - IMPOSSIBLE to get profile removed and stop re-occuring charges. Emailing the support email is useless. Had to block the payments on Paypal and open 2 investigations - hopefully will get my money back. Also, agree with "Fake profile" comments - I have not met a single guy and most never replied. COMPLETE SCAM! STAY AWAY!

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fake users!

I signed up for ILoveYourAccent dating website and used it for about three weeks. At the beginning everything seemed fine, I really enjoyed my time there meeting new people. Everything was great until I met someone who actually was fake.
I met a man there and liked him a lot, but later I found out his profile was not real. I was very disappointed and embarrassed. I cancelled my account right away. Don't trust this website, there are fake users!

  • Hy
    hy8s Feb 18, 2017

    Hi... How did you manage to cancel your account? I cannot find a way to do this. I don't have a paypal account as I paid by card. I have emailed them but I haven't had any reply from them. I am concerned that they will take another payment. Thank you in advance

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don't waste your time or money.

I joined IloveYourAccent several months ago and I believe that majority of profiles are fake. When I signed up I received some messages from men who said they were very interested and wanted my phone number. Some of them wanted to meat me in real life and when I agreed they just disappeared. I also received "flirts" from many people, but when I sent them a message I never got a response. And yes, I believe that all the positive reviews are also fake and written by their employees. Some people have no conscience and think that it is fun to play on others hopes. Horrible website, I'm very disappointed.

rude customer service scammers!

I signed up and after a month wanted to call it quits. I emailed the admin because I could find no way to...

impossible to delete the account

Don’t believe the website I registered on the website and created account, but to my surprise other people weren’t active and I simply wasted time. I didn’t chat with other people, but I received a lot of spam and junk mails. I wasn’t happy and wanted to delete my account. However, the website didn’t allow you to delete it so simply. Maybe someone knows how to do it.

avoid it, go somewhere else

I think it's terrible, because one cannot even read a single message from any of the other hopefuls, without upgrading to a premium membership. How in the world are you supposed to determine whether or not you want to become a premium member, if you can't even initially connect with anybody? And how are we supposed to know that all those "messages from another member" we're getting in the iloveyouraccent inbox, are from actual people, or from employees of the site trying to make us buy a membership just to read what their messages have to say? It's not like I expect free service from everywhere/ everything, but, standards and rules should be reasonable. Iloveyouraccent is definitely not reasonable in it's expectations of people and in its willingness/unwillingness to bring singles together; it comes across as ONLY a business, with no heart in the business, whatsoever! Terrible. We can feel more heart in a bottle of Heinz Ketchup, than in this place! Avoid it, go somewhere else!

they have a bbb rating of &f&

On paying my membership for a single month a while ago, I found it strange that some of those who contacted me initially seemed not to reply even when a telephone number and email address is presented...what does that lead me to believe ?...perhaps the individuals who 'appear' legitimate are in fact not. Understandably that may just be apathy on the part of the so called person.Now a few months go by, without being a paid member and once again I receive messages and possibly being interested I have no other option but to pay the $20 for the month to read the email message. Again, I see shallow and nondescript replies so I have to consider that this might just be a way of 'artificially' coercing and enticing a person to make payment for what I see is a poorly executed dating site.

I am now in dispute with Paypal claim (having paid through that medium) and the administrator would not refund the $20.Their attitude is abysmal. They even had the audacity to suggest I should be auditing their site and informing them.

They have a BBB rating of "F" so that might just give you a hint as to their approach to customer issues.AVOID THEM LIKE THE PLAGUE!

  • Ch
    Charlene crowe Apr 27, 2014

    Yeah, I think there are some fake profiles, on here as well. Note, you're not getting any hits, then as it gets closer to the end of the month, when membership is running out, you get all these hits. Strange, but it's happened, more than once to me. And the block button, is right next to the delete mail button. So if you're not careful, you're blocking everyone. Who designed this. One day, I had Ella, from administration, as visiting, my page. I'm a chic, not into girls, why would she visit, and not leave a message? Tht was strange. And beware, the married men. Ladies, it's like a magic act, simply tell them you'd like to visit, and poof, like magic, they are gone. Quite, a few on here, too. I don't know anyone, tht would want to converse, with someone on this site, as opposed to a better means of communication. Yeah, if you're providing email, Skype address, or evn phone number, and they choose to communicate, prehistorically, then they are hiding something for a reason, or they are not real. It's simple.

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  • Jo
    jojodone Apr 26, 2017

    Its 2017 and i have had a similar experience, contacted their admin and told them straight up that i suspected some of their profiles for guys who had contacted me were false, after an initial 'hi' when i was a non paid-up member, everything went quiet! Not sure why im putting this in writing as im effectively helping to be more devious when doing this! The site is clunky and amateurish - obviously done on a budget - this person lures you in after a 'free registration' then sends you spoof messages to make you think there are people interested in your profile! Ive removed the recurrent payments from paypal so hopefully wont be funding this ### after my month runs out. What a scam and a complete waste of money.

