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Reviews and Complaints

The UPS Storeups store #8611

Wow..what a horrific experience. I was given bad info by UPS and they sent me to this store. UPS dropped off a return label to me for a piece of furniture. I was under the impression I could schedule the pick up. But I understand there was a miscommunication so decided to drop off myself rather than pay for the driver to come back. The problem was they had only left one label for two boxes. I called UPS number (given to me by Amazon) to say they had dropped off one return label for two boxes. The man I spoke to at UPS said it wouldn't be a problem and gave me several store addresses and said they could help me ship from there. I went to store #6811 on Hampden Ave in Denver. I was treated so rudely there, it was truly shocking. Especially since UPS had created the whole problem. I understand they are not connected to UPS, but he (Atouro) would not even look up UPS phone number for me. I cancelled a meeting to get these boxes returned, and they were extremely heavy. I truly understand that when someone cannot solve a problem for you, it is not their fault. But seriously, treat your customers a little better. Maybe hold the door when someone is carrying in a huge, heavy box and there is not another customer in the store. Consider greeting customers with a hello and a smile. If you are unable to help someone, politely explain it to them instead of being snarky and rude. I am less upset about the circumstances of this mess of a return, than I am about the treatment I received at this store. Things go wrong, no business is perfect, but that level of rudeness is unbelievable. I am a fifty year old woman, and have never in my life been treated worse than I was in that store. My son asked when we were leaving, "Mom, why were they so mean to you there?" Good question.