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Reviews and Complaints

The UPS Store verified

white male employee

Stopped by UPS Store to return a package to Amazon 7/20/19 the manager was very rude...I don't know how to use your Amazon account to print a shipping label… He then tried to charge me $2.80 to print a shipping label after Amazon sent me to UPS. I told the young lady I wasn't paying $2.80 for a shipping label he then intervened and told me to leave and get out of the store or he was going to call the police on me in front of other customers and said don't make me embarrass you in front of your daughter.

  • SubSquirrel Jul 20, 2019

    At Amazon go to your account. Click on your Orders, click that order, then click Return Merchandise. Follow instructions to print Drop it off at that store and there is no charge. Other stores accept the packages like Kohl’s and others depending on your location. You can Google it.

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