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overdraft fees

i have paid almost 1000 in overdraft fees at Webster bank they will not even take money out your saving account. If you deposit money they will steal it. This is illegal and they not care. they will overdraft your account be rearranging your transaction to create them. This bank sucks and no one should ever do business with them. Their customer service will not help you and you are always wrong, They steal from everyone and get away with it.

Overdraft fees when I didn't actually overdraft

This has been going on for the past two years and been getting steadily worse ever since. I am getting charged overdraft fees from Webster bank even though I don't actually overdraft my account. I own a business and I am forced to have a business account to clear checks. They seem to take advantage of my multi-six figure cash flow and use it to fund themselves. Eight fees yesterday and two more today, the pattern has been like this for two years now. Obviously not everyday but i have racked up $3, 000 in fess this year so far. I call for answers and they have none, except that business accounts are not federally protect and if this was a personal account they wouldn't be able to do this kind of activity. They are stealing from me. I have tried to go elsewhere but the Chex system as just as much corruption. I don't owe any banks money but I seem to be black listed. Webster bank needs another class action lawsuit and I want my money back!


I opened a bank account 3 weeks ago at Webster. I made the initial $50 deposit and used the arm card once on a little purchase. Today I go and try to make a deposit of $1850 in cash and was told my account was frozen. I have sent my rent check out already and now I am not able to deposit the money in my account. I called the 800 number they gave me at the bank and the lady was rude and said there is nothing she can do my account is scheduled to close. Wtf do you mean scheduled to close? I just opened it. Couldn't give me any explanation except that my account is scheduled to close and it can't be reversed. Stay away from his bank. Not only is it horrible customer service but they I guess have the right to pick and chose who's account they will close whenever they want. Horrible bank I would stay far away as possible.

Fee Abuse

This is one of the worst banks I have ever had an account with. Their system is not in real time and they...

Rude customer service

I just came from the southington Webster bank branch an it was the worst experience I have ever had. The...

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predatory fees

In a nut shell. Charged $470.00 in fees---- $185.00 for less than $17.00 in charges, $148.00 for less than...


So I found a motorcycle I wanted to buy and went to Webster Bank to take a loan out for it. My credit i...

unjustified fees

i called the 1 800 number and spoke with some idiot that could not understand i deposited cash sunday and webster did not make that money available until tuesday thus cause me $108 dollars in fees, any other bank such as bank of america does not need 24 hours to verify cash, it is still king and it is not that i do not know how to balance, i do if transactions all come in on the same day, like real ### heads they do the debits first then the credits (by the way their is a class action law suit because of their exuberant fee structures) then i speak with some idiot by the name of Julian who informs me that he has not boss and answers to no one, hmm how much can i charge him for fraudulent info or misinformation then i speak to chris rosado his supervisor that miraculously appeared and refused to remove two of the 3 fees of 36 bucks that they charged, then he comes on the line (now i have been on the phone for over 25 minutes) and tells me his name is chris hughes, then he proceeds to tell me oh no i am the same chris, i said, chris rosado then he said yes, then he said ok i will give you back 2 of the 3 fees but i am making a note on your account that no more fees should be waived, i told him, great cause as of tommorrow i am going in to close this account and deal with a bank that respects its customers, i really have had nothing but good attention at bank of america. My mortgage with webster was sold to chase withing 30 days but i notice many anglosaxons mortgages are still held at webster, seems to me that they do not need business from latinos. They have lost this one!!

bank withdrawas money from your account

This banks motto is they take your banking personally- and boy do they mean it! They will reel you in with "totally free checking" and withdraw money from your account each month! This bank drained my account and refused to refund money that is legally mine!!! My entire account was drained- while they sent bank statements to the wrong address- EVEN AFTER I had CHANGED MY ADDRESS TO THE CORRECT ADDRESS-3 TIMES!!! This bank is just a scam to get your money for their profits- AVOID THIS BANK AT ALL COST!!

  • Qu
    Quietstorm78 Jul 12, 2011

    Webster bank. Is the worst bank eva those mother###ers froze my account took my money saying I owe the money on a old account. They cnt produce no documents. Which I dnt no of tey say I hv to 5dollars per a statement to research. I'm suing them

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  • Ea
    Earl E. Jan 20, 2012

    Mt wife had the basic same thing happen, they depleted one of here savings accounts and then acted like it never existed at all, and by the way I even took the "log way with these people by dialing their 1-800 helpless number...WHAT A SCAM...

