Tim Hortonsservice

M Aug 16, 2018

We used to go to Timmys all the time but now rarely go for the following reasons:
Service - 3 people only serving store front and drive through both of which are busy causing customers to wait for 1/2 for a cup of coffee.
The food: used to be good now not so good the buns have changed and now are pretty poor in quality; the food is cold; doughnuts put in a paper bag and causing the icing to melt on one side of the paper and then no icing at all. Just pretty well done with the whole Timmys thing; not liking it all, not clean not friendly takes too long in line up the whole thing could use an upgrade.
We originally went for coffee or lunch every day not we don't go maybe once a month; Dairy Queen, McDonalds and A & W are much more appealing.

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