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internet fraud

I signed up for the "free" account and decided to get the extras for one month's membership. I paid with...

I had charles harassing me about me calling fraud on the company

I had CHARLES harassing me about me calling FRAUD on the company... I call fraud when u do not authorize automatic payments... Paypal did put a stop to that. So he deleted my profile. Also would not stop emailing me every day about going to a different dating site, which I will do. I could NOT log in... but he lied and said i was a premium member... WTF?

  • Il Jul 16, 2012

    Pikalde???? Why not use your real name when you make these accusations??
    [email protected] will bring up the real you wont it?
    Paypal said your payment had not even cleared when you began emailing WTF, so they gave you your money back and your profile was deleted, whats your issue now Sandra Serrano?

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  • Il Jul 17, 2012

    Sandra Serrano [email protected] the comments you made about Charles are unfounded and pathetic as you choose to hide behind a silly name.
    Why not come out and state your case using your real name and email?
    You were a premium member yet called Paypal to complain, you got your money back and your profile was deleted, all in 30 minutes, yet you still had the class to write
    WTF FRAUD!!!
    We told you to go away, surely you must have something else to do, maybe not.

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abusive, arrogant 50, 52, 55 yrs unprofessional owner of website

Rochelle Peachey seems to think she's a 'dating expert'!!! So much so she claims she'...

nasty, vindictive, unprofessional

The only argument Rochelle Peachey seems to be able to come up with is why don't people use their real...

a very useless site

A very useless site. When you are an unpaid member, you cannot even read any messages sent to you. So then what is the point of buying a membership? There are not many paid members so there are very few people you can actually talk to. So I tried to include an old email address in my profile in hopes of being able to communicate with a few people. But I got a very nasty email from the admin saying I "wasn't smart or classy"! I know it was against the rules, but the site is so restrictive. Wouldn't just be enough to say they removed it and not to do it again? I thought that was a bit strange, but after reading the other reviews it makes sense now. I also was getting the impression some male profiles are fake. They are supposed to be British, but a few of them used American spelling and expressions. Luckily I didn't buy a membership, but I'm not surprised by the trouble the other reviewers had with their accounts.

  • Il
    iloveyouraccent Apr 29, 2012

    This member Keri Cowart in her 30s from Alabama joined the site hoping to chat to men overseas, She constantly added her personal contact details so she would not have to pay. We are not a free site, there are plenty out there so why try to scam us out of $5 a week? We removed her contact details and she added them again and again. She obviously liked the site enough to keep adding her personal details. She was removed from the site after becoming rude to the admin department, telling them to shove the $5 up their ###. People who write on sites like this and then hide behind a Pseudonym have no credibility. If you want to put our name out there then expect the same.

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  • Il
    iloveyouraccent Apr 29, 2012

    This member Keri Cowart from Alabama is a women in her 30s who joined the site wanting to chat to men overseas. She constantly added her personal contact details to her profile to avoid paying the $5 a week. We removed the contact details and she added them again and again. We are not a free site, there are many out there so why try to scam us? Her profile was removed and she was rude to the admin department. When people use sites like this to vent and complain, they lose all their credibility when they choose to hide behind a pseudonym. If you have a genuine issue we will do all we can to help but when you are angry because we stopped your scam it becomes ridiculous. We are not a free site and are quite entitled to remove personal contact details from members who try to avoid paying ... like Keri Cowart did.

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  • Brenda* Jun 14, 2012

    "People who write on sites like this and then hide behind a Pseudonym have no credibility. If you want to put our name out there then expect the same." - Businesses that post member's personal information on public websites lose all credibility and should be avoided.

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this site and the woman behind it rochelle is a disgrace and the most unprofessional person

This site and the woman behind it Rochelle is a disgrace and the most unprofessional person running a...

I would not recommend this site

I tried it for a few months, very few interesting connections - so BEFORE my subscription date - I hunted for the Cancel or Remove Profile links or buttons - and they were nowhere to be found! Imagine that. So finally, I wrote to Admin via Contact Us, notifying them days before my subscription expired. Well, low and behold - they charged my PayPal days later anyway and then told me it was MY fault because I needed to cancel the PayPal charge also, not just cancel my subscription or remove my profile on their site. LAME! It seems to me that canceling prior to renewal should be sufficient and they didn´t even make that easy. I wrote and asked for a refund and the customer service rep was rude and unhelpful - it is funny how a website created to foster relationships doesn't know that the value of good feelings after a relationship ends is key. I would not recommend this site. Poor form!

  • Il
    iloveyouraccent Nov 28, 2011

    Its such a shame you did not use your real name. I know who you are and you were extremely rude to the admin dept. I am Rochelle Peachey owner of the site and of course you must cancel a payment you set up with Paypal. We have no access to your CC info and you were advised to cancel with Paypal and we would delete your profile or you could remain as a standard member.
    You surely know the reason you did not make any connections on or do I really need to spell them our here?