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the banks are the real thieves of our country...deceptive with debit purchases...and robbing money the second direct deposit hits the account...they have a game with dates..but when you log into your account at 11pm..and see you have 99 dollars and when you look back at 2am and see 5 transactions going through ...and will be charged overdraft fees...and you hear their cocky attitude that you should keep a check registry..when transactions from the 22nd go through before the 21st and the reason for the fees...and you have your paycheck that you work for...hand to mouth...they robbed 210 dollars from my kids mouth...

  • Jo
    joeeeeeee Nov 26, 2010

    I’ve been a customer of Webster Bank for over 10 years and have finally reached my breaking point with their constantly changing policies.

    My account went from totally free checking to $9.95 per month. Went from one-day hold on local checks to 2 days hold on local checks. Went from $100 immediate access per one thousand-check deposited to no access for 2 days. Then while my $8, 000 check is 10 minutes from clearing their ridicules two-day hold, they bounce a $13.00 check on me because I was 6 cents short. They bounced my $13.00 check at 11:50am then cleared my $8, 000 at noon, took their $35 fee and said there was nothing they would do.

    Well there is something I could do – CLOSE MY ACCOUNTS at Webster “The Thieving Bank” and move to a reputable bank. Or better yet, stop filling the banks pockets and go all cash by offering my customers a cash discount, which I’m sure they would appreciate in there wallets instead of the banks. You’re welcome for all the money you’ve stolen from me through the years Webster, now go feed off another carcass!

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  • Jo
    Josephh Feb 01, 2012

    I have to thank Webster Bank for showing me how a bank can go from one I recommended for 8-years to a predatory bank whom would eat its own young. My story is to long to share but I can tell you that because of Webster’s thieving ways I’ve started offering my customers cash discounts. I haven’t had anyone turn my down yet and when they ask me why I offer such, I simply explain the issues I’ve gone through with Webster and they pay cash. This option usually saves them enough money to feed their kids for the day as apposed to filling the deep pockets of Webster Bank.

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Not applying a deposit made

I deposited a check on Monday the 10th of May, 2010. I had my deposit slip. I expected $100.00 of that check...


If you're looking for a bank to screw you royally look no futher. These Ladies and Gentlemen (both term...

Money Theives

Webster Bank has come up with a new way to steal money from our accounts! I paid a bill through their online payment center with a delivery date of today, October 6th. This is what they said would be the earliest DELIVERY date. It was cashed yesterday and overdrew my account. I called today to ask how they could have cashed a check that wasn't supposed to arrive until today and they said that the US Postal Service is getting faster and there is nothing they can do about it and I should have planned better. Even the check they made is dated for today! If you tell me that you are going to DELIVER it today, how much better can my planning be?? They can see that I make a cash deposit every Tuesday and if it got delivered today, even if cashed at the same bank, it would clear without any problems!

Where have all the small community banks gone that used to be fair and not steal from their customers? Probably taken over by these thieves that stole from them too!

When will an attorney sue this bank next for their unfair practices? I'm starting to think that the mattress is a better place and I'll take my chances with a robber breaking it. Probably safer!


I have been a customer of Webster Bank since I first opened an account in 2003. I left People's Bank due to their mysterious fees that kept popping up occasionally, causing my account go to overdraft. Out of the frying pan and into the fire it would seem. I've had my share of problems with Webster over the years, usually due to their aberrant and random clearing of posted payments which basically seems to be whenever they feel like it, but ever since January it's gotten worse. I paid my veterinary with a check, which cleared in November. January rolls around and I see my account is -$600. I noticed this on a Sunday and panicked because my car payment had yet to clear and I didn't get paid until the next Friday. Then I noticed that Webster Bank allowed the vet's bank to take the check out again. The first thing I did in the morning was go down there, WITH PROOF of this being taken out in November and the same check (which by the way wasn't the actual check that cleared in November, it was a copy sent over by the other bank, but Webster allowed it to be taken out). The bank manager thought I was full of crap (but she actually was nice about it once she realized I was right). The problem was fixed, but ever since then it seems that whenever they see fit, the rearrange transactions on my account, take items out early, and charge at least 3-4 $37 fees a month due to this. Out of a paycheck of $700 that was direct deposited on Friday, I'm down to $-100, mostly due to overdraft fees and items being rearranged that I now have NO proof of because I don't make it a habit of printing out my transaction history hour by hour! STAY AWAY FROM THESE THIEVES!!!

