Tim Hortonsfood hygiene

N Aug 11, 2018

I went to Tim Hortons at 20159 88 Ave, Langley, BC, Canada to buy donuts for my family's breakfast around 10:00am on Saturday, August 11, 2018. When I ordered donuts in front of the counter, I was surprised to see some ants walking on the donuts (see attached video). I immediately told the server, and want to get fresh ones from the inside. He said ok, but when he came back, he told me that there were no more inside the ones I ordered. Then I didn't buy it. My family and I always go to Tim Hortons, but from now on, I am worried about Tim Horton's food hygenie.

  • Updated by Nick Jan · Aug 12, 2018

    I went to Tim Hortons (20159 88 Avenue, Langley, BC, Canada)to buy donuts for my family's breakfast today on Aug 11, 2018 (Saturday) around 10:00am, and I was surprised to see some ants running around the donuts (see attached video), which is kind disgusting. I immediately told a staff at Tim Hortons about this. Although he threw a tray which I pointed to into the garbage bin, he didn't deal with other neighbouring trays of donuts which ants were still running around, and continued to sell them to the customers. He even didn't find proper solutions immediately to address this issue, such as cleaning up the counter shelves of donuts. My family and I have been to Tim Hortons quite often. Now I am so concerned of Tim Hortons' food hygenie.

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