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On 6/25/19, I purchased 150 stamps from the UPS Store #6412. While the total charge was $158, I was unable to calculate at the moment the cost for each stamp. When I arrived home, I calculated the cost per stamp and was not pleased with the amount charged. The receipt shows I can not return the 8 books of stamps given, but I can return the Forever Stamp Roll.
I attempted to return the stamps to the store, since I was not satisfied with the purchase, and was advised by Wendy that I cannot return any of the stamps. She advised it is not their job to advise me of the cost per stamp, as they are "trying to make a living too." In actuality, she was saying that she did not have to be forthcoming about my purchase, and I will just have to suffer the financial difference because they benefit monetarily from these unethical practices.
Desirable resolution: I am requesting a refund of the total amount paid over and above the cost of the stamps, as I never had the opportunity to decide how much above the cost I could pay. The total amount I paid over and above the cost of stamps is $75.50.

The UPS Store
The UPS Store
The UPS Store

Jul 02, 2019
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  •   Jul 02, 2019

    Well, that's UPS store... USPS is the actual post office. Ups is what Doug Heffernan worked for on King of Queens.

    They may reserve the right to upjack the price. They are weird like that.

    Even Amazon has their thumbs in this pie. A roll of 100 stamps (at .55 each) they are selling from $125 to 299.00(!) Like how desperate are you?

    Your best bet is to buy from USPS or a store directly affiliated with USPS... Office Depot is selling the rolls for 55.00 which is exactly what they cost. Staples may be able to help.

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  •   Jul 02, 2019

    You couldn’t calculate the cost per stamp? 150 stamps for $158 is over a dollar per stamp.

    Mailboxes Etc is now the UPS Store. My local store charged .39 when stamps were.35 and I thought they were crazy. Customers often thought the post office got the extra fees.

    Go to the post office and get stamps. You can order online but pay a shipping charge.

    The UPS Store charges $18.82 to ship a package to Maine at two pounds. UPS charges $9.41 to ship the same package. You pay for the convenience but locally I can go to the UPS depot/terminal and ship it from there at no up charge.

    You can ship online and charge it, print the label and drop it off at the UPS Store or give to any UPS driver. I leave them at the door and then the next delivery person sees it and takes it. No extra charges either. If you don’t have deliveries often, Stop & Shop accepts packages now.

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  •   Jul 03, 2019

    @SubSquirrel Only bodegas sell stamps at that price or nearly. And I'd only buy a couple of stamps at a bodega if I was desperate and no where near a post office/viable place to buy stamps.

    A fool and his money are soon parted.

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