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Made a purchase at Good Feet Store of 2 sets of plastic inserts. While I was pleased with one set, the other did not support my feet at all, and I returned them for an exchange within the 60 day grace period they give, less than a month after the original purchase. The clerk basically argued with me that they really do work and that they don't take returns. I advised at the time of purchase I was told to return them within 60 days and an exchange would be made. The clerk then argued that he trains clerks and he knows the clerk would not have told me that! When the clerk finally agreed to exchange the inserts for another pair of their inserts, he tried to charge me the price of buying them separately, when I had bought a package at the package price to begin with! After not accepting this, and a phone call by the clerk to his mom who owns the store, he stated he would charge me the package prior for the exchange inserts as a favor. On top of that he treated us as if we were trying to take advantage of the store!

Moral of the story - once they get your money good luck in returning the inserts or getting an exchange. While I have no complaint in how the one pair of inserts performed, just the aggravation and insulting attitude of this store upon my returning the product for a simple exchange was over the top. Wish I had gone elsewhere.


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    Shirley Laurence Mar 12, 2021
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    Verified customer

    Like everyone else-I felt strong-armed into buying and now feel like a fool-the "arch support" is nothing more than hard plastic that I believe ruins your feet. I was told they do not give refunds-that is not what I was told by the "car" salesman who is now a good feet pusher. I am going to the store today and I plan to make a scene if I don't get at least part of my money back. I do hope a class action is filed-I will join in.

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    I R Dinkins May 18, 2020
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    I had gone to a Good Feet Store in Louisiana on December 17, 2019, I was approached by the sale person and was given the footprint test and was told that I had a little adjustment that needed to be corrected. He then came back with a box and a pair of tennis shoes; he indicated that I had to purchase all three supports at one time I said I thought the cost would only be at least about $300.00, he said no and I would have to buy them all together so I asked do you have a payment plan and he said yes: all he would need was my driver license. They ran my credit and said I was approved. As they were ringing up the purchase I noticed they had added one more pair of instep on the counter which made now 4 pairs and I said I didn't purchased those and the other guy said they come with the package and said not if I got to pay for them they don't, so after going back and forth I said then I wanted to cancel the sale and that's when the guy that helped me told the guy at the counter to just take those off the bill. (Red flag)
    After my holiday vacation I had gone back to work and noticed that I was having more problem walking up and down the stairs with hard foot support in my shoes. I returned to the store and the same sale person approached me and I told him that I was having a hard time using the support at work and doing other simple walking duties, it was causing the gangler on top of my left foot to hurt and the spur in the bottom of my left foot to hurt more. He asked which package did I purchased and I told him the full one because that's what he told me I had to buy. (Red flag) So he gave me another set which was a black pair. I tried that pair for 3 days and had to returned them to the store and got the styles I had before and was told not wear them as directed on the sheet that had been given to me, but to wear them as least 2 hours a day and then change to the other pair that came in the box.
    As of March 07, 2020, I haven't been able to wear the inserts and can barely place my left foot on the floor without severely limping or using some other insert to relieve the pain that is caused by a bad purchase with a bad policy.
    I would definitely like to get involved with any current class action suit.

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    Freedombreeze Jul 29, 2019
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    Two days after my purchase, I have severe buyers remorse. Reading these comments and after the stark realization that I should have stuck to my gut feeling when the hard sell lady manager of The Good Feet Store in San Marcos, CA kept up her hard sell even after I explained my finances could not handle the purchase. It's my own fault but I will try to get a refund for the mid range Maintenance supports because they make my feet hurt. I did not have any foot pain, only back pain when I bought them. She was irritated with me that I didn't buy all three supports. I had a bad feeling when I left the store due to her strong hard sell tactics. I will try to get a refund for the mid range pair.. watch for my update.

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  • Go
    Good feet Feb 23, 2017

    I agree that The Good Feet store should be sued and shut down. I believed all their claims that the inserts would help relieve my foot pain, back pain, and hip pain. During the sales pitch, the sales person would never answer my question "how much do these cost".
    Then at the very end I asked cost, but he said "what if I let you take the whole set home and try them". I got so excited about a free trial that I said yes I would like to take them home and try them. However he proceeded to get papers signed and I fell hook line and sinker for the mess. (Almost 1300 bad) I should never go where there are sales pitches. I got scammed. They will not return my calls and my whole body hurts. I hope someone shuts these "bad feet stores down."

