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Hello, I am a regular Tim Hortons customer and I always go to Tim's for my breakfast. I have been to many locations and am always satisfied with my food and service. However, I went to one of the Tim Hortons today around 9 am (Oct. 6, 2019) which is at 7995 Dixie Rd, Brampton, outside Petro Canada location and got the worst customer service experience in my lifetime. The employees there care more about their personal talks and EGO rather than their customers.Here is the whole situation - I went there around 9am to grab my coffee and food. I was waiting at the counter from 5 mins and nobody was there to take my order, though all the four staff members (girls) were busy in their personal chatting. There was one other, the only one customer in the store waiting to order the food too but the staff didn't care about anything and were busy chatting. After observing that, I asked them if they are able to take my order because I was running late. Then, after 2 mins, one of them came to the counter to take orders and the other one standing on the side asked me to first go outside and ask my friend ( who was sitting in the car) not to park there ( the car was there from 10 mins and she didn't care about that before as she was busy talking). So, I said is that okay if I order first and then go and tell him to move the car as I was ready to order, she said NO, go outside first and then come back to order. I don't know what kind of attitude she was showing to me. I just wanted to place my order because I didn't want to wait another couple of minutes as I value my time. So, I left the store without getting anything and they did not even care to apologize for the inconvenience caused to me. Of course, I would never wanna go back to that location where customers are not valued at all, but I want Tim Hortons customer service policies to be reviewed with those staff members at that location who don't care about their customers and keep their own ego above that so that it does not ruin other customers' mornings like mine. I would greatly appreciate if you look into this matter seriously and make other
customers' visit to be pleasant.
Thank you so much!

Oct 06, 2019

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