Preditory fees

Here is how Webster Bank allows a simple "mistake" to snowball into a seriously large amount of overdraft charges.
On Monday, April 20’th, I had $557.76 in my checking account, more than enough to cover the various transactions I’d made over the days prior to that with my debit card. Everything was figured into that balance. On Monday, I received the lump sum payment from a 401K that I cashed out to get myself out of debt, a check for $4045.97. Elated to have this money, I immediately divvied it up and planned what bills to pay with it. I deposited in the bank through the ATM Monday afternoon.

Here’s where things take a turn for the worse. I went home after depositing the 401K and on Webster’s online banking website (where I do most of my bill payments); I set up a payment to CL&P for $50 and a payment to GE Financing for $654 to pay off a charge card balance. As long as I have been using online banking, the processing time for payments set up online has been 1-2 days for EFT payments, and up to 5 for check payments. Well, not on this day. Webster Bank IMMEDIATELY seized the payment amounts I had set up and this caused my account to enter a default status, with all of the funds from the 401K check unavailable. I know and understand the policy regarding holds on checks; however it seemed a bit odd that on this particular day the bills I had lined up came out instantly, even though the online banking system evidently knew I had a hold on my funds. I was not attempting to withdraw cash that was unavailable, nor was I out using my debit card with unavailable funds. I was simply setting up a few bills to be paid online.

This alone would have been understandable, albeit frustrating. But what happened over the next few hours was unbearable. All of the other transactions that I had made sure I had money to cover went through on my account. One by one, for a total of 7, they posted against an unavailable balance. With dread, I knew that each one would incur a $37 charge as soon as they finally released my funds.

Knowing this, I attempted to reason with the Contact Center over their 1-800 number. After a discussion with someone whom it seemed was trained to be condescending and
apathetic, I could tell that the call was going nowhere. He did make clear however the website’s policy regarding bill payments, stating that funds must be available 24 hours BEFORE even setting up a bill payment. What is not clear to me is where it says this on the website, and why that is not how it was ever done for me in the past. Finally, he noted that there was nothing anyone could do anyways until the fees actually hit my account.

At this point, I decided that the only way I would find a person who actually might take an unbiased, honest look at my account and treat me like a human being was to talk to a bank employee face to face. What a relief I felt when I went to the Bristol Plaza office and sat down with ****. With patience and a caring, helpful demeanor, the Customer Service agent looked over the whole situation and I got the feeling she agreed that this was not fair what was happening. She even expressed surprise when she saw that they had taken the funds out online that very same afternoon that I posted them. *** didn’t however, have the authority to remove any of the charges. Mind you, at this point, my fees for paying a bill with a check on hold were now up to $259. She told me that she would show a printout to the Branch Manager and discuss what happened with her the next day.

That next day was today, April 23, 2009. Shirley left me a message on my phone telling me that the Manager had decided to remove 3 of the fees, for a refund of $111. This was a so-so relief, as I felt that if anything, I should have had all but two removed; the two for the payments I made online not realizing that the money had to be readily available. I was happy though that at least the Manager had taken the time to look everything over and relieve some of the excessive fees.

Then I came home and went online. Two MORE $37 fees had been charged to my account! This was not a mistake. I called customer service right away, and they explained that those fees must have posted yesterday and the ones that the Manager rebated will appear tomorrow.

How in the world did two more transactions post to a “non-available” balance yesterday when the check MUST have cleared because funds were available to take their 7- $37 overdraft fees??

I am absolutely outraged. This practice is excessive, and it is predatory. With these additional fees, minus the two that were credited my account has been charged a total of $333! I’m being penalized $333 for trying to pay some bills with money sitting right in the account? I don’t know about the rest of Webster Bank customers, but I do not have $333 to throw away. Because of this, I do not know how I’m going to stay on track with new bills that will be coming in.

