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call center

I spoke with a CSR 2 weeks ago regarding making late payment on my insurance. I spoke with a rep who advised me to talk to ASCC regarding a late payment. When I spoke with ASCC, they advised me< I would have to talk to Freeway to see if they have an reinstate policy. So I called freeway back and spoke with CSR Jorge ( I believe he gave a badge#1614 ) who told me I had 30 days to reinstate my insurance. I asked if he could document my acct that I called in and that is the info he provided and he assured me he would. I called today 02/12/2020 to make a payment being well within the 30 days of when I called which was 01/23/2020 and spoke with Pearl with the billing department. After explaining everything to her going back and fourth with ASCC and Freeway, she tells me what I am saying "does not make sense". When trying to explain again to her that I would like the call escalated and if they recorded the call of 01/23/2020 they will hear the rep "Jorge" clearly told me not worry and policy can be reinstated within 30 days. After telling Pearl that I do not want to get transferred to ASCC to escalate with Freeway, she transfer me to ASCC. So I had to call Freeway back to get to a manager or escalation rep which I spoke to Marcos. Marcos although he was professional and I understand he has to be firm but my concerns regarding the wrong information about what the reps gave was not assuring as a recent customer. He advised the call was not recorded and there was no way we could find out what " Jorge" told me, he would counsel the rep who documented she told me policy was canceled but there is no follow-up. Marcos said there is nothing he could do. I asked Marcos if the date of the call was dated 01/23 and policy was not canceled until 01/25 why would your rep give that info? This is not the first time I have came across Freeway Reps giving wrong information. First off, Pearl transferred me to a place I did not want to be transferred to, the reps I spoke with 2 weeks ago assured me of something that false and now I am out of car insurance and my deposit I made can not be reimbursed. This is outrageous that Freeway can not follow-up with their customers and clearly they need to add more trainning for these reps. This money that I can not afford to lose just because the reps did not provide information and then they can not even accomodate of the loss. People have families that they have to care for and just seems so sad that if you choose to record that call, you would hear him say what he said. But if then, would Freeway even do anything about that? Clearly not recommending and this company needs to be reported for poor customer service and quality.

agent stealing money from customer

Dear, Whom It May Concern, 4391 Dorchester Rd Ste 320, North Charleston SC 29405. The date was Saturday...

horrible customer service, unethical behavior, overcharged

Freeway Insurance Customer Service is horrible! I am currently dealing with them to help me get a...

insurance scam and lies

I called and talk to agent jose gonzales out of the mission valley branch. While was in the phone he...


I Donna mcduffie canceled my policy December, 2 2018 because I didn't take possession of the 2001 Tahoe. I spoke to someone in the office about my refund on November 14 2018, about my refund and they told me that the refund check for 245.00 was already sent out, I been calling multiple times about my refund and different people at freeway customer service been telling me different dates and I Donna mcduffie haven't receive the refund check 245.00, this is not acceptable and this is poor service. I've been nice and respectable through out this whole situation. Now I'm upset and there's nothing being done dealing with this matter... my phone number this is Associated is [protected]... my address is- 1107 Verde apt 110 Bryan tx 77801

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service and affiliated insurances

Hi my name is Luis Garcia, I recently cancelled my policy about a week ago and wrote cancelling letter and...

dora benitez insurance technician

I've always had excellent service from Freeway Insurance so I've always made sure to get Insurance with them...

online bill pay/customer service line

There is not any site that I nor google can find to pay my bill online. I have called the customer service line numerous times, and each time I'm taken off hold, able to hear the sound of the people in the office, and then hung up on. Or just taken off hold and muted and left hanging. I can't get ahold of anybody no matter what I try. I need to pay my bill and if my insurance gets canceled due to non payment I don't know what I will do. I need this insurance to drive to work and can't afford to restart a policy, I had to borrow money just to start this one. I am really at a loss for solutions here, I don't know what else to do. Please somebody read this and help me.

auto accident senior citizen policy that he didnt sign or recall

Backdated 2017 electronic signatures. I noticed these forms on my 72 father . since this claim he ha...

sign up, and money return

I called on August 31st to get a quote by Anthony in the Fontana, ca location. I gave him my bank information...

claims department

Im having a problem with the claims department. I was in a hit in run accident and the person that's over my...

no policy and no money no refund

On Saturday, 2/11/2017 I went to purchase auto insurance policy, After receiving the quote I agree to...

