Tim Hortonsmuffins or lack of


I went through the drive through Wed. Oct. 25th at the Tim Hortons on pembroke st east, ( this is the timmys I regularly visit every morning) in pembroke Ontario, ordered 6 muffins and when I arrived at work realized they were doughnuts, not a big deal, mistakes happen, so I called and the lady I spoke with there said she was working the window that morning and handed me them by accident, and to return Thursday October 26th and they would gladly give me 6 muffins at no cost which I thought was fabulous, when I returned Thursday tho no one had any idea what I was talking about and basically said sorry we can't give u any so obviously I was a bit upset, it's a lack of communication and looks bad on the company, and furthermore it's embarrassing as all the employees are looking to see what's happening and also the whole line is being held up over something that should have been felt with already, I'm a Christian to start with and would never try and steal muffins so for them not to believe me got me upset, i feel like I need to pass this on to someone else as I paid for
Muffins and never received them, anyways something maybe to pass on to employees the importance of good communication is key especially when it's an issue like this. Thx for your time

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