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May 07, 2017

Tinder - tinder dating app uk

I was the impression that this was an adult only site, so assumed pictures of babies would not be allowed. I have Been informed that pictures of a family member (a baby)have been posted online in tinder would this be true or would the pictures be blocked.
How can I find out if these pictures have actually been posted and how do I get them removed if so.


Tinder - tinder plus

I had tinder plies on an account but can no longer remember the password so I made a new account. I had tinder plus on my old account and because I forget my password to it, it's still charging me and it won't let me buy it for the new account, this is causing me really bad complications. If there's anyway you could help with sorting my problem out it will be appreciated. I really want to get this sorted because I'm paying for something I can't use and you won't let me buy it for my new account.

Tinder - tinder app

Purchased plus and as soon as I did it logged me out and I can not log in anymore! I've contacted sustainer support manytimes and yhey have done nothing for me. I just wasted 12$ for nothing. If my account does not start working soon and I do not have plus I will be posting negative reviews whereever I can! This is BS. I've emailed many times and they reply but never actually do anything ! Ugh

May 02, 2017

Tinder - photo censorship

Your site or workers or whoever is in charge of censorship decided that two of my photos were inappropriate and needed to be removed today which is ridiculous and shows how immature, sexist and biased your companies values are. They were torso photos of me in a long sleeve shirt and underwear, less revealing than most bikini or topless photos of men that are allowed on the site, yet it was deemed inappropriate due to the fact that I am a woman who is comfortable enough with her body and posing with confidence and that society and apparently your app is uncomfortable with female sexuality. If you think that my photos should be taken down because they are too revealing then you should have to take down any bathing suit photos of all men and women and photos of men with no shirts on as well, or photos that show any skin besides arms and calves and faces. This is an unfair way to judge people's photos and you have no right to decide that my beautiful body is innapropiate. You are running your company with double standards and sexism, and if you do not allow my photos to remain this time, I will have to take further action against your company.

May 01, 2017

Tinder - product

I'm complaining about tinder and their useless customer service, it took me to tell them I was going to the ombudsman before I got a reply within 10 minutes, I was happy to pay the £6 a month because...

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Apr 23, 2017

Tinder - dating site

Hi, As I am very much found of the tinder dating site... I tried to pay for a subscription but the site dint accept my payment and declined instead I was charged for every time I tried to make a...

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Tinder - william daniel cosby

this man is nothing but a con stay away from him. He will tell you lies; that he loves you borrow money and never pay it back. I've been punched slapped and knocked down. Trust me ladies slid thi...

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Apr 23, 2017

Tinder - tinder package

Hi team,

I have received transaction details for apple regarding purchase of a super like package from tinder dated 19th april 2017.
I did not have any account on tinder on 19th april. I surely did have an account around 4th of april but not on 19th. How could it be that when I didn't even have an account that a transaction has been made?
Please look into it and help in providing a refund for the same or an explanation!

Prateek chauhan

Email id: [protected]@gmail.com


Tinder - boostboost

I purwipe right, please refund my 270provide me another booster my contact no is [protected] and email id [protected]@gmail.com. It is very very bad experience. Please resolve my problem as soon as possible otherwise I take strict againts you. It is wastage og my money. I dnt think it is good service for uses. Bad experience, so much disappointed for tinder.


Tinder - unsolicited calls


Today I received 2 phone calls from people I do not know. Both said they got my details from Tinder. I do not have an account with Tinder. I am really quite disturbed by this especially since my private number is being displayed.
I was told that people could have gotten that info from Face Book. I have not made my info public there either.

How do I go about removing and also finding out how this happened?

Thank you,
Maite Mendieta


Tinder - tinder

I cannot log into tinder. It keeps giving me the same message "opps, something went wrong. There was a problem logging into tinder, please try again." it's been doing that for days now and sometime...

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Apr 15, 2017

Tinder - snapchat username is probably used by someone else

Hello Tinder, Yesterday, someone added me on Snapchat. Today he send me a message. I asked how he got my snapchatname because I don't even know him. He said that I had added him on Tinder. This i...

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Apr 14, 2017

Tinder - false identity

I've emailed a few times now regarding someone using my identity on Tinder, but iv still not received any acknowledgement on this problem ?...

I was hoping this was a straight forward process but it seems it's a very frustrating process .

My name Ben Jones (KE JONES & SON ) is still being used on Tinder which is very upsetting to here expecially when I'm very happily married man and father .

