The UPS Storeresponse from the store about packages not sent

B Jun 27, 2019

ups store #5276, 2 packages to be packed and shipped on 06/08/2019, tracking numbers 1ZR231E90387336603 and 1ZR231E90320672937:
Per the tracking information, the labels have been made but they have not left the store. I have called several times 949.206.9715 at different times of the day and there is no answer, and I have sent an email inquiring about why my packages have not left the store, with no response. I live out of state and cannot physically go to the store to pursue this matter. I don't know what else to do to reach the store to inquire about the significant delay in packing and shipping my packages. Can you please help me reach the store, get an explanation for the delay, and get an estimated ship and delivery date?

lyssa holz

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