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T Nov 16, 2017

The Washington Court House, OH store seems to be going downhill fast. I believe they have had much turnover and their recent store manager transferred to another store. Not sure if they have a new manager in place but often the drive through speaker is down, the drive through line takes a very long time to get through and then when you finally make it to the window are told they do not have several items or their machines are down and not working. Machines are down a lot. It is beyond frustrating when I take the time to drive from the outskirts of town into town and have to backtrack to get to work, hoping for some great service and food only to encounter the above and much time wasted. I think it is time someone take a serious look at this store location and ensure it is being managed, new machines in place for the ones that keep breaking down and plenty of menu items on hand or else remove them from the menu. I think this is critical because they are losing a lot of business. I have spoken to many who feel the same way. They are losing customers. I personally have decided to stop trying to make a trip there every morning so not to be disappointed and I was one who goes every day and sometimes even twice a day. Additionally, the nearby Krogers store right behind them just recently opened a Starbucks. I am not personally a Starbucks fan but they are going to have a lot of good business since our Tim Hortons is not performing to par. Often they are out of pretzel bagels, and vanilla greek yogurt and the cappacino machine is down often. I would think that they would be sure to track the items they sell most often to ensure proper quantities are ordered. This does not seem to be the case.

Very upset customer...

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