Please acknowledge my emails and confirm when me and my company www.jones-builders.co.uk has been taken off your membership etc .

Ben Jones

Apr 10, 2017

Tinder - fraudulent identity

My name is benjamin jones from ke jones & son building services.

It's been brought to my attention that someone is using my name's on tinder!..

My personal details ben jones trading as ke jones & son building services in the uk, website www.jones-builders.co.uk is being used on tinder and i've been contacted by some girl on there stating iv been messaging her on tinder, which is not possible as I never been on your site?..

Please advise how I can stop this from happening asap and how it can't happen again in the future?.

It's very upsetting to receive and here that someone is using my identity!..

Ben jones
Ke jones & son.


Apr 09, 2017

Tinder - tinder - fake profile


I do not use tinder as I am happily engaged woman, however, it has been brought to my attention that someone is using my name and pictures on tinder. This has not been linked to my Facebook page as it is obviously a fake account, could you please look at investigating into this for me as I feel very uncomfortable knowing that someone is out there using my pictures and potentially messaging people as if they were me.

The name is Mary Tait, it says I am 25 (which I am not for a couple of weeks) I will attach a picture of the profile.

I look forward to hearing from yourselves regarding this matter.

Kind regards,

Mary Tait

Apr 09, 2017

Tinder - tinder

HI! I installed and signed on to tinder about 4 years ago through facebook. I have since uninstalled but didn't delete my profile. About a week ago, a friend of mine saw my picture on tinder. It was current pictures (with my daughter current age) but I have not been active on tinder at all. I immediately re installed and deleted the profile via settings. Question: how did it happen? Does facebook profile photos update into latest version of tinder or could it have been hacked? O have broken my brain trying to figger it out, as I am very embarrassed about it knowing that my profile most probably hung around cyberspace all this time.


Tinder - tinder plus

My tinder plus acc keeps dropping out. It's like I have not purchased it. When I try to refresh an error msg comes up that when followed gives useless information and does not fix. This is a common...

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Mar 28, 2017

Tinder - can't access server on all you can eat data plan three uk

I have contacted tinder on four occasions about the same bug and the reply is always 'we'll take a look at this issue'. I pay for tinder plus, so at the minute I'm not getting what I paid for. I can't get any access to tinder servers while using data on the three uk network. I have an all you can eat data plan, and have read that tinder blocks people on these plans because they are 'normally' bots. I have referred tinder support to this example https://www.elxsy.com/2016/02/tinder-is-blocked-on-three-3-network-uk/ and they did not send a reply. They really couldn't care less about my issue, and don't acknowledge that I should get what I am paying for. And on a side note, I have had all my three network adult setting lifted and rechecked by three support and they are sure that it isn't three blocking the tinder servers.


Tinder - tinder app dating site

There is someone on your dating app who is using it to groom vulnerable women into giving them money. I am in the UK and at the beginning of March I matched with a gentleman calling himself Christos Erastos he claimed to be a Dallas Antiques Dealer who was moving his business to London, he even sent a link to his website https://sites.google.com/site/erastosantiques it seemed very genuine, I even looked the address up online, which confirmed the business at the address of the site. He claimed to be in Dubai on a buying trip for stock for his new shop. I started to get suspicious when his trip was extended just days before we had arranged to meet in the UK. He then emailed his flight details for 28th March, which I now am sure a fake. All of a sudden yesterday I received a message saying that he was having trouble with the import duty on the items he had purchased and needed to borrow money.
I feel that someone needs to investigate this as I am sure I would not have been the only person approached and would not like to think of any other person being taken in by this

This has also happened to me! Said he had just moved to Orlando and was in Cape Town on a buying trip. He's journey home kept getting delayed for one reason or another. Beeded money to pay for the rest of the coins he bought. BEWARE! !

Hi Sue, I matched with Christos in mid April. He's still in Dubai buying stock but now he's movingly to Ipswich! I was suspicious from the start tbh, and not amazed when he told me he'd been robbed. He wanted me to sign into his bank account and pay his coin dealer. No doubt this wouldn't have worked and he'd have needed me to use my money...I stopped playing along when he wanted my email address because he'd have had my surname then and as he's clearly dodgy I didn't want to risk it. I'm including a picture as a warning to other women.


Tinder - reporting fake account

Dear Customer Service, It has been brought to my attention that a fake account under the name Christine listed to be 38 years old in France is using my profile picture pulled from the Internet from...

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