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    STorres Oct 21, 2016

    I bought this "insole system" for $1, 000 dollars. Luckily my insurance paid for it.
    My lower back pain was dulled a bit at first, but now I have so much pain in both hips and from the knees down to my feet and the back pain is back!
    This company is a total scam. THESE EMPLOYEES ARE NOT DOCTORS!
    I should have listened to my conscience, instead I was so desperate to get rid of the back and foot pain that I have been dealing with for years.
    I should have used that $1000 towards a podiatrist.
    I will forever tell everyone I know who complains about foot or back pain about this company.
    They don't even tell you that it is a final sale, THAT you learn about when they ring up your purchase and read your receipt.
    I would totally like to get involved with a class action lawsuit!
    The Good Feet Store is a TOTAL SCAM!!!

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  • Su
    Susan AAAAA May 04, 2016

    Several years ago I tool my then 84 year old Mother to the store on White Bridge Rd--we sat there for 30 minutes while the 2 staff worked with one customer each, which would have been OK, if at least one of them had acknowledged our presence--no one said "hello--be with you in a few", "kiss my foot" or anything at all, so we left. We were probably luckily ignored since the next day we learned my Mom's pain was gout, which required oral medication, and they wouldn't have been able to help anyway, however, a kind word would have been nice!
    A couple of years later I "got" plantar fasciitis and was prescribed custom orthotics by a podiatrist, which are wonderful--but they were fitted with molds made from wet plaster strips placed on my feet up with them up in the air, in a neutral position, so all the nooks and crannies in my feet were exposed and filled in. I got 2 pair, at $450 each, and a cortisone shot in my left heel (ouch!) all for a $25.00 co-pay with my employer's health insurance (pre-obama/"care").
    In order to actually fit your feet, molds must be made with your feet in a neutral position; standing on "mold material"
    flattens your feet just like standing on concrete, therefore molds made in that position can't provide support!
    Every time I see the commercials for this company I think about their rudeness to my Mother, and that their product can't, by design, provide arch support. The complaints above are a testament to that fact!

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  • Bl
    BlackSwan59 Feb 01, 2016

    My first visit to the Merriam KS store was awesome. In all my 57 years my feet never felt as comfortable and supported as they did as I walked around the store. The inserts felt custom made for my feet, unlike the $300.00 custom orthotics I've worn for years. I entered the store a diehard skeptic, and left an amazed believer. Bad as I want them, I high-tailed it outta there when they quoted me $1, 300.00 for the whole setup. My gut feeling tells me they won't honor the lifetime warranty, so I'm searching online for all the information I can find. Thanks for the reviews everyone!

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  • Sh
    Shotzie50 Jan 22, 2016

    I paid 1, 300.00 for 3 sets of insoles and a pair of shoes. Along with s100.00 year you can come back and get refitted! After reading all of these complaints... I have the same complaints. My hips hurt my back hurts and I feel every bone in my feet! I will also go to a foot doctor and hopefully they will be helpful. I work in health care and on my feet every day on concrete floors!

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  • Mr
    mrrwm Sep 17, 2015

    My job requires me to stand on my feet all day in work boots. This has taken a toll on my feet over the years. I decided to give the good feet store in Tucson AZ a try. Their product did not work for me. I followed their their break-in as described. I started to have pain in my right hip and left knee. My feet also hurt. When I went back. They said NO REFUNDS and fitted me with different inserts. Those caused me the same problems. I returned again to be told that I must be doing something wrong. Once again NO REFUNDS. I argued that I was not told that until after they had my money. They said " it is printed on the receipt". I said that it needs to be posted in the store. After more arguing and causing a scene in front other customers I left. My fight is not over yet. My advise is. Do not get coned like me and many others have. Go see a real doctor for the real thing.

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  • Pi
    pinkie615 Mar 23, 2015
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    Verified customer

    It sounds like most people failed to follow directions. They tell you that you have to build up time in the supports starting at half an hour the first day. I had a damaged foot and I'd been to doctors and physical therapy. Nothing helped and I'd been in constant pain for several years. The system works for me and i have far less pain.

