The Olive Gardenlack of planned and intentional timely service

A Aug 13, 2018

On Feb 20 2018 my friends and I were seated for dinner .we gave our drink order and waited for 30 plus minutes to receive. Waitress was nice but disorganized places our food order another 40 minutes till the dinner order arrived when it was it was piecemeal multiple trips to kitchen to fill the order water and wine recorders slow in coming
Once served the check was not forthcoming. I am writing because of property manager had given me a warning Same experience
Then a month ago our attorney and his family recounted similar story
He said waitress brought drinks one at a time to table
Three families same problems
Appears to be lack of training and more than that no leadership or on site management
This is a small community and word of mouth has ruined more than one business justifiably

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