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auto insurance bait and switch

paid in full for on year renewal which was 933.00 the following week i get a notice that my preminum had changed to 1, 400. i call this a bait and swith policy

Failure to address and resolve claim

Claim was reported 05/24/08 - company did not provide an on-site review of the property until a secondary claims adjuster was assigned 07/11/08 and reviewed the property on 07/11/08 - to date 08/02/08 there has been no further communication from The Hartford of any kind.

  • No
    noname2011 Jun 01, 2011

    I feel for you. Do not think its only seniors. I am 33, on medical leave from a government job that started out as a fall downstairs; which lead to other issues. It has been almost 5 months and they cant 'determine' yet whether my claim is mental or physical; i said both and what difference does it make; an accident is an accident. Turns out Hartford only has to pay 2 years for 'mental claims' and until Im 65 for physical claims, needless to say Im still waiting for my results. I try to email and they HATE communicating that way. I do not have a phone readily available so email is really my most convien way to contact them. Funny they have the calls recorded and accept mail via the postal services but will not answer me rather 'remind me' email is not acceptable for them..Well geee; im sorry; im disabled, victim of dv, on medical leave from school and ordered to bed rest. Hang in there; I cant do a day at a time; try an hour at a time with them and if you try to find info on the website; good luck its very basic.

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&Reasonable costs& for reimbursement unreasonable

I purchased the Premier plan for my 2 pets because it was the lowest plan that covered dental cleanings. For 10 months I paid $110 per month without filing a claim.

Then I filed the claim for the 2 dental cleanings with pre-op blood work. While the amount I paid for the cleanings came to about $1200, they covered about $250 for each pet, saying that was 80% of the "reasonable costs".

I have used many vets over the years, and even 20 years ago the cheapest dental cleaning I saw was $500. When I talked to the customer service rep, she told me that they get "reasonable costs" by averaging the costs of vets in the area INCLUDING the Humane Society (I'm sorry, is that an option, to have my personal pets' medical care given by a charity who cares for homeless pets?)

So I searched the internet for vets in my area, and I called the first ten vets that popped up. The average price for dental cleanings with pre-op blood work was about $450. (One was very low - $200 - but everyone else was about $500-$600 or more).

I wrote a nice appeal letter, which, of course, was denied stating only that the amount charged by my vet was above "reasonable costs".

This is not over. I will be contacting the BBB, the parent company, the ASPCA themselves, the Humane Society and anyone else who might be interested. In the meantime, do not make the same mistake I did!


I wrote the AARP/The Hartford about this problem and nothing happened? To the Executive Director of...

Hidden fees

When I cancelled insurance with the Hartford Auto Insurance I was charged a 10% cancellation fee. AARP...

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Where is my money?

I work at Walmart Supercenter in Cambridge OH.
I too have been calling the Hartford everyday asking where is my money. My doctor had put me on medical leave from 8/23/06 until 01/08/07 they have denied me twice now, stating I have not been disabled beyond my waiting period. I have had a time with these people too and I still haven't received my money. I am a kind of person that does not quit. So they better watch out and pay me my money.

  • Valerie Feb 08, 2007

    Beware - I am on short-term disability; no question that I am unable to perform my job due to Carpal Tunnel. I was told by employer (Wal-Mart) to file with The Hartford, as they had me take a Leave of Absence until my doctors would release me back to work.

    I filed, Attending Physicians Statement sent into them.

    Keep checking on the claim; it is pending. Then I hear it is being denied "as no medical records, proof of tests, medication or treatment" were sent into them. Well ... guess what? The state of MO has HIPA laws which require The Hartford to request, in writing, my authorization to release the documentation to them. It is a form they must send into me or my doctors office. After they had denied it, I brought this to their attention. They did fax over the authorization request, I signed it so the clinic and doctors could send the required info to them. I took 3-4 days for the medical staff to obtain all of the information and send it out; which was at the very end of January. While it is still in the mail. I am still hearing, via their voice messages all this time, that my claim is still denied; not pending, mind you. I spoke to two separate people about this and they said, don't worry about that; it will say denied until we get the records. Lo & Behold, I get a letter, dated Feb. 1, 2007 from them, which was mailed out to me while my medical info was being sent to them; and the letter denied my claim because they had no medical bakeup so I was determined able to do my job. Hey, the attending Physicians Statement clearly stated "Unable" to Lift, "Unable" to carry "Unable" to do repetitive motion "Unable" to drive.... my own employer will not allow me to work, knowing my condition; yet The Hartford say I am able to. Plus, it is their mistake the forms needed to get my backup; which I do indeed have, were never sent in.

    I faxed a letter asking them to contact me, today, and of course, in their normal manner; I have heard nothing. Here I am, no money since end of December, can't work, in physical and now mental pain. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY WITH THIS COMPANY! THEY ARE CHEATS AND LIARS. I was a Claims Manager for years and this is not how you keep costs down; at the expense of peoples livelihood.

