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I have been a customer of Tim Hortons for perhaps 45 years and in general I am happy with your products and service. However, I recently visited your store

Sep. 30, 2019 Dining purchase TIM HORTONS #1335 EDMONTON AB Sep. 30, 2019 1.25

And had a coffee and donut using my Tim card to pay for part of it. I had been to that store 4 or 5 times before as it was a handy place to relax and wait for my son's medical appointment to end and then he would phone and I would pick him up.

Unfortunately, I did not realize there was a one hour limit on parking(I had never seen this at any other Tim Hortons) and I was there more than an hour and got a $63 ticket which I appealed to no gain.

I have paid the ticket as I don't wish to be hounded by some collection agency but the experience has left a "bad taste" regarding Tim Hortons.

Oct 07, 2019

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