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Yesterday Friday June 28 2019 at the 24hr Tim Hortons at Bathurst and Finch Ave. Toronto Ontario Canada I went into there store to get a couple dozen donuts and the large Timbits. This was 9pm and there was maybe 8 donuts ones I wouldn't choose and a handful of plane Timbits, I asked the girl working there is there more donuts and Timbits she could put out, she said I don't know and spoke to her manager who told me no that's it for the day, when I questioned him about for the day ? And it's a 24hr Tim Hortons the day never ends he laughed and said there are no more donuts or Timbits coming out, as a customer that was having a bunch of guests and not get anything because of this has brought me here to make a complaint, a few months ago I had the same issue and was told there wasn't any donuts because of renovations, I do hope this can be rectified as there should always be food items available 24hrs a day if it's always open, have someone go there at around 9pm to verify this if there is any question of what I am saying.
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Jun 29, 2019

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