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  • Sa
    SandyLand Jul 15, 2012

    I am with him on that.. Fraud companies that recharge your bank account monthly... LAME
    CHARLES at the company wouldnt quit harassing me for saying I was going to go elsewhere... That is my choice. I was not able to log in... I payed, it was just a disaster.. And yes, they removed my profile when I tried to use a different card that the website was not processing right... Bad website.. AVOID!

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  • Ji
    Jikadery Sep 10, 2012

    I thought I was just being paranoid in thinking that the men on this site are fake... but if others felt it too, then it's likely true. I had a feeling I shouldn't sign up for this site, and I wish I would have followed my gut.

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  • Jo
    jo2015uk Apr 19, 2015

    its a scam
    im not sure if any of you guys look at all their activity. firstly you can notice that on every complain made on any site about iloveyouraccent they can never be wrong its always people that are "crazy" to think anything bad about them..i mean come on they are the "perfect" dating site(not) even on their Facebook page they have only 200 submissions and im assuming that is like close friends and fake profiles. on twitter this rochelle person runs like a headless chicken with her comments on that page. its all a bit too much with these criminals.
    they are also using your data so you then can be bombarded with other scams. please join me in reporting them to the national fraud and cyber crime center. ive already started on my account just need more support from you guys

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  • Ma
    Mario1234567890 Aug 23, 2015

    I am male and I too tried to cancel my subscription only to be met with abuse and ridicule, this site has no place for you to cancel your subscription once you try to cancel and they prey on the vulnerable who do not know how to cancel and when you contact them by email asking to cancel your requests go unanswered...BEWARE THIS SITE IS A SCAM !!!

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I canceled my account via paypal and ilya still charged me

I canceled my account via Paypal and ILYA still charged me! After sending 3 polite emails to the ILYA admin, he/she responded saying since I was charged; it was obvious I was lying and I didn't cancel my account. When I forwarded the Paypal confirmation showing my account had been cancelled and the last payment authorized was 3 months ago, they accused me of "altering" the text. He/she finished off the last email by telling me to “keep it real”. Unbelievable!

wow... this site is seriously awful

Wow.. this site is seriously awful!! The admin of this site is seriously unprofessional!! This site cancelled by subscription at my request but then continued to charge me and denied all responsibility. They conveniently miss out in the cancellation process that you must cancel the paypal payment yourself. They're out to steal your money!! Rochelle Peachey needs to learn some customer service skills and is a very bitter, unprofessional CEO. No people skills, which is the one thing a CEO needs! Doesn't she realise who pays her wage at the end of the day? Seems like a few others have had the same experience. We need to make a noise about this and stop this con artist right now! The service I paid for wasn't fufilled as the website is way below the standard of its competitors. Like the people below me, I cancelled within days. I am now out of pocket for money for a service I cancelled months ago! Wow.. like others have said.. STAY AWAY FROM THIS CON!!

  • Pa
    PatienceC May 06, 2011

    BUYER BEWARE! This company uses reoccuring payments and it's extremely difficult to cancel. After sending 3 polite emails to the ILYA admin, he/she responded saying since I was charged; it was obvious I was lying and I didn't cancel my account. When I forwarded the Paypal confirmation showing my account had been cancelled and the last payment authorized was 3 months ago, they accused me of "altering" the text. I hate to think what would have happend if I gave this company my credit card information.

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  • Il
    iloveyouraccent Dec 18, 2011

    It is not possible for us to collect any payments from Paypal after you cancel your payments. NOT POSSIBLE.
    If you honestly believe money was taken after your cancellation then your issue is with Paypal and not us.
    Its sad you all hide behid silly names when you make complaints yet feel its OK to mention my website by name.

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  • Ih Jul 29, 2013

    This woman is con and her website is a scam. Are there are ANY real profiles on there at all?

    Sign up and random people will contact you immediately. Pay up (because you can't otherwise read their messages) and you won't hear from any of them again.

    Save your money and your time, do not register for this site!!!

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  • Ri
    RippedoffbyILYA Nov 04, 2013

    Every bad thing you've ever read about this site is true. There is no way to cancel membership on the web site, they suggest rather that you discontinue payments via PayPal. The problem with that is that people who don't have a PayPal account can't login and do this. PayPal told me that ILYA had to cancel my membership and discontinue payments from their end and they refuse to do it. I started this process weeks ago as my 3 month membership is up on the 15th of November. The first response I got from ILYA was immediate telling me to go through PayPal. My response informing ILYA of what PayPal said got no reply...ever. I resent it a few days later and still nothing. Resent it the next day, no response. Sent the same email 20 (yes) 20 times to irritate them into responding to me. I got a reply saying "Why have you sent the same email 20 times?" but nothing on my actual problem. I've now reported them to the BBB, Attorney General of Florida and Illinois. They are total scam artists and the site itself is horrid. The layout is awful, there aren't many members at all, and it looks more like an AOL personal page from 1997 than it does a 'professional' web site. I can't wait until they're shut down.

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  • Ja
    jackcookie Jul 05, 2015

    how did you cancel it in the end? They are doing the same to me...

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