Tim Hortons Suttona employee

K Sep 14, 2018

Hi there.
I have gone through my hometown Tim Hortons a lot of Tim at night and this one employee has the worse attitude. Tonight was very rude and I'm done with having to deal with this here. Her name tag showed Michelle..she worked drive thru...friday September 14th at 820pm.
There was 3 cars in front of me...I'm waiting at the speaker and all 3 cars got served before I even placed my order yet. I said Hello???
She gets on and replies... WOW someone is eager!
I replied... I'm sorry??
She then comes back on and says Nothing..what can I get u with a total attitude slapping her gum over speaker.
She has this smart [protected]@@ attitude like her [protected]@@t don't stink...
I have had her many of times, either in drive thru or inside at the cash and she has the same attitude everytime. Like we r wasting her social life coming in.

I'm not sure what your protocol is..but I'm sure management would like to hear about this. I have talked to others and they say the same thing about her attitude.

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