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1:24 am EDT
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

The Good Feet Store Rip Off, made my issue worse

I Purchased some arch supports from the good feet store after dealing with foot pain cause by Plantar fasciitis. I was told that they would cure the problem with my foot pain. I should have known that it was a scam, there was no proper measurements done, or anything. I was sized and walked on a sheet of paper to make a foot print. Then asked to stand on the arch support and hold out my hands to the front, and then to the back while the sale clerk pressed down.

I was told this was to assess whether the supports gave me balance. They charged me 375$ and told me I needed two normal arch supports (called relaxers), in order for the system to work. The arch supports are cheap plastic, and do not hold up weight, thus they collapse if anyone heavier than a 90 year old lady steps on them. All told I spent close to 450$.

A week later I felt the pain worsen, and went back to the store to return them, as the clerk had mention I could do if I wasn't completely satisfied. I was told the clerk was a trainee and didn't know there was a non return policy.

Worst yet. I have since had my issue worsen to the point it is impacting my everyday life. I cannot walk for more than 15 minutes without my feet swelling up, at times the pain is so bad it effects my sleep.

I have since gone to a recommended podiatrist/physio therapist. He was mortified at the condition of my feet.

This company should be trusted about as much as a sideshow act at a traveling circus. I do not think they should be in business. If you or anyone you know is having foot issues, please do not use this company. Go to a proper podiatrist, it will save you money in the end and give you greater freedom and health.

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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9:38 am EST
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.
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The Good Feet Store - No returns policy

Made a purchase at Good Feet Store of 2 sets of plastic inserts. While I was pleased with one set, the other did not support my feet at all, and I returned them for an exchange within the 60 day grace period they give, less than a month after the original purchase. The clerk basically argued with me that they really do work and that they don't take return...

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4:40 am EST
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

The Good Feet Store Rip off

I spent nearly $600 on the support system and must admit: it was a complete waste of time and money. The system consists of three pairs of el-cheapo plastic inserts, a couple of foam shoe cushions, and some velcro.

I was told the products were guaranteed... GUARANTEED... to help improve my plantar fascitis.

I had to return to the store several times for different supports. Every time, the clerk gave me some song and dance about how the supports I'd been given were too big, too wide, too stiff (etc) and the previous clerk should have known better. One clerk would tell me to wear them for X-amount of time. The next clerk would say “no, that's wrong, they should be worn for Y-amount of time. The next clerk said they should be worn every other day. They didn't have a clue what they were talking about and they all contradicted each other. Not only did the supports NOT help my plantar fascitis, they caused me quite a bit of foot/leg pain and I had to get chiropractic adjustments while wearing them.

Now, this is the gross part. All of the inserts that I was given had dirt marks, velcro backing adhesive, scratches, and scuffs of color from being worn in OTHER PEOPLE'S SHOES before being given to me! Every single pair was dirty. I have pictures to prove it. GoodFeet insists they clean the inserts between customers, but obviously this is either a complete lie or a complete fantasy on their part. If you've ever seen them, you'd agree the inserts probably cost about $2 each to fabricate. The fact that they're re-used between customers is a testament to GoodFeet's ultracheap business practices and complete disregard for basic product quality.

After months of dealing with sales clerks that couldn't give me the right inserts or tell me how to properly wear them, I gave up and asked to return the system. The store clerk very icily told me “we don't do returns" then she turned her back and walked away from me. I followed her to the counter and informed her that they DID do them. It was very clearly noted when I was told they were guaranteed to work. She actually had to call a store manager at another location to check. Then she made me talk to that manager on the phone, who informed me they would not take back any of the cushions for hygienic reasons even though they were still sealed in their original packaging. She also informed me that there is a 30% standard “restocking fee" on returned inserts. She said this was consistent with places like Best Buy and Circuit City (she didn't seem to understand that consumers have the opportunity to research electronics before buying them and they're standardized by model... hardly the case with shoe inserts). So, do the math... 30% on $600 = $180 to take six dirty pieces of plastic back to the stock room before giving them to the next poor schmuck that walks through the door.

It took several weeks, three managers, numerous unreturned phone calls, and one special permission from the franchise owner to get the restock fee lowered to 15%. Better than nothing, I guess. It was the most frustrating customer service experience EVER! Of course, even with the adjustment, the refund could only be given in the form of a store credit. Great... $500 worth of really ugly and overpriced shoes... just what I needed.

What concerns me most about this company is their use of a trusted sports figure spokesman and their blatant targeting of senior citizens in their marketing. Every time I went in the store, there were senior citizens waiting to try the product, many of whom were on fixed incomes. PLEASE – if you read this, know that I am taking the time to write my experience so that you can protect yourselves and your loved ones from this horrible company. There is no way to know if the system will work for you until after you try it. And you have to buy it before you can try it. Once you buy it, it's yours. I was told by one store manager that the inserts only work well for about 1 out of every 3 customers. It's an expensive gamble and the odds are not in the consumer's favor.