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  • Pr
    Private Jun 14, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am going through the run around right now with The Hartford. I broke my tailbone on 5/9/08 and I was approved for disability until my follow-up appointment (6/9) at which time, my doctor indidcated that I was not ready to return to work (sitting position all day) and that I would need to be out 8 more weeks. Since this documentation was provided to The Hartford, they have gone OUT OF THEIR WAY to deny the claim. They have asked for the same exact information to be expressed to them in several different manners. They asked for the doctor's office to call them...the drs office called and answered all their questions. They asked the drs office to fill out THEIR form...the drs office filled out the form. Then, they needed more "clarification"...this word has been used at least 16 times since this whole process started. My doctors office then jumped through their hoop again and provided them with my medical records. NOW, The Hartford claim rep (probably with a high school education) is not in agreement with my SPECIALIST (a medical doctor...specialized) and apparently, she disagrees with the XRAY that clearly indicates that my tailbone has broken OFF...and she is saying that she doesn't see any reason why I can't return to work. Her exact words were, "Usually we see people going back to work the following week." That is absolutely ridiculous. I LAUGHED at her when she said that. You can do a simple google search for "broken Coccyx" and see that people are usually in pain for MONTHS. What's so upsetting about this whole thing is that my disability is not is not an ache or a pain that I COULD be faking. It is a clearly documented BROKEN bone. My doctor has specifically written on all of the communications "PATIENT CANNOT RETURN TO WORK - PATIENT MUST REMAIN ON SIDE IN BED". Well, I guess we'll see how it turns out...I'm sure they'll be asking for more proof any day now.

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  • Sw
    sweetpea64 Jan 28, 2013

    I have been off work since June 2012, it started withe an acid/stomach problem in my esophagus which was causing severe throat pain and laryngitis. I am a nurse in a hospital on a very busy surgical floor withe usually 5 patients a night but I could talk so I applied for STD and was approved. Three weeks after my on STD started, I went for a walk withe my husband and our two small dogs. I squatted down to give my dog some water out of thee pond and something popped in my right hip. Well long story short, I pulled off my tendon from my hip bone and ended up having surgery in august 2012 to reattach my tendon to my bone and also to have my bursa sac removed as it had torn apart. During this time, my STD became LTD. During this time, my lower back was hurting but we figured it was from walking withe a limp for last couple months. In November, my lower back started to hurt really bad. SO my Otho doc ordered MRI and x-rays. Well they came back showing disc bulging and tears, etc in lower back so he referred me to a spine pain specialist to have some cortisone injections placed in lower back. That was November 16 and 30the I had them done. In December I so desperately missed work and was feeling okay but still having pain to right hip and and lower back and thought by thee time I went back thee cortisone injections would have started to help. So I begged thee doctor to let me try and go back to work to see if I could do my job. Also, with my job you can not go back on limited/light duties you have to go back withe no limitations. So I talked to Hartford about it and asked if there is a trial period if you wanted to try and go back and do your job. They told me yes and that you had 6 months trial period and that if I couldn't do your job that my claim would just be restarted. So I went to work one day December 21st and about died from thee pain. I completed my eight hour shift but was in such pain on my drive home and muscle spasms I was having I had to pull over a couple of times and get out to stand up straight. The 21st was a Friday. So I called Hartford on Monday and told them what happened and that I called thee doctors office but thee first date I could see thee doctor was Jan 2. Hartford told me I just needed to have thee doctor fill out a new physicians report and send it in. Well I did what they told me (after paying 75 dollars to have thee doctor fill out thee form) I finally heard from Hartford on Jan 16the saying they got thee report and would call me in thee next day or two. Well I never hard from anyone so I tried calling on Monday (which was a ML King day) so they were closed. So then I called Tuesday left message, no answer and then called Wednesday and left message, no return call. then I called and spoke to a different agent and said he would leave my analyst a message that I called. Well I finally heard from Hartford on Thursday at 3 pm telling me that NOW they need all my records from each doctor from June 2012 to present. I asked him why I needed to do that and why didn't he ask for them earlier when he asked my doctors to fill out thee doctors form. Here is where thee bomb was dropped - He said that he has to review all my documents from thee beginning so they can decide if I am eligible to reopen claim. Mind you this is Friday at 3 pm. SO I immediately got off thee phone and called my doctors offices and told them thee situation. They were so helpful and efaxed all of my documents to my analyst. I called my analyst and he said that he got one of thee doctors records but hadn't received thee others yet. I told them he should have them shortly. He then said it usually takes 8 - 10 hours before he will get thee others and told me he would call me Monday thee 28the. I told him that he told me last month that if I went back to work and couldn't do my job that my claim would just be restarted. He said that he never told me that - he totally LIED. He said he terminated my claim in December and had to do everything all over again. This is NOT what he told me before. He also told me in December that when you return to work you have 6 months grace period to try and do your job. He denied saying that too. Right now they owe me $4000 from dec 22 to present. I have never been on disability before and I have to say that this whole thing has been a nightmare. It seems like when ever its time to get a check they want thee doctor to fill out a form even if they had just received one 2 weeks prior. What thee heck is wrong withe this company? My doctors office is 45 mins away from where I live and they just think I can just go there and see a doctor whenever I want. It usually takes a week or two to get an appt withe my doctor. Then thee pain I have to endure my getting in my car and driving that far. They just don't seem to care if you are disabled. I have worked my ### off for thee them thee last six months jumping through all their hoops. They make me do everything. Then you can't even email them. Now I can see why they don't do email is because they don't want to get caught in any lies and they could also renege on everything they tell you. This is such crap. Their website tells you crap. I can't even get a copy of my policy. I want to get better and go back to work - I don't wanna be on disability but it is what it is right now. I can't wait to hear what they have to say tomorrow.

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  • Fa
    FATMAN WALKING Jul 27, 2016

    Never use this company to insure your car...They are the worst...I missed a month payment and they sent me a nasty letter in the mail saying they will tell the dmv that i don't have insurance...For missing 1 $60 dollar payment...Well i dumped them and got Geico..Wow I save 180 dollars every 6 months and they send nice letters not ones that threaten to have your licence taken away for not having insurance...Stay away from the Hartford...

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