Tim Hortonsrepeated incorrect order

J Aug 01, 2018

It has to be at least 10 times over the last 6 months I have received coffee when I clearly ask for your excellent steeped hot tea. I stop at various locations EVERY DAY on my way to work, I'd say thats a good customer. The main location I stop is at Delaware & Sheridan Dr in Tonawanda NY 14150. They are always apologetic, friendly and give me a free tea the next day but that doesnt do anything for me now that I am at work TODAY. If I dont open it and smell it I cannot be sure my order is correct. I realize the store is busy and human beings make mistakes but its such a pain in the behind. I think Tim Hortons needs to do something, differnt lids, different cups, something to help their staff complete the order correctly.
Today a friend stopped at a differnt location, Tony Walker Plaza Williamsville NY 14221 to see if she would have better luck, Nope Coffee again. On top of the fact that the woman at the window was miserable, no smile, no hello, didnt even say my friends total due. Of course I called to report it and the gentleman who answwered the phone told me I 'could come back to get a tea' well thats not possible now when we are at work. He NEVER apologized for her error, that is not what I have become used to with your staff customer service.
I have taken to posting this on Facebook as it occurs and the response from friends is full agreement that it happens to them as well. You have an issue Timmy!

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