NSF Fees Practices!!!

I have had Webster Bank for 3 months and have had nothing but questions about their NSF (Non Sufficient Fees) practices. I have direct deposit and alot of my transactions only post the day before direct deposit. Also the transactions also post in an order that would cause me to have multiple NSF fees instead of just one fee. Bank Of America and other banks are currently being brought to court over these practices...
I have since changed over to a Federal Credit Union Bank.


I am horrified and appauld that I recently found out from a bank employee at the Thomaston Branch that a theft occurred in 2007 and it was paid off and never reported to the police. This is a federal crime how can the bank overlook this. Apparently two people stold from the ATM by filling out blank deposit envelopes and submitting into one account and then taking the $100.00 that is allowed. This was done on a weekend and over $800.00 was stolen in less than 3 days from the ATM. When the bank called the father of this adult, he wanted to save her and went and paid it off and it was never reported. This should of never been questioned. Police should of been brought in and thi should of gone through the courts. I will be contacting newspapers and anyone that will listen because thisis what the bank I use does when someone steals. If it was okay to steal, then we would all be doing it and no one would have money issues. WAKE UP. I don't care who pays you off, you don't take the bribe and that was a scam if all scams taking money to pay off. This is on camera as a crime done over and over 8 times deliberately and premeditated. They were aware of what they were doing and I don't believe there is a statue of limitations on bank crimes? Is there? SOMEONE SHOULD BE MAD LIKE I AM.

debit card fees

I am so glad I found this site! I have never been so angry and frustrated about a banking situation. It appears I am not the only individual being charged sleazy $35.00 debit card fees. This bank has taken over $1, 000.00 in debit card fees from me since June 2008. In EVERY CASE, there had been a deposit which cleared the next day, but I made many debit card payments which they then paid and charged me $35.00 every time. Since I use the debit card for everything, I charge even very small amounts. For example, one day I had charged less than $50.00 and they charged me $245.00. The manager at the Ridgefield, CT bank was not very helpful as she only removed one of the fees. I have found that if you call the 800 number, the agents will remove 2 of the fees. Once when I called the representative I spoke to looked at my account and what the bank had done and she said it made her want to cry. She kindly removed 3 of the fees but told me she will probably get in trouble for it.
I have not written letters to anyone in corporate at the bank about this practice, but now that the CEO is answering questions on video on the company website I am going to start writing until I get some answers.
I SUGGEST that EVERYONE that has this complaint WRITE TO THE CEO for his video questions...I will also include in my correspondence that I am going to change banks and tell everyone I know about Webster Bank's unscrupulous banking practices.

  • Fe
    fedo Mar 22, 2011

    I had a situation with Webster that involved a remark from teller to a family member. The teller happened to mention that I was a customer with Webster. I found this especially annoying that a bank representative would even make this comment. I contacted the CEO of the bank. They said they would speak to her. Obviously she denied it. I offered the witness as proof to no avail. What happened to privacy! Do not bank here I closed my account and never want anything to do with this unscrupulous outfit.

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I agree with each one of these people on here. I have the same situation only mine has been ongoing for three weeks. I have called I have wrote letters I have gone to the bank. Two months ago they screwed up and changed the direction of my monies going thru the acct ok...charge me a OD and then tell me they are giving me a exception.. I have the receipts in front of me at the bank and they wouldnt even look at them. I am currently dealing with them on some major things they are doing to me. As many of not rich and each dollar counts I can barely get to work this week from their OD charges im waiting to have reversed..basically they took my money!!!

  • To
    Todd Sep 30, 2008

    If you're not getting any help or response from these guys, you should post them on this site, this is for anyone who has been screwed, ripped off or felt that they had been done wrong. The name of the site is, it gives you a voice to the people who will not listen. Not only does the person who you are complaining about receive an email letting them know that they have been put on the deadbeat list (as long as you provide email address) but, they will also receive a post card (as long as you provide a mailing address) notifying them too.

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  • Re
    realitycheckgal633 Feb 20, 2010

    I hate to repeat myself. Please read my other posts. Jesus, please fix stupid. Amen.

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nsf fees

Wow! I'm so glad I found this site. I too think Webster has unfair business practices. Mine involve...

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