Tim Hortonsworkers don’t know how to make bagels. coffee. food is always dry.

monday october 7th 2019.
east avenue tim hortons not only couldn't make my bagel correct they wouldn't replace it they gave me absolutely nothing but wasted time and wasted money. if i tell you my order is wrong you can't tell me it's right i know what i wanted on here and i can tell you the bagel i received wasn't it. when i told him exactly how i wanted it done he had the nerve to put cold butter on a cold bagel that i asked for double toasted. i'm not happy about the service and i'm certainly not happy about the quality. i want the issue to be fixed and i want a bagel i can actually eat not half assed by some east indian that doesn't know how to make a bagel the way people ask for it.

Oct 08, 2019

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