discriminating against my learning disorder

Hello my name is nichole gilbert and I tried to file a report with the Better Business Bureau, but it just wasn't allowing me and I've done several reviews about this company and I haven't gotten any phone calls, emails or any contact from the company and I'm trying to figure out how to go about this...I worked here (freeway insurance)for about 6-7 weeks and it's a bad company to work for, they treat their employees like crap especially their managers, my manager liliana Gasetlum made fun of my learning disability and so did the District Manager, Noel and I don't find that funny what so ever. Their employees dress like they're going to the club, with their breasts out and short skirts, it's really inappropriate. I was training to get my insurance license and every time I had asked the District Manager Noel to schedule my test he blew it off and didn't do anything about it. I was driving over an hour every day there and back and making 8.05 an hour and no one, not the manager or anyone taught me anything. Lousy company! Wouldn't recommend anyone to work here. They're very unprofessional and the District manager would come in cussing all the time and was rude to everyone. And they never reimbursed me for my testeachers class, or log in that I paid for. And I'm having to write more, because no one wants to contact me from this unprofessional company, I still haven't gotten my last pay check and it's been 2 weeks, maybe even longer and I'm considering contacting a lawyer since their managers, Lilly and district manager, Noel made fun of me being dyslexic.
Liliana- [protected]
Noel - [protected]
3425 W Thunderbird Rd #2, Phoenix, AZ 85053

auto insurance misrepresentation

I called Freeway insurance because I had a accident 2 years ago for the first time in my life and everyone kept giving me super high premiums for a fender bender that the person lied about. I was told by the representative not to worry she could get me insurance for $251.22 every six months . Even though it was higher then I was paying before the accident I said fine and sent her the 251.22.And she said my insurance was with Mercury. I just got a bill from Dairyland Auto saying they need $147.84 from me by 1/2/2016 that I had a accident did not qualify for good driving record. So I CALLED THEM they said freeway insurance had disputed my accident I asked why she said I guess to get lower rate. I asked how do I cancel and get my money back she said call Freeway they refused to discuss giving back money

$270.43 down payment

I opened the policy for my daugther Freeway Insurance is the Broker and for almost 2 yrs. DairyLand...


This company took complete advantage of my parents because they did not speak good english. They told them the cheapest quote they could get was with some Western Insurance company that would be over 400 a month with barley any coverage. After I did research I found a lot cheaper coverage with a lot more benefits and they said too bad they cashed the check and we couldnt get the money back after signing the paperwork 2 days prior. Then hung up on me. No one would call me back or speak to me when I called back. I will not let them get away with this.

freeway insurance lying crooks

Freeway insurance are nothing but a bunch of lying ### who will tell you ANYTHING to get you in their office...

scam and prommissory note/credit card

Unwarranted promissory note and harassing.threatening phone calls wanting credit card info over the phone. I...

broker fees

I worked for Freeway Insurance and here is the scoop. Consumers beware! These agents are taught to take your hard working money. There are broker fees that the company pockets, broker fees are NOT part of the premium earned that the company gets from your business. Pretty much they write minimum limits which is the cheapest and target the low income to stuggling communities. If you dont know about insurance and you go to freeway insurance you will be rip off. My advise is to always ask if there is a broker fee and if so I would walk away. Try sticking to a preferred insurance company or agency that charges no broker fees and treat there clients like humans. Whoever is behind freeway insurance has no heart to scam innocent consumers of there hard working money and I will never work for another broker again.

avoid at any cost guys

I went online to get an insurance quote for the cars that my Wife drives and freeway insurance call me with a quote of $64.00 a month I said I wanted to pay for the whole year and was told that they can do that but first I needed to hurry and get the contract signed so he can get it to the main office or something like that to lock in the rate .while checking the boxes as instructed and no time to read first there was a box that said $20, 00 for some fee I was told not to worry about it that it would be taken care of with my payment, after all the boxes were checked and they had my credit card number I was informed that they were having problems processing my card and that they could only run it for $221.70 and for me to call back in a few days to pay $812.00 for the rest of the year. When I said that the math don’t add up I was informed that the rate went up because of the type of cars that were being insured. They knew the make model and year of the cars as I gave that information before I received the quotes then they informed me that the new rate was $84.00 a month and when I finally receive a bill from stonewood insurance it is for $88.00 a month. The $64.00 was less than I was paying for insurance the $88.00 is a whole lot more that I’m willing to pay. why would I pay more and get less? First freeway pulled a bait and switch on me, and they also failed to inform me that they were not a insurance company only brokers Out of the $221.70 plus the $20.00 that some software company charged me for freeway insurance to use their software only $91.00 went to the insurance company. So $221.70+20=$241.70 -$91.00=150.70 they can have the $0.70 for the stamp to mail me my money Freeway did call me and offered me $25.00 and when I said I wanted more the freeway person said he would get back to me. I have not heard another word from them since even though I called a few times.