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D Sep 13, 2018

I was at your location this morning just after 7:30 and purchased an extra large double double. When my coffee was handed to me as the lid was not close properly and spilt all over my lap and my truck. The coffee I received was placed in a cup and was all crunched at the top. I could not even close it myself afterwards. Poor quality control. This was on Sept 13 2018. I figured the girls serving me would have at least told me that my coffee was free for the day but I hardly even got an apology. I sat there for a second hoping that I would get something more than just an empty sorry and got nothing. I do not appreciate hot coffee being spilt on my lap and all over my truck. I will not be going to this location again as I have had problems in the past at this location. There's a location right across the street and I've never had any problems with that store so I don't know why this store constantly has poor customer service.

Tim Hortons
Tim Hortons

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