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  • Ro
    Ron Lincicum Apr 23, 2013
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    Verified customer

    I just happen to come across an advertisement for the "good feet" system of arch support. What a scam. In 2008 I was in a bout of plantar factitious while working construction. there was a "good feet" store in my [city[ Madison Wis], I went there and a set of supports ended up costing me almost $700.00. They soon after went out of business here in Madison.I say good riddance.Fool me once shame on me...
    Ron Lincicum
    Madison Wis

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  • Hu
    humble_henry May 22, 2012

    I've been having left foot discomfort for a few years and I visited the Good Feet store in Omaha.
    Sevice was fine.
    The Product: I cannot understqand why they give you the same thing for both feet if the problems/build are different on both feet.
    The Product is the best they can fit you with pulled from the stock in the back, but it is not a custom fit for each foot, let not that black ink foot imprint fool you.
    The liftime Gaurantee is very fishy, since the sales on all products are final. So if they can't make it work for you, you're not getting your money back
    Price: Very expensive. each pair is approximately what my podiatrist (a Dr.) charges for Custom orthodics made for YOUR feet. and if you have to buy a the full plan (all 3 pairs, the softer one and the different insoles they recommend) it's almost 4 times the cost of custom Orthodics.
    And last but not least: THESE FITTERS are NOT MEDICAL PREFFESSIONALS, LEAVE FEET TO YOUR FOOT DOCTORS. Why would you allow people who are not trained mor than to fit you and sell (push) a product, determine that thier product will solve all your problems? You'll only have yourself to blame it cause youself damage or find that your money was wasted!
    These products are no better then becoming lucky with an off-the-shelf Item for arch or heel support.

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  • Ho
    Hollymears Oct 10, 2011
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    I cocktail waitress at a casino in St.Charle Mo. I wear heels madatorily, so the ball of my feet hurt horribly. I went to good feet and the lady gave me inserts then brought out a pair of tennis shoe that she had in the back and told me to try it out. I reminded her that my feet only hurt in heels and she insisted that they work the same in heels and tennis shoes. She went on about how the insert would lift the ball of my foot up so it would fix the problem. She brought out another set and said they were relaxers and that I need them for after wearing the larger arched ones. Then I said ok ill try them out and asked how much. $269.00 for just the heel inserts! It was over $600.00 for the whole system. I bought the heel inserts and now my back hurts. They do not work like she said at all. I plan on going back tomarrow, but Im sure after reading all the above stories she will say that I only bought the one pair and thats why its not working. Goot Feet store is a hudge scam.

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  • Do
    Don Powers May 09, 2011

    Went to the Good Feed Store in Omaha, Ne. Actually, I went with my lady friend. They really give you a good sell on how good their product is. Then, after they show you the whole package, you ask the price. Forget about the "starting at $59.95" that is for a little thin piece of something that doesn't appear that it could do anything for your foot. The entire price was $800 and something--closer to $900!! No thank you, Good Feet Store. After reading the above complaints about thier "return policy", I'm glad we left--almost running.

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  • Ol
    Oldies5161 Jul 17, 2010

    The commercials for the Nashville Tennessee stores have 2 grammatical errors. Do they not check their commercials before paying the agency that produces them?

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  • Le
    leenet Dec 14, 2009

    I bought inserts from the a couple of years ago..After wearing them for a day, my hip hurt...they refused to give me a refund...They told me that the owner was never available and kept giving me the run around.

    I went to my doctor, and a podiatrist who confirmed that they are not good to deal with. My podiatrist wrote a note telling them to refund my money. They gave me a full refund!...Now the stores in Hawaii seem to be going by a different name.

    They are BAD news...stay away from them!

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  • Cr
    CRB May 20, 2009

    That had to be the Nashville TN or Murfreesboro store, I had a similar experience. Now I order mine from the Good Feet Store on Sandlake in Orlando Florida. They mail them to me. The worst thing about the advertising is the 'LIFETIME GUARANTEE" that is not true. I have had to purchase a pair every 6 months because they break down and stop working. I am always looking for an alternative.

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  • Ji
    JIM SHORTS Mar 03, 2009


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  • Sa
    Sarah317 Jan 26, 2009

    I went to the Good Feet store to get inserts due to the pain I was having in the heel and arch of my foot.

    She took an imprint of my foot and told me that we were going to "re-align" my body.

    After I had purchased the insert I went home and did my usual 8 mile run. The associate asked me to call after the run and when I did she was unavailable. I then spoke to the manager "Sue". She told me that I should'nt have ran in the inserts and that the pain I was experincing was my own fault. After asking about a refund the manager "Sue" then laughed at me.

    I suggest that if you have feet problems, see a real doctor. Not the "Good Feet" store.

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