Thousand Trailsreservations

P Oct 04, 2019

We are very dissatisfied and upset with the membership we purchased. It was explained to us that with our membership we would be able to reserve sites at Forest Lake Rv Park in Advance, NC. without a problem since the RV park was so large and we were escorted around the entire park to be shown all the amenities and camping areas. We were also shown many nice sites throughout the park that could be chosen on a first come first served basis. This was a total false representation. First of all 80% of the park are full timers, secondly, the remainder of available sites are reserved for both retail, which we cannot reserve, and then members which we have found out are very limited. Given these restrictions it is almost impossible to make reservations at any time. We were also told that the wonderful part is that we can reserve 60 days out with our basic membership. We are not even able to get a site 60 days out into December which is not even peak season. Furthermore, there are retail sites available at any time when going through the booking process, just not for members. Membership services told us that if we upgrade our membership we can reserve more than 60 days out having a better chance to get reservations which to me is bate and switch, plain and simple. Is this fair business practice? This is what we were told and this is not what was true about purchasing a membership. Why in the world would we want to renew our membership for another year when we can't even use it?

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