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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54linde fedia
, US
Nov 25, 2023 7:47 pm EST

Con man, they just want to sell crap ,go to a foot doctor let him get your feet right not good feet store they just want sales.

liz mc cann
, US
Sep 29, 2021 3:58 am EDT

Well as they say It's all about the money .. $1500 for a pair of shoes and 3 inserts .. I am 71 and can't believe I fell for such a useless system .. when you are desperate for pain relief you hope that you are getting a genuine product .. NO CARE FACTOR WHATSOEVER .. SHAME ON THE BADFEETSTORE

, US
Sep 11, 2021 11:46 pm EDT

I just want to say that this was the most horrible experience I’ve ever dealt with. I also was framed as the lady who spoke above my remarks here. Same scenario. My husband and I walked in hoping to finally get some help for my feet. The salesman went through their usual reportore. I heard all the reasons why I needed these inserts. In the long run I ended up buying 4 pairs of shoes, all of which I had to return because the inserts would not fit in the shoes without them being to tight and small and they killed my arches! So when we got up to the register to pay he says that will be $440. I told my husband no! Absolutely not. He then began trying to lay a guilt trip on my husband about how I would have my problems all solved with the neuropathy burning, tingling sensations in my feet. I had walked away by this time. I heard my husband tell him go ahead and ring them up. It’s worth it if it will improve her life so she can walk. I ran back up to the register and said no, I said no. He did it anyway and all the while I was trying to convince my husband that 2 pieces of plastic was not worth it. So we left with my new pieces of plastic only to find out they made my problem worse! So I took them back to the store and demanded my money back only to have a different person put me through the exact same scenario as the one before me. So I entertained her thinking to myself ok it’s worth it to get my $400. Back. Wrong. No way would they refund my money. This was the biggest hoax I think I’ve ever experienced! And I am really mad. Plus while I was trying to appease the lady who was retrying different inserts on me I was listening to the guy who originally waited on me rip off an older gentleman, older than me and I’m 72! That man walked out of there with a big bag full of shoes, inserts, socks, along with a big song and dance of instructions of how long to wear his shoes each day and hour by hour lesson of shoe wearing and the man went out the door seemingly happy for all the time and attention he got from the jerk that said all the same things to me too! I’d love to know (and I’m sure) when he tried to return and get his money back how it went. You would think that this NO RETURN POLICY THEY HAVE COULD BE STOPPED OR THEY SHOULD BE SHUT DOWN! And oh no! They don’t tell you that you can’t return them either until you try to. THIS IS RIDICULOUS. SOMETHING SHOULD BE DONE TO STOP THESE CROOKS FROM RIPPING OFF OLDER PEOPLE. I INTEND TO CARRY THIS FURTHER TOO. I WILL POST ON ALL SOCIAL MEDIA SITES WHAT CROOKS THESE PEOPLE ARE AND MAKE THE POST PUBLIC FOR ALL OF THE ENTIRE WORLD TO SEE! GOOD FEET STORES ARE CROOKS! DO N OT GO AND DO BUSINESS WITH THIS STORE. THEY DO NOT DO RETURNS. YOU WILL BE RIPPED OFF!

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about The Good Feet Store
Is The Good Feet Store a legitimate business?

Absolutely, The Good Feet Store is a legitimate business with over two decades of experience in the foot care industry.

Where is The Good Feet Store located?

The Good Feet Store has numerous locations across the United States. It's best to visit their official website to find the store nearest to you.

Does The Good Feet Store have trained specialists?

Yes, The Good Feet Store employs trained specialists who perform one-on-one consultations and recommend the most suitable products based on individual foot-related concerns.

Are the arch supports from The Good Feet Store medically approved?

While the arch supports from The Good Feet Store are designed to enhance foot comfort and relieve pain, they are wellness products and not medical devices.

Do the products from The Good Feet Store really work?

Many customers report experiencing relief from foot discomfort and improvement in balance and overall mobility after using The Good Feet Store's products. However, as with all wellness products, results can vary from person to person.

What is The Good Feet Store's return policy?

The return policy at The Good Feet Store may vary depending on the specific product and store location. It's recommended to check with the individual store for their exact return policy.

Do they offer warranties on their products at The Good Feet Store?

Yes, The Good Feet Store typically offers warranties on their products, although the terms and conditions can vary by product and store location.

Are the arch supports from The Good Feet Store custom-made?

Yes, the arch supports offered by The Good Feet Store are custom-fitted based on the customer's unique foot structure, stride, and footwear type.

How does The Good Feet Store ensure customer satisfaction?

The Good Feet Store offers personalized service, quality products, and has a dedicated customer service team to address any issues or concerns that customers may have.

Is it safe to provide my personal information to The Good Feet Store?

As a reputable business, The Good Feet Store follows appropriate security measures to protect your personal information. However, always ensure you're on their official website before entering any personal details.

What are the common complaints about The Good Feet Store?

Some common complaints about The Good Feet Store include high product prices and dissatisfaction with the return policy. However, the company makes consistent efforts to address and resolve these issues.

Can The Good Feet Store arch supports help with specific conditions like plantar fasciitis or flat feet?

Many customers with conditions like plantar fasciitis and flat feet have reported relief after using The Good Feet Store's products. However, individual results may vary and it's always recommended to consult a healthcare professional for serious foot conditions.

Does The Good Feet Store sell footwear in addition to arch supports?

Yes, The Good Feet Store sells comfort shoes from leading brands, designed to complement their arch supports and offer holistic foot care solutions.

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