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Thousand Trails - Ground upkeep, security issues

We currently have a lease site at Wilderness Lakes in Menifee Ca. We have asked for the last 5 years that the trees that have overgrown and hang over our rig be trimmed. I’ve been told only if the over hang will they be trimmed. Recently this year the wind blew a rather large branch on to my awning and snapped it off, breaking the arm and causing $5,000 in damage. We constantly have power outages and we are never warned, that causes food to get ruined. I’m a disabled woman and due to “new” rules I’m not allowed to have my rig washed here. These trees have fungus and it melts on to everything and leaves a stain. As a disabled person it is impossible for me to climb my rig and wash the roof constantly. I’ve called the new manager quite a few times and haven’t heard anything. After talking to some of my full and part time Rv campers, they have informed me that this current manager doesn’t seem to care. She has stated to others, if you don’t like it you can leave. I hope to get a better response. We also have an issue with homeless sleeping in the bathrooms and or laundry. People stealing items as well. My email is [protected] please contact me asap.

Desired outcome: trimming the trees and remove the rotting trees and add some security. We constantly have drifters sleeping in the bathrooms and or laundry. It’s a safety issue.

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5:14 pm EDT

Thousand Trails - Suspension

December 2022 I had Covid and left messages stating I was quarantined with 102 fever for 3 days on managers vm at 1030pm on day 3 I was told I had to leave and nobody answered the manager ager line. With a fever I packed my camp and left again at 1030-1100pm. As I attempted to reenter I was told I had to pay $210 before I could enter. A few days later member services reduced the $210 to $29 but my reservation had been cancelled. The asst manager, I had been at a truck stop and this was a few days before Xmas. I was not able to get a reservation as my account was blocked even tho I had paid the $29.

I spent X. as and New Year at a truck stop. My acct remained blocked until April 4, 2023 de ying me access to any reservations, Lisa had done this Intentionally for my getting. y $210 fine reduced and to get in the park I had to have Lisa make a reservation which she would keep me waiting all day on standby until she created a reser ation. I sent multiple emails, called the 800 # but never got a call back.

I was fed up with the games and was on my way to the park to resolve this and 1 mile from park a camper tire snapped the bolts which took. e 6 hours to be able to move at 5mph. The park was closed and I went in a d was going to go into the office the following day. It was unfair that I wasnt able to make reservations which I would have had but the following day the new manager Jacqueline appeared at my door threatening if I didnt leave within 1 hour the Sheriff would remove me and I would face e suspension or even lose my membership, despite my tire situation. Jacqueline stated it was impossible for anyone to block my account. I left and learned that day my account had finally been unblocked so I made reservations through August. A few days later I was able to make a reservation and got I to the park where I learned ed I had a fine for $92 for the night I had entered without a reservation which I paid. 7 weeks later upon returning from my week out and getting unpacked and set up for my 3 weeks I was served a notice of 30 day suspension and was told I had to leave that day. I we t to the office and talked to Jacqueline but she wasn't moved by my claim of not having anywhere to go. And again stated it wasn't possible for anyone to block my account. I returned to my camper and printed out 4 months of messages and emails sent begging for help with my account and an email from customer service from the day I entered stating my account was finally unblocked and an apology. I took the printouts to the office but Jacqueline refused to read them.

I left the park and was soon facing another tire issue which had me on the side of the road for 3 days.

It has been 5 days since I left and my food is all spoiled, I have $2 to my name and no gas. The police have given me 23 hours to move or my RV will be impounded and I wont be able to get it released so I will be homeless and lose all I have. I have called every phone number I can find and tried to have someone listen and help me get I. The park with no luck yet. The most frustrating aspect is Jacqueline and any other person does not have the information as to why or the circumstances behind my entering without a reservation and wont take time to hear me. I will lose everything I own and the pride of a manager is more important than my life. I'm desperate and if anyone can help me please do. My phone number is [protected] email [protected]

Desired outcome: Allowed e trance to the park and safety

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1:24 pm EDT

Thousand Trails - staff

The hiring of one nationality Hispanics... I a member of three yrs put in about 3 app for work here at the park. I've been overlooked numerous times, and I believe it's because of my race which is black. I have talk to the person who oversees the process to only him telling me I'll look into it. I the mean time they have hired 7 people with in last week of Oct 2019 which were Hispanics. Please at this park I have faced a lot of prejudice here and should not be like this here. Jeff and Mike the manager and asst manager are no help. Please stop the dividing among races. Please address this issue.

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