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Freeway Insurance Services, Inc.

7711 Center Ave. № 200
Huntington Beach
United States - 92647

Customer Support Phone Numbers

+1 888 443 4662(Customer Service) 3 3
+1 800 777 5620(Insurance Quotes) 1 1
+1 714 252 2500(Head Office) 1 3

Mailing Address

P.O. Box 669, Cypress, CA 90630

Freeway Insurance Services Complaints & Reviews

Freeway Insurance Services / insurance scam and lies

Mar 30, 2019

I called and talk to agent jose gonzales out of the mission valley branch. While was in the phone he explained that he could get me insurance at a affordable price and to come in. I told him I wad in a rush because my step son is about to get out of practices. So when I was there he told...

Freeway Insurance Services / refund

Jan 05, 2019

I Donna mcduffie canceled my policy December, 2 2018 because I didn't take possession of the 2001 Tahoe. I spoke to someone in the office about my refund on November 14 2018, about my refund and they told me that the refund check for 245.00 was already sent out, I been calling multiple...

Freeway / service and affiliated insurances

Oct 09, 2018

Hi my name is Luis Garcia, I recently cancelled my policy about a week ago and wrote cancelling letter and confirmed got a confirmation but was still charged for the following month. I call and they said the policy was never cancelled now they forward it and say it can take up to 3 week...

Freeway Insurance Services / dora benitez insurance technician

Sep 29, 2018

I've always had excellent service from Freeway Insurance so I've always made sure to get Insurance with them. This time it was a huge mistake. I was treated as if my concerns weren't important. I worked with this individual concerning getting some insurance for a vehicle I just purchased...

Freeway Insurance Services / online bill pay/customer service line

Jun 28, 2018

There is not any site that I nor google can find to pay my bill online. I have called the customer service line numerous times, and each time I'm taken off hold, able to hear the sound of the people in the office, and then hung up on. Or just taken off hold and muted and left hanging. I...

Freeway Insurance - Decatur / auto accident senior citizen policy that he didnt sign or recall

Apr 09, 2018

Backdated 2017 electronic signatures. I noticed these forms on my 72 father . since this claim he has declined in health his van has dents and is has burn electrical shocks burns on arms not oil burns he picks my 5 year old up from school and he is acting very nervous ans he said they yell...

Freeway Insurance Services / sign up, and money return

Sep 05, 2017

I called on August 31st to get a quote by Anthony in the Fontana, ca location. I gave him my bank information with the understanding that I would not be charged until I sign the and faxed the paper work he was emailing me. I never received the email. But I was still charged to start a...

Freeway Insurance / claims department

Apr 05, 2017

Im having a problem with the claims department. I was in a hit in run accident and the person that's over my claims tells me that what I said it's true and that he will be denial my case. All I want is my car fixed because I don't have to lie about no accident. I pay my insurance every...

Freeway Insurance / no policy and no money no refund

Feb 24, 2017

On Saturday, 2/11/2017 I went to purchase auto insurance policy, After receiving the quote I agree to purchase the policy and after she charged my debit card I notice the receipt had a charge of $50 more than what we discussed and I bought it up to her attention, the agent said don't worry...

Freeway Insurance / discriminating against my learning disorder

May 13, 2016

Hello my name is nichole gilbert and I tried to file a report with the Better Business Bureau, but it just wasn't allowing me and I've done several reviews about this company and I haven't gotten any phone calls, emails or any contact from the company and I'm trying to figure out how to go...

Freeway Insurance / auto insurance misrepresentation

Dec 29, 2015

I called Freeway insurance because I had a accident 2 years ago for the first time in my life and everyone kept giving me super high premiums for a fender bender that the person lied about. I was told by the representative not to worry she could get me insurance for $251.22 every six...

Freeway Insurance / $270.43 down payment

Apr 14, 2015

I opened the policy for my daugther Freeway Insurance is the Broker and for almost 2 yrs. DairyLand Auto/Viking Insurance Companyof Wisconcin is deducting $ 34.31 each month except this month just realized my bank replaced the atm card I have on file with them to make payment with and...

Freeway Insurance / ripoff/liars

Oct 01, 2014

This company took complete advantage of my parents because they did not speak good english. They told them the cheapest quote they could get was with some Western Insurance company that would be over 400 a month with barley any coverage. After I did research I found a lot cheaper coverage...

Freeway Insurance / freeway insurance lying crooks

Mar 18, 2013

Freeway insurance are nothing but a bunch of lying ### who will tell you ANYTHING to get you in their office and scam you out of your money!! They gave me and my husband fake quotes over the phone, convinced us to come down and got us through a bunch of paperwork then told us the original...

Freeway Ins. / scam and prommissory note/credit card

Aug 14, 2012

Unwarranted promissory note and harassing.threatening phone calls wanting credit card info over the phone. I cancelled the policy and relationship with the broker and still the phone calls continue, as they are claiming they have "red lighted my account"-whatever that means!

Freeway Insurance / broker fees

Aug 06, 2012

I worked for Freeway Insurance and here is the scoop. Consumers beware! These agents are taught to take your hard working money. There are broker fees that the company pockets, broker fees are NOT part of the premium earned that the company gets from your business. Pretty much they write...

Freeway Insurance / avoid at any cost guys

Jun 14, 2012

I went online to get an insurance quote for the cars that my Wife drives and freeway insurance call me with a quote of $64.00 a month I said I wanted to pay for the whole year and was told that they can do that but first I needed to hurry and get the contract signed so he can get it to the...

Freeway Auto Insurance / bait and switch

Sep 29, 2011

Total bait and switch routine, be cautious. I provided all the needed info for auto insurance over the phone and got a reasonable quote. They called me the next day and said they'll give me an additional %25 off the premium if I came in to complete the paperwork that day so I drove...

Freeway Insurance / dishonest crooks

Sep 01, 2011

I am a former employee and i'll tell you the truth - these people from the owners to the brokers are dishonest crooks. I had to be also in order to make money. Employees (brokers selling customers the policy) are trained to lie and cheat the customer in various ways!!! It is expected of...

Freeway Insurance / fraudulant

Mar 05, 2011

I was sold a policy when I already had an active policy becuase laura martinez told me I was cancelled when I called to tell her my original policy w freeway was active and that I had duplicate coverage she told me too bad and they do not refund!!! Also that I would have to prove my policy...

ACC/Freeway Auto Insurance / accident


This insurance Co. does all it can not to pay a legitimate claim on an auto accident where their client hits you and owes for the repair.

Freeway Insurance / fraudulent


First off I feel very bad for the naive people that fall for the false advertisement this company puts out on radio stations, tv channels, and magazines. An Insurance policy for $15 a month and no down payment? Very unreal!! This is not the only company that advertises this bull, there i...

Freeway Insurance / false information


So I was referred to Freeway insurance and so I though Why not. I am a college student and money is tight I need car insurance so I went to Freeway Insurance. The customer service there sucks. They are all very uneducated and full of lies. NOTHING that comes out of their mouth is the...

Freeway Insurance / false advertising


People do not mind others making a living. But lying to the general public about no downpayment or calling it " the initial payment " and misleading the public to think that all they are going to pay is $15.00 a month is absolutely unethical. That has nothing to do with the $300+ broker...

Freeway / low balling scam


Was a customer with Freeway for about 2 months because i got lured in with the lowballing that was done over the phone. Got lucky and only paid 100 for a brokers fee, but that very minimal compared to what others got charged. This company is total BS. Their agents are crooks. If you want...

Freeway Auto Insurance / false advertisement


Freeway Auto Ins. 4454 Van Nuys Bvld. Freeway false advertised no down payment on Thursday July 18, 2007. Lou, one of Freeway's agents, lorded me in their office by telling me I would have no down payment and ins at $85 per month. I was told if I got there on Saturday July